[] Dark one's DW Ritualist [g2][c+][vid]

Odile was innocent girl,playful an maybe even naive.But people don’t know,she had dark side well hidden behind her beauty.Eventually her evil part won the conflict and turn the girl into Ritualist experimenting with tainted blood.

Build and Gear
I am sorry if something like this is posted.Overall concept is to combine Dark one’s set-fastest to be farmed and also purple mis-Decree of Malmouth.In one of the older patches Ptirodaktill made DW Ritualist-killing machine,which is used as reference point.However I made some changes,build is not super fast,but is reliable and well protected.
-almost 3.1k OA
-135k dps with all buffs and procs
-94% WPS
-RR from both classes
-just under 3k DA
-26% life steal
-two soft CB ghoul and prismatic diamond
-huge health pool over 16k
-slow resistance-capped
-dark one proc
Outside of core items,boots are Boneshatter-great for vitality attacker,relic is Ardor+1 to both classes and passive boost to total speed.Ring combo can be better,but dont have Cursebearer.Both rings are common drop from quest rewards.Amulet-flat damage,attack speed,+1 to all classes.Belt and pants are to cover resistances.Legs are common and belt is crafted.

pic with buffs and hungering void,without item procs.

The key is to take both Dying god and Rattosh.I try to get them without sacrificing work horses like ghoul,tower,sailors’s guide,hawk.Also constellations for attack speed and critical damage.

Crucible before 150 is easy with 2 or 3 blessings and no banners.!150-170 is also reliable,but requires some skills and focus.There are no dangerous nemesis,but dangerous combos.One Reaper is easy,but two are deadly.169 is perhaps the toughest wave for this build,even with Ulo aethe RR can reduced.Maybe Anasteria should be killed first here.




This is not fastest build,nor easiest.But is made by taking easy to farm set(actually caster set and for Cablalist) and also weapons,that drop from specifc mob.So if you have like 3 or 4 characters and don’t have set items and struggle with end game or you like farming for specific,this is excellent and relatively cheap build,that can compete with some of the big boys.It is not top tier build,but nod bad either.

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reserved for later,maybe levelling guide?

Nice build. Not bad for a melee build in caster armor.

You have “offence” listed twice, the second time you meant defense.

Is the Chest component Killrians soul needed? You have overcapped attack speed as it is.

My mistake,corrected to defense.Attack speed is just 175% without procs,185% with hungering void,overcapped is with all procs including prismatic rage and ghoul,they are not up most of time.Plus Killrians soul also boost damage.

Ah yeah true, I checked with all temp procs.
Wouldn’t Sanctified bone (with it’s racial bonuses) give more dmg in crucible?

Sure,but prismatic diamond is nice defensive mechanism,plus flat damge and also reflect on mobs.Effect is also diminished by presence of revenant.Probably will shave some seconds but i prefer safety here.