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Hi all

I read some 3ds and guides about this class. I’m currently at level 23, and I would like to level something like grimtools.com/calc/0V0PWgJV or similar. (is there something similar in

I’m new to this game, and I would like to have some tips about how leveling my PG in order not to waste time making something wrong.

Which are best skill to use for both classes for leveling fast?
How do I have to distribute attributes points? I read someone saying spirits, others health
Which are best practices? I mean, do I have to spend points in one skill or it’s better to have more skills with a lower level during leveling at this point of game?

What would be appreciated should be something like:
from level 1 to 20 use these skills and put attributs point to…and use this set
from level 21 to 40 use these skills and put attributs point to…and use this set
and so on, till end game where it should be interesting to know something more about sets and how to use them



Attributes only phisic, after 100 u can add some on spirit or cunning for the item requriment. U don’t really need item sets, since above 50, there isn’t. Below there are few. 75 is the key to have decent set, but not really neccesery for the campaing. U only greens with good ressist and faction weapon or any wepon with good dmg.

Lvling: U have 3 option. Go with Olexra flash freeze and searing ember flintcore bolts(components), skeletons, raveunes earth.
Skellis good, but u need for them pet stats wich is hard to capp.

I suggest u to go with off and re. OFF doesn’t work on bosses.

“use this set” do you have that set? probably not if you are new :stuck_out_tongue:

My spellbinder guide
contais a small leveling section.

Attributes are almost ALWAYS physique unless you need some cunning or spirit to wear gear

Everything has been said.
I leveled my Spellbinder with Bone Harvest and abilities granted from components till about 75 and then switched to aether damage cause I had good gear for it: Devastation/Callidor/AAR.

I spent some points in spirit, I don’t think there is a way to get them back, isn’t it?

So I continue with off and er till high level

About faction, it’s something that depends of choices done during the game?

About weapons and gears, I should use something that give always more physique? Do I have to forget completely spirit and cunning?


You will get respec potions from quests in the AoM part of the game, one per difficulty. And those potions can also drop in crucible and from nemeses

It is ok to get spirit and such from gear, but if you wear an off hand that depends on the spirit from your pants and you find much better pants (but no spirit on them) … you know :stuck_out_tongue:

have a few attribute points unspent at all times and keep track of how much attributes you get from devotions and gear so you know what you can shuffle around.

Factions, the last choice you make goes through all difficulties. You wanna be friendly with barrowholm and outcasts you have a dilemma. You want both the outcast augments and faction gear, AND you want to be able to farm a specific helm from their “nemesis”. So I would be friends with Outcasts in Normal and Elite (and undecided in Ultimate) get reputation up to revered and then stockpile like crazy on their faction stuff. After that, I would go against them in Ultimate and start to farm for the helm.

I covered factions in my guide. Read it.

I spent points in spirits cause I read some guides where was written

I’m al level 23, do you suggest me to start from beginning in order to put ALL points to physique?

The best way to level is to try different things out and learn what works and how. But the most popular way of leveling early arcanist is OFF + Fireblast (a skill from a component).

As for attributes, you get your first respec tonic in the first AoM sidequest. No need to start anew.

You will get respec potions when you do quests in the AoM acts. How many times do I/we need to tell you?
Also you can get those potions when killing nemeses and doing crucible.

It is not a big deal if you have a few more points into spirit than what is required. Spellbinders have Inner Focus, so one should never need to put a single point in spirit for Spellbinders (or any Arcanist based class)

Sorry man, this game is really complicated and I missed something…


The game is also very forgiving for early mistakes.

Now get back and study my guide :wink:


I’m here again after having reached level 51

This is my build:

I’m sure I’ve something wrong…
Can you tell me something about pets please? Do you suggest to get one? How? I know there are items to do that, but it’s not the only way

In general, which are your suggestions?

PS: Why I see lots of points available to spend in grimtools?


I have some leveling tips here http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80822

Do you wanna level up with Ravenous Earth or Trozans? Seems like you have not decided yet…
If you decide with Ravenos Earth where is your bonespike?

yes, i’ve not decided yet, but I think i will use RE.

For the moment I got that mace for leveling that is good enough. I don’t think I’ve already found a better one.

I’ve binded Ghoulish Hunger to Maiven Sphere. Is ok or is there something better?

Trozans is not bad for leveling

I sblocked Elite. Can I switch to elite od do I have to complete Veteran first?

If you are gonna go with RE then find a bonespike and devot yourself to that.
This is how skills “should” look like then https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0QKmaZ

Under “Pointers for leveling” in my guide you will find more info

Friend could you upload your spellbinder guide again please