[] Bass Unit - 2H Leviathan Cadence Blademaster, Gladiator farmer (8 minutes w. banner)

Pilot like me? The build isn’t some complex spellbinder or sorc build. It’s literally just run up to the enemies and smash, if anything it makes the build easier since the build already has so many active skills to juggle. Whatever man ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Look at my skill bar.
I use mouse wheel too, it’s really good to bind some skills with long cd and without precise control to wheel up and wheel down to rotate it from time to time. I press only 3 buttons with my left hand and refresh Pneuma once in few seconds. Reducing 3 buttons to 2 will make no changes with current bindings.
You use somewhat different scheme, and due to that your experience may differ.


Thaks for this post.

I want to khow what is the best path to Empirion in devotion points? Can you help me?


Thaks for this post.

I want to khow what is the best path to Empirion in devotion points? Can you help me?

Hello, wonderful people!
After the patch Leviathan seems more attractive than ever with fresh 50% cold to physical conversion.
And after all it’s a Blademaster weapon, so I decided to make use of it with Blademaster.

Meet the Bass Unit.

Clears Crucible in 8 minutes under Vanguard banner.
This build shares the thread with Tactician, Commando, Death Knight and Witchblade subvariations.


[spoiler]I made appropriate tests and the list of optimal combinations for this build is ready.

Swapped only second mastery and Gladiator’s Belt for Death Knight.

Clear times, ascending:

  1. Witchblade: 7-8 minutes, fastest one;
  2. Blademaster, Death Knight, Commando: ~8 minutes;
  3. Tactician: ~9 minutes.

Survivability, ascending:

  1. Witchblade: glassiest one, needs careful playstyle;
  2. Death Knight;
  3. Commando;
  4. Blademaster;
  5. Tactician: most unkillable one.


Core of the build

  • Build is self-explanatory: Leviathan, Cadence, Warborn, Peerless Eye of Beronath. Straight and simple.
  • Skill tree includes Blitz, transmuted Blade Arc and Ring of Steel as easy AOE nukes.
  • I went Empyrion devotion route because damage-wise it’s same as Oleron’s, but the safety is much better. Also Harp solves all common problems of such energy hungry builds.
  • Build’s defenses include nice amount of health and DA, 3900 Armor and 29% permanent phys resistance, 27% permanent dodge raising to 87% when boots proc is active, RoS for fumble, Will of Menhir, Ghoul and Prismatic Diamond. It’s really hard to kill.
  • This build includes craftable items with armor bonus (Warborn Visor, Mark of Kalastor and Windshear Greaves). Always try to craft items with armor.


  • Aggressive melee combat.
  • Aleksander, Theodin and Anasteria are easily facerolled with Aetherward Oil. I think I’ll include this advice in every build. Aetherward Oil is just so good in dealing with hard aetherial hitters fast.

Max crit landed in Crucible (solo, Crucible buffs, Vanguard banner)

Stats pane (permanent auras, Pneumatic Burst, Deadly Momentum, Lethal Assault up)

I recommend you to follow this devotion route:

Bull, Assassin’s Blade, Eel, Toad, Hawk, Kraken
Harp, Solemn Watcher, Sailor’s Guide, Empyrion
Ghoul, Obelisk of Menhir.

After completing Bull you must remove the Primordial node from crossroads at the spirit guide.
Also you can take Ghoul earlier if you feel unsafe; in this case don’t forget to remove the Chaos node from crossroads once Kraken is completed.


Any question i will send to you. Rs

Tks a lot.

I am really surprised you find out blademaster to be better overall than Deathknight. I would have said otherwise, as Bone Harvest should outperform ABB in terms of buff, plus you have more Physical res reduction.

Could it be that Circle of Slaughter is so strong?

Quick question: how about Sigil of Bear King or even Undying Oath (for more Pneumatic Burst and flat damage) instead of Kalastor medal?

Damage-wise Blademaster, Death Knight and Commando are same. Blademaster and Commando have total speed skills, Death Knight have RR but no total or attack speed, on practice they perform around 8 minutes with no significant difference.
Witchblade has both attack speed and RR, and Witchblade is the best damage-wise here.

If you mean survivability, then yes, Blademaster is almost Tactician due to built-in 20% dodge raising to 87% when boots proc is active, and 30% chance to inflict Fumble on Circle of Slaughter is immense. Imagine you fight 4 melee nemeses at wave 170, then you click RoS and disable one or two of them completely for 5 seconds, depending on luck.

So, yes, DK is inferior to Blademaster in case of survivability :slight_smile:
This statement is not theory, I tested them.

It’s basically poison resist, OA and craft bonus. I tried Sigil of the Bear King first, but had no luck in balancing poison resistance. On other hand, Mark of Kalastor can have 12% armor and its proc is pretty good, so I don’t think I lose too much without Undying Oath or Sigil.

Hello Veretragna. I was wondering if Blade Arc has any other use besides being a nuke. Is it also used for RR, for anything not affected by War Cry, when it’s on cooldown? I’m asking that because warborn helm reduces the cooldown almost by half and RoS also provides flat RR. So I don’t get why not invest some of the skill points from BA into ABB instead and use ABB as a nuke. I mean, even with modifiers, we’re looking at 189% WD for BA versus 195% for ABB, without taking into account the physical/it damage on ABB from Leviathan. There’s also the big radius that upgraded ABB has and also the fact that there would be one less button to press and maybe some extra skill points to invest elsewhere.

Sorry if this is a stupid question to something that may be common knowledge regarding BA as I’ve barely ever used the skill and as such there’s something I’m missing here. Besides, I can understand not relying on ABB, I dislike the kinda clunky animation (maybe it feels better with a 2 hander).

Also, have you considered using a well rolled Ugdenbog Girdle instead of Oleron belt? Not a fan of crazy MI’s in builds, but it’s a pretty common drop and I was curious if it could be considered an alternative, or as a stand in while leveling a Blademaster or Witchblade. It would make some use of the flat acid damage from LA or, in a lesser extent, BoD. Although it’s a stretch to think it could replace such a great item as Chains of Oleron

Clean Sweep says “Total damage modifier by 175%”. 189 + (189 * 1.75) = 520% WD.
Transmuted Blade Arc is a total destruction nuke dealing 520% WD to 12 targets.

I use no green items in my builds, but if one don’t have Chains of Oleron, other belts are usable. I think Chains of Oleron is BiS belt here.

Well, that was a duuh question from my part :rolleyes:
Thank you for answering though, I learn something new everyday about this wonderful game :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :wink:

I simple love this build! Perfect balance to me! Thank you so much!!

Enjoy, mate :wink:


i have some questions about de build.

If possible …what is the sequence to distribute skill points per lvl?

I made looking the grim calc and i think it’s wrong my skills.

There’s no such sentences. Until you have 40 points in Soldier, better level through Forcewave or Blitz; once you have 40 pts in Soldier, respec into Cadence, max it and most importantly - Deadly Momentum. Without DM Cadence is weak, no reason to max Cadence without DM. After Cadence + DM max Squad Tactics and Pneumatic Burst for attack speed; in constellations you should prioritize Bull, Assassin’s Blade and Kraken.
This should carry you through Veteran and half of Elite.

Why would you not put one point in markovian’s advantage?

It’s not a good wps to use with a two-hander. It has something to do with slow animation or something.

Veretragna, how about the following Bass Unit variation: Soldier+Shaman? As i have such a char on my account I would like not to create a new one for a diffrent spec. And if that combination (Soldier+Shaman) works, please, tell me, what skills should i use in Shaman tree?

Shaman is probably the most suboptimal variant for this concept. I didn’t include Shaman into variations section because Shaman already has Nature’s Avanger and Bloodrager sets to support physical damage.
However, if you insist, you can use this setup:

Savagery is used as a temporary buff here, get a few stacks to activate Tenacity of the Boar and Might of the Bear, keep it active all the time. Strike with Cadence as usual. This must be enough for campaign but I don’t think it’s viable for Crucible; for Crucible you might like this build by John_Smith or this build if you want to swap to lightning.