[] Korba's Stratagem: 5:35 150-170 Crucible Gladiator - 0 greens melee Trickster[g3][c+][vid]

Optimisation in gaming in general can be highly counter-intuitive. AlphaZero’s play in both Chess and Go for example stunned human observers with its highly unorthodox moves. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone applied deep or reinforcement learning to GD and came up with powerful builds way weirder than this one.

WHOA! Korbas actually being used?!


Korba has been good since last patch. It was even slightly nerfed lol.

Remember pet builds also specialize in single target. It’s more because in cruci trash die in just one breath so you don’t really need top tier aoe for trash waves. On boss waves, killing 4 nemeses in 3s each is just about equal to killing them all at the same time in 12s.

  1. Yeah, it shows EB rings are op. It’s shown by the very fact that they are chosen over Alkamos that provide twice as much %cold, relevant conversion and skill bonuses.

  2. Thanks for the breakdown, Mad_Lee. I knew there was fire in it. What I meant was all your choices regarding damage were made to support cold so it’s like “pure cold” as opposed to, say, thejabrixone’s infiltrator that’s a “hybrid cold/fire” as (I suppose) was originally intended for both N&O and EB.

  3. The only non pet I played that beats this is Agrivix steroided with either Bone Harvest or Eye of the Guardian (or both - was working on this one but can’t get under 5 min because I suck and so does my pc) - and that is not even viable for general public due to having no defense. It just seems so… unfair for all the casters… <tearing up> The only consolation is that this 5 minutes of DW glory might come to an end pretty soon when SR hits and S&B takes the crown.

  4. Mad_Lee, Have you tried Frostdread chest? Paper dmg seems a quite bit higher in gt…

Is kind of like mythical shadowfiend cord that has better stats than 90% legendaries out there for the build but somehow still an “Epic”

You men EB rings? I just checked it. Alkamos would give this build less flat even with Dual Blades maxed (taking into account minus 2 ranks in Lethal Assault - those last two ranks are huge). And EB proc is offensively better than Alkamos’.

EDIT: Wrong. Toprolled Alkamos actually improve autoattack dmg here when maxing Dual Blades. And can give some phys res for about 1.5k health from Mogdrogen and loss of the EB proc.

Honey please…

You joke but warlord is a serious contender for realms. We just need to wait if its items will give the class the damage it needs to be top tier

I’m sure they’ll be great, maybe even second best option. I was just saying that pets will remain on top.

Well, you might be right. Pretty sure there are ways to make pets very tanky to reach the deepest levels of realms. We just don’t see them now cause you’re focused on making 4 min cleartime builds :stuck_out_tongue:

I just hope crate makes other pet options better beside the witching hour and beastcaller. Also spreading more pet resist in some items.

I tried to explore other pet options like desecrator and guardian of death’s gates but never come close to beastcaller/witching hour results.

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I haven’t messed with desecrator at all, but I have tried extensively with Guardian of Death’s Gate on both Cabalist and Ritualists and was never able to come up with anything competitive. I have my hopes up though based on what Zantai said here. Diviner’s, Shepherd of Lost Souls, and Guardian of Death’s Gate should all be better than they are now, there will be the new Ghol’s set, and who knows what else.

I suspect pet meta will end up being fairly different from where it is now, but I’m sure there will be at least a couple of options that end up extremely powerful.

I mean S&B will take non-pet crown. Or I should say “might take…”

Less flat cold then Elemental Harmony and a much more inferior proc.

In red

Alkamos ring are worse here. Not much to say.

First, congrats lee on an original concept:)

I am thinking more and more that what is OP are crucible buffs, Especially dmg wise. So many builds trample Crucible in very little time, and a lot of them would be just be ok in MC w/o buffs. I’d nerf the flat dmg on the proc as so many builds use these rings no matter what.

What do you mean?:stuck_out_tongue: It’s been good longer than that and for full Korba last patch was a buff actually

We do see it here and there. I mean Tree of Life and gearing and skill distribution focused on res and health. I tried that lately and yeah, conjurer pets are extremely sturdy in those setups. And still deliver more punch than the best of S&B right now (afaik).

As for what will happen in FG and who will go deepest into SR no-one can say. I’ll bet my money (but not my life) on Warlords over pet Conjurers. Maybe…

By last patch i meant 6.0 :stuck_out_tongue: pretty sure Korba couldn’t stand 4.0-5.1 cruci without DA stacking.

Warlord looks like the next binder synergy-wise. We just have to wait if it also gets binder-tier itemization.

I haven’t seen such a sad display since Ulzuin’s betrayal. :mad:

Damn, 10 out of 10 sacred strikes for the employee of the month. The old dog got his bite back with a pair of new fangs :smiley: