[] Harbinger's NOT DECEIVER - Doombolt + Firestrike Chaos Pyromancer 7:30 151+ cruci bannered


Long story short, I just wanted to build around Harbinger set after seeing the buffs. The obvious choice would be deceiver because who doesn’t want seal and good RR? I didn’t want inq cause the only choice for a good secondary skill (after Doom Bolt) would be Beronath’s Fury and that concept has been done to death a lot of times already, so we go for Pyro.

I expected a glassy doom bolter that spits bullets of brimstone every now and then but it resulted into something tanky that rivals inquisitors when it comes to tankiness. Here’s the build:

Char sheet with permanent buffs and BoD

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62a40OxN

So what does this build offer? Well, here’s a 7:30 clear by Mercymaker (4buffs 1 banner)

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urGwGiubPOk - by Mercymaker, 7:30 clear

Pros & Cons:

+Good Chaos build that isn’t Darkblaze
+No Inquisitor ranged build
+Doom Bolts for life
+Tanky Demolitionist (this is rare if you’re not counting purifier and mando)
+Pretty relaxed gameplay

-Not as fast as the recent DW gods
-Mandatory Thermites
-Requires 4 buffs cause mana PITA (though with 4 buffs you won’t use potion often due to abundant energy absorb)
-Your strongest nuke is also your strongest RR
-Requires at least 1 green

Wait there’s no non-green alternative? REEEEEEEEE
-Yeah, you can probably just use full legendaries but defense will take a hit. You can build with only 1 green like this but you either go Thunderstruck boots of Kings to retain Kings proc without losing dps due to needing more pierce res. The setup on the picture is imo more flexible gearing even with two greens cause affixes can be adjusted.


So you might have expected me here to say mines>DB>pew pew pew but to get more optimal results it’s not as simple as that. Well it’s still like that but you might want to sometimes save your DB for bosses who haven’t reached the arena yet cause 1 missed Doom Bolt = 5 seconds without RR and your strongest skill. That’s it, just a small tip.


Thanks a lot to Mercymaker for testing the build for me and uploading a video. If I don’t get lazy I’ll be able to get a monitor next week to complete my new rig so I’ll probably be able to produce better videos myself. Thanks for reading!

It’s rare to see a pyro build these days (no, not just rare, there are no pyro builds today except Darkblaze), great job, man. Although did you test double Voidheart setup + non-Mythical Sigil of Chton vs one voidheart + Mythical Sigil of Chton? You are not converting all fire on fire strike with your setup. Or is proc from non-mythical medal so strong it beats it?

Also, why not go Time Dilation instead of Phoenix?

Glad to see someone instead of me and spank still post Pyro builds)

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No time dilation on a doom bolt build?

I just built a similar pyro with time dilation and it works really well. I know it’s already been suggested but I’d double the recommendation to work in time dilation somehow. I use 1 voidheart, 1 m. entropic coil and a m. blood sigil instead of 2*voidheart and a non myth blood sigil and I have no complaints. Is the fire and brimstone buff really worth downgrading for?

I tested 2 voidheart + myth sigil vs 2 voidhearts + non myth sigil and non myth is a lil bit better. Doom bolt is significantly stronger and you recover the dps loss on FD with the buff. I didn’t try voidheart+entropic coil cause I lose Possession points, tho that might be worth trying for the proc.

@TD. TD will significantly improve the cleartimes here but atm, the build is designed to be consistent on my crappy laptop so I couldn’t afford to drop phoenix just yet.

IMO the defenses from Aeon alone will compensate for Phoenix. Or just add more leech (like Bat instead of Fiend).

Maybe. But bat is a no-no for me for this build. It just doesn’t feel right :p. Anyway I won’t be testing any build until at least next week so I won’t know the results.

Only did 3 runs but not much difference timewise

Hmm. Definitely an improvement tho it’s surprising that it didn’t improve cleartimes that much considering Doom Bolt can take chunks of health in 1 hit.

Sad nobody likes ranged builds these days:cry:

Why do you think so? Do you have any facts proving it?
I have at least 2 active range builds which I level up - aether PS Druid and elemental Cadence tactian. The last one really needs legendary 94 lvl version of WoD. :frowning:

x1x1x1x2, nice and cool build! Hope we will see more range builds from you. :wink:

Fact 1: 95% builds posted here are nonranged(Compendium IX includes 4 ranged, 54 melee and 44 caster ones).
Fact 2: only a few people left comments at this thread.

well the thread is only a couple of days old…

also many ranged builds havent received major changes lately so that leads to stagnation, and people looking to the new/shiny changed items/builds.

Thanks! Btw, I’m only really posting more ranged than melee cause I can’t handle playing melee with lag. That might change in the coming weeks, tho I still love caster the most.

Melee will always be more popular in these kinds of games, imo. Tho it’s not 4 ranged builds at comp 9. I have 2, spanks has 1 iirc, thejabrixone has a couple more and mad_lee had his 4 builds in 1 thread vindicator all in the compendium (not counting the ones by fluff, veretragna etc) so it’s definitely not 4 ranged builds vs a lot of the others. But yeah we’re outnumbered.

Yeah most ranged builds remain unchanged after the patch. The only ones that are affected are those that rely on 16/10 storm spread and dagallon.

Could you update the build for a lvl 50 build of this/ lvl 70

And some advice on gear for those lvls?

Better level with fire than chaos. BWC or Fire Strike is fine. I leveled this char since before AoM and the character itself is like my third char so when I leveled this I didn’t know shit when I did this. I just brute forced it to 85 :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi really like the Harbinger Set so i am glad you put it to use with this Build.
Just have a few questions.
I am really starving for energy and idea how to fix this outside of crucible?
i cant go 10 Steps without potting up :confused:
Feel like this Build could use some optimized green gear do you have any recommendations? or is this already BiS ?

Try the upgraded Mark of Illusion instead of Runebound topaz