[] Aetherial Blades Spellbreaker

Hey everyone, been quite a long time since my last build attempt …

so I’m back with a little spellbreaker aether PB build mostly working thanks to converted damages

Basicly its a bit more up to date version of this old classic http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=42210

and there is the new version i offer


The needed items are decree of aldritch and diviner chest to reach around 75% elemental dmg to aether (well cold in our case), and X2 albretch’s duality to fully convert chaos into aether (works better than using one magelord ring btw), moosilauke shoulders are just used for +skills and resists obviously but any affixes would works if you manage your resists at the end, just like the off hands used for the conversion; of course outcast helm is BIS here but you can go for clairvoyant one if you dont have it, in the end the hard to get item will be the BoM +5PB

Devotions are pretty common, and as usual i cant say if the build is crucible viable since i never build in such goal but considering CDR (time dilation and relic), double devastation, mirror and blade barrier i think its glad viable doing few changes in a more defensive and “safe” way…

In the end i just hope this build will offer as much fun as i could get from it playing it, and maybe someone will make it crucible viable im sure you guys can make a decent one with my base set up :wink:
Of course the build would totally work with necromancer instead of arcanist

see ya soon for more lame builds …

Whoa, a Thrasheur build, haven’t seen one of those in a while. Aether PB huh? Looks interesting, gonna have to give it a try when i can find the time

Like the build Thrasheur. Aether builds are always good to see!

Nice one. I remember Jajaja also did this kind of build before. Damn gone days of 95% Warpfire conversion, Olexra was brutal with it.

yes i remember too, backwhen BoC was “highest” content to beat right ? ^^ i always wanna link the original builds, its “funny” to see how it was back in time, and can see game evolution ^^

Good old times. Also one of measures for build strength was how fast you can kill poor Fabius

or if you could even kill mad queen

yes indead, now the mad queen is like fabius: how fast it goes down lol