[] Invoker's... (wait for it) CALLIDOR SPAMMER! Elemental CT/Dev Mage Hunter 9:30 151-170

The biggest nerf lifesteal can get is a return to the DA meta. It was literally filled with dot kiters, chaining binders, DA builds. Lifesteal builds were nothing during that time. The easier the game is, the better lifesteal builds thrive. What we have now should probably not change anytime soon. With realms coming there is bound to be a level where lifesteal just can’t compete with the real tanks and kiters. I bet they’re be the first ones to fall when it comes to the ‘how deep can I go’ contest.

Yup, ppl forgot that during early patches immortal binders run`s from reapers like a little girl from pedobear wih benny-hill theme on.
heck, my 35k HP ritualist leechtank run like a little girl, trough she was a girl :smiley:

Loving the concept. Also finally we can make elemental CT came true with plethora of conversion from the newest patch.

It’s funny that invoker set is so versatile although its skill bonuses are not geared toward elemental generalist build.

PS: I love ptiro’s build more :p. Cindertouch is just so good!!

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PS: I love ptiro’s build more :p. Cindertouch is just so good!!

I actually switched it up to a devotion pattern similar to his and took Cindertouch. I still hate the proc but it’s undeniably better. I really disapprove of Ptiro’s low-hp low-OA style tho. Otherwise the guy is just a master of devotion optimization.