[] Grenado and Canister Bomb Elementalist (can kill lokarr in 10sec)

Hello. This is my first post.
Maybe my English is not good. Sorry.

I made Grenado and Canister Bomb build by Barrelsmith set.

>>GRIM TOOLS<<(ideal)

This build can kill Lokarr by 10sec. The Video is below.
Lokarr kill by 10sec
(In this video I wear Greaves of Ill Omens for stun duration.
And I can’t get Tempest of Readiness rings, so I wear compromised rings.)
>>GRIM TOOLS of the video<<

Thank you:)

Nice rings. Did you GD stash those?

Kinda obvious he did :slight_smile:

Still a nice Main Campaign build.

@OP if you take Lizard or Hound instead of Panther - you can take last nod in Ultos Spear.

Would make more sense just to shop for or farm “Tempest” on the medal instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Ye, his medal is legit (or not, but it’s not hard to find such medal), but you can’t shop for Gargabol rings. And not in a million years can one player farm TWO Tempest Gargabol rings of Readiness. But I don’t really mind showcasing glass cannon build with GDstashed items. Especially Elementalist, Elementalists are in a such horrible place, at least this build can farm Campaign and kill quickly.

EDIT: I do wonder why he didn’t use Cindertouch gloves. Because they lack casting speed? Or because he converts Burn damage from his gloves into Electrocute?

It’s easy enough to find that medal, you can shop farm them in the blood grove, it’s fairly easy to get a rare affix on one too. The rings are fantasy, but some people like that and I don’t blame them, farming these rings is dull.

GRIM TOOLS is ideal build.
In the video, I compromise and wear two rings below. The description was not enough. Sorry.

-Purging of Attack
-Impenetrable of Hungaring rifts

Thank you for reply:)

Nice idea. I troubled that I can’t get the last nod of Ultos Spear. Thank you:)

Gauntlets of Ignaffar increases level of High Impact by 3. Reaching High Impact 22level is important because the probability is 90% while it is 84% in 21level.

thank you:)

Nice build and sick Lokarr kill. Kongurachureishonzu.

Medal’s handpicked like the rest most probably. Impervious gives lots of pierce and another res and that’s what was missing. I’d go with Dranghoul suffixes, though. Since we’re talking green, Kuba Chausses of Thunderstruck of Kings might be BiS here with the idea of pumping Savagery instead of pea-shooting Firestrike. Maybe.

Behemoth is shite without cdr (and with, too) imo. Bat + full Spear = 10 times better sustain.

Gloves are for skill bonuses. But I also feel like Cindertouch might do better here.

I also worried about Savagery or Firestrike. Tenacity of the Boar is strong, but i don’t have enough skill points to it.
Bat + full Spear is nice idea. I’ll try it.
Thank you:)

You’d have to get more pierce res so you can pull points from Oak Skin. Also, your Mines are at 11/16 so you can drop them to 10/16. But without Stonehide/Thunderstruck Kubacabra Chausses it won’t be possible, I think.

Damn, you are being too aggressive nowadays…

The build is good and interesting though…

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