[] Invoker's... (wait for it) CALLIDOR SPAMMER! Elemental CT/Dev Mage Hunter 9:30 151-170

If there’s one thing I learned from playing Agrivix binder last patch, it’s that CT spam nets you a shit ton of sustain, thus if ever there’s enough support for conversion so you can have enough damage, then it will be a good candidate for a conversion build base. I was searching for things to complement a theoretical Fire CT Sorc but there’s just not enough Aether>Fire conversion around to make it work. Luckily, we got a few goodies from this new patch, some Aether>Elemental conversion, which made it possible for this build to exist. Let me present to you.


Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrqJ35V

Invoker set is taken for conversion, monstrous CS bonuses, RR and a great proc from the necklace. Perfect for this build.

Stats with permanent buffs and Word of Renewal

Video - Will upload it later.

This girl isn’t as tanky as your average binder but if you’re tired of the words AETHER and NERFS and BINDER but still wants the beauty of fartspam and rock slides then this is the build for you. Clears in 9 mins on my pc so it’s gonna be better if you’ve got the rig, maybe 1:30-2 mins differential cause there’s meteors.

Gear and Skills

IMO, the purples and the blue are all core items. Green Shoulders are absolutely necessary for this build to work. What you need to do if you’re playing legit is to enter everything in grimtools except shoulders and pants, farm the shoulders like crazy (the more you get, the better. they drop like candy on aetherial mage areas in the base game) then get the best affix combo you have, one that fills resistances, preferably one that also gives DA. After that, get whatever pants you have that can fill the holes on your build. The one I use isn’t necessary. You can use crafted pants and be fine.

Skills are what you would normally expect. You can take some liberties with regards to Renewal/Steel Resolve/Vigor/Seal/Empowerment/Elemental Balance/Maiven overcaps. I personally wanted 2950 DA for more consistency in cruci so I maxed Renewal.


Thanks Zantai for adding more conversion options. But I still want more Aether to Fire items. Please :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one.
did you tried Cindertouch? The proc is kinda insane. I suggest to try https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNnRbRON this devotion setup.

Thanks! I did consider Cindertouch but I hate the proc. I don’t like the visuals. the devotion setup is interesting. Totally forgot about Phoenix. Should be great in conjunction with seal.

Well, tested it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DesxQEC_MdU
Guess what? Such intense, lifethretening gameplay! Man, the nerf to Seal was so harsh, we desperately need to buff Inquisitor. And CT, man, need moar dmg on CT, at least 100 WD on top of what we have now.

Damn. I had to watch the video to tell if you were sarcastic. It is indeed squishier than binder tho so there’s that.

Watched a video, it’s a miracle that your char is alive after that. Although I noted some cooldown mechanics used, so for everyone’s safety I reported you, x1x2 and everything in this thread to Zantai’s Ministry of Truth. Praised be.

We’re currently living in a real life south park episode. What a time to be alive!

My char only got 31% cdr. Does it mean I only get 31% of the punishment?

The forum these last couple of days should come with a giant sarcasm warning.

This build however, nice. I love a good conversion build. Tried fabric of reality on this or is the amount not worth it?

I don’t think it’s worth it. Tho the real reason I didn’t get Fabric is because I don’t have enough skill points.

Maiven is so oupie, let put dmg reduction equivalent of character CDR on it. Wana sphere of protection with caster offhand? Pay for it! I mean, binders maxed sphere too and they are still immortal.

BTW I did some math and mirror investment just not worth the effort right now, even with that modifier on weapon-stick. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwvmplV

BTW if I turn off the video quality and move my ass instead of just sleeping in the center I can clear in 6 minute.

LMAO don’t make them nerf mirror duration.

I really need that phoenix tho. Why does work time never get shorter?

Diethyl Aether :smiley:

Btw, how does the Blind Sage perform here? And in general, what’s the point of this constellation?
I always take Ultos for my melee builds, but I’m curious about Blind Sage.

they could just reduce mirror to MoT levels of absorbtion and revoke CD nerfs. Trough, the problem was never chaining them in the first place :eek: LIke you didn’t need to chain when you clear the whole wave in 9 seconds, kek.

There is no point, I bet if you go Ulzuin+Ultos you can kill dummy even faster. Not sure if you clear crucible faster cause meteors add lag and Seekers don’t. they just go pooof and stuff die. :cool:
Still not sure why we need 18 green for Blind Sage.

Alright, thanks!

Removing the weapon damage from CT would solve everyting.

Nope, it would just kill CT. These filthy rich boys binders would switch to panetty and laugh .

This was back when I was trying hard to come up with ‘smart’ names for my chars lmao.

Btw, how does the Blind Sage perform here? And in general, what’s the point of this constellation?
I always take Ultos for my melee builds, but I’m curious about Blind Sage.

I can’t really speak for this build as I haven’t tried any other setups for this but for my other elemental build (runic bolts tactician) Blind sage setup performs consistently faster than any other setup I tried (DG, Meteor+whirlpool, meteor+Ultos). IIRC Fluff had the same results for his FW Arcanor too. I just adapted a similar setup for this since I also like Blind sage.

Agreed. The chaining complaint is a relic back when you absolutely needed to do it during the DA meta. Now you don’t need to chain but apparently many people couldn’t move one and just think for themselves that they’re not good enough to pilot binders without mirror chains. The real thing with TD is the fact that devastation becomes permanent.

I know, perhaps I should have added a /s.

But seriously one of the main problems with the current balance in my eyes the sheer difference in survival that skills with weapon damage or direct life leach bring you vs skills without. Builds that lack weapon damage or some other way to heal directly from the damage you do are screwed by the mirror/MoT nerfs.

Perhaps the life steal stat should be applied to all damage dealt not just weapon damage while greatly reducing the amount of lifesteal found on gear and devotions.