[] JACKASSED TOTEMS - Stun Jacks/Storm Totem Elementalist


(real: oa 3050, da 3250, armor 2650)


(don’t ask about clear time…)


Welcome to my guide: “How to mess up one of the most powerful skills in the game?” The answer is simple. Try to combine it with one of Demolitionist’s.

Jokes aside, this might not be the most powerful build but it’s truly loads of fun. It is not a crucible farmer or even crucible viable unless you really kite well. After a massive trial and error session, I managed a 170 run with 4 blessings, banner, Courageous Tinctures, Aether Clusters, toprolled gear and GDStashed affixes, in about 10 minutes. Most of it was clumsy kiting. I think it might get as low as 8 minutes with a better pilot/rig.

But stun jacks spam is really entertaining. I truly recommend this build for people who wanna try something different and up their kiting game. In main game it melts everything in style.


Calling this a Stun Jacks build is a little bit like calling AAR an AAR build when everyone knows its Devastation that does all the work. Here, 95% damage comes from Storm Totems and Storm Shards as well as devotion procs. Stun Jacks is just fireworks. But are they fun, Stun Jacks!

The build features standard lightning gear: Light’s Defender and totem conduit (we do need some damage after all, can’t be all jack). The rest is for Stun Jacks and survival.


It’s a little telling that a solo shaman with full totem support would have much better results than together with a fully maxed demo skill supported by all but one gear mods in the game. But as a wise man once said, f**k balance, love diversity. Not all skills, gear, masteries have to be equally strong. I hereby conclude my demorant campaign and await the FG revolution. Thanks for reading. All comments welcome.

This is a good indicator of how good Demo is right now…

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Sadly Demo really needs some love.

And yes, stun jacks with the transmuter + lots of lightening procs is stupidly fun and once upon a time was uber powerful. So much so that everything in the vanilla game melted before it from stun jacks alone many, many patches ago. But the nerf hammer was to fall like devastation on it and leave many a stun jack build utterly devastated.

This is a worse version of http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63461&highlight=Zeus’s.
here’s the updated build:

I would drop quick jack and lower points on vindictive flame, spend rest into ulzuin chosen and mine for kiting, sadly non arcanist mage cant standstill tanking.

Dude u know your build gears are impossible to get.:cry:

It’s not worse. It’s actually better. For the reason it’s totems supported by jacks. I choose to gear for jacks supported by totems on purpose. For even best results: undo mastery -> inquisitor -> VOILA

Sure, drop quick jacks is probably the best advice for this build, lol. But then we don’t need any points in Ulzuin’s Chosen whatsoever. I put 2 points in mine because I couldn’t help myself. Should be zero.

So are mine. And yet here we are.