[] Mograine, The Scum of Earth - A Vitality S&B Arc Death Knight

A quick q&a just before we get started
Q: It’s your second posted build and it’s a Blade Arc again. Are you some sort of fetishist or cultist?
A: Nope. I’ve got a bunch of lvl100 tunes, but those are more “classic” builds and I have no desire to post a similar version of an already existing build. To me creation of something new is more important, than beating 170 Glad w/o banners/blessing and I want to share my experiments with this wonderful community.

Q: Untransmuted Blade Arc works much better with 2h weapons. Why would you try this?
A: Yup, I fully understand this and I’m aware of the existence of the magnificent Mythical Wildblood Crusher. I even have one, nearly perfect rolled for a melee build and it gives me circa 14k sheet dps more. But we also have this little thing and my goal was not to create another 2h-top-tier-sheet-dps-build, but to make this particular item useful.

Now that we made thing clear, greeting to all of you, who will take some time and look through this thread!
And I’m finally ready to introduce you the build itself.

Meet Mograine, The Scum of Earth

“What if it was not a breath of life, not your own heartbeat, that raised you up after being freed from the tenacious and cold grip of the gallows? What if it was a darker, a more vile power? Mayhaps, an ancient curse, wich power must be contained… if it will not consume you, eventually.”

The Concept
As you’ve probably guessed, the idea is pretty simple - make Blade Arc great again work with S&B setup. To achieve this, I’ve chosen to base my build on a very well designed Blood Knight set (not including the amulet, wich I simply don’t possess ATM) and a weapon with a unique (due to one of the Conduit-prefixes being erased from the game) modificator: Howl of the Wendigo. With the second mastery being a Necromancer we get a tonn of ADCtH, RR, flat and % vit-damage and many other pleasant additions.

Pros & Cons

  • Hard to kill. This guy was facetanking MQ (~30-40 seconds kill), ~6 clones of John Bourbon, including the fancy “final form”. Lokarr forced me to kite a lil’ bit, but in general was kinda easy. What is already dead, cannot die
  • Sweet AoE. Trash mobs just lay down crying while you deal with bosses, guys like Van Aldritch gang ask devs to nerf this son of a slith, cuz killing them almost simultaneoulsy, screaming: “GIT GUD” - effortless and without switching between targets makes them… let us say, frustrated.
  • A decent DoT damage allows us to kite if things get really bad. Can they?
  • Stun Resist overcapped as hell. “Stun resist is like a condom”, they say. Hue-hue-hue.
  • 3100 effective DA + 15.5k HP + permanent 25% Damage Reduction for enemies. Did I mention “hard to kill”?
  • Easy to level. Soldier and Necromancer. Nuff said.
  • Small energy issues - keep an eye on your energy bar and drink a potion whenever it drops to like 1/2, this may solve the problem.
  • Average damage output. First of all, this is a tank. A pre-patched BDK from WoW WotLK. Damage is pretty good, but not a skyrocket Belgothian Blademaster on steroids. This reminds me on Chris Redfield from RE5 vs the giant rock in the last level
  • Blood Knight set required. It is possible to use faction gear and non-set legendaries, but the set is top-tier. Probably.
  • Only one hard circuit breaker, the rest of your tankiness lies in ADCtH and pressing your defensive buttons timely.
  • Vulnerable to DoT damage, especially when out of combat with Hungering Void active

The Build

Stat sheet. Only permanent buffs and Soul Harvest active:

Blade Arc damage:


A quick glance on itemization


Weapon & Attire

Components and Augments

Everything’s pretty straight forward. Cap Armor Absorption, cap DA, add a bit of OA, squeeze some energy regen and damage. No Symbol of Solael or Essence of Ch’thon this time. One can get a little more DA by putting all the stats points into Physique to get a second Coven’s Bane on shiled. As for me, I’ll continue to push OA to the next softcap point.

Skill Tree & Devotion

Some explanation to the Skill Tree:
Overguard - is our “little” save. One doesn’t need to put much points in it, It’s enough just to have it.
1 point into Dread - quality of life. +2m Range and some additional Vitality Decay.
1 point into Siphon Souls to get Blood Boil for the OA shred

As for the Devotion. Again I’m taking advantage of Manticore (Acid Spray>Bone Harvest). All credits to hammyhamster1 :smiley:
Other main Constellations are:

  • Dying God (Hungering Void>Siphon Souls) for it is an amazing dps-buff
  • Wendigo (Wendigo’s Mark>Blade Arc)
  • Rattosh, The Veilwarder [Will of Rattosh>Ravenous Earth]

Resistance Reduction:

-38% from Spectral Wrath (skill tree)
-25% from Will of Rattosh (devotion)
-15% from Mark of the Fallen (ring)
-10% from Curse of Crashed Resolve (ring)
(-88% total)
28 flat RR from Acid Spray (devotion)

And again, as most of spam-builds, this one is pretty simle.
Rules, that should be followed:

  • Soul Harvest must be always active when fighting
  • Always keep Ravenous Earth placed near the most dangerous enemy
  • Use Reaping Arc and Siphon Souls on cooldown
  • Keep Mark of Torment for the most dangerous situations (but try to use it before Will of Menhir), like facetanking Zantarin.
  • In less dangerous situations use Bloodthirster, when health drops

Achievments so far
+As mentioned before, facetanked MQ
+Defeated Lokarr (not without kiting, though)
+Gladiator Crucible Wave 150 complete for the first time! Yay!
+Facetanked Kra’vall
Still, I didn’t test all the Nemeses in main campaign, but Cuba and Grava’Thul are not a problem. This section will be updated after I test the build in 150-170 Cruci (but a bit later, I’m not a big fan of Crucible, actually) and get all the nemeses in MC. Maybe I’ll consider trying other superbosses.

Leveling tips
There’s not much to say about leveling - both soldier and necromancer have great, nearly one of the best leveling skills: Tremor Forcewave, Blade Arc, Raise Skeletons and Bone Harvest. As for me, I always try to level with the skills I’m going to use in late game, so here I started a Necromancer, got and maxed out Bone Harvest, then slowly switched to blade arc as a main damage source, while getting Harbinger of Souls for additional survivability - all this using a shield and 1h (or sometimes swapping it for a random Spectral Warmaul). Leveing this way should be smooth and easy even without 100% phys>vit conversion

24.12.2018 added 1 point into Counter Strike, Grim Tools link updated as well

Soooo… that’s it. A simple and humble build, but it suddenly appears, that the concept of s&b blade arc is working not as bad as one could have thought. I’d even say, that this build is HC-viable. Again, no videos, because my PC is trash. Thank you all for your attention!

reserved just in case

Couple of suggestions:

  • I’ve read that you lack BK amulet, but get your hands on it asap, you gotta have full set here
  • Having overcapped Bone Harvest is actually quite a bit of damage. Don’t use it just for Soul Harvest
  • Drop 1 point in Counter-Strike
  • Get a green shield from Steelcap District, just vendor shop for decent rolls
  • two Haunted Steels is actually more tanky

i had a build like this right after the launch of AoM. I think you really would benifit from using the full bloodknight set as soon as you can get. Changes some gearing, augments, skills. Devotions looked good. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYJk7W2

+1 nice post :smiley:

Yeah, after I get the amulet, I’m going to rework the build more toward bone harvest as a big nuke rather than a support skill and put some points into counter strike. Though, I don’t know, if putting a point into CS would have any profit right now.

Oh, I totally overlooked the MI shield. Thanks for the suggestion!

As for the haunted steel, the build is already almost boring due to tankyness and the seal gives slightly more damage

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This might be what I’m aiming for. Don’t want to drop OA that low, though

Thank you. Guess, you did enjoy the jokes? :smiley:

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four sure, given added modifiers even from 3-piece Blood Knight 1 point will definitely add some damage overall!

Then I’ll try it as soon as possible. TY :slight_smile:

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