[] The Bulldog - Winter's Veil Korba, Cold/Frostburn Trickster

The Build

with all permanent buff + Pneumatic Burst, Lethal Assault, and Savagery charges.
DPS shown is Savagery.

Build Feature

  • Ultimate Crucible Clear Speed
  • 17 seconds dummy :wink:
  • Might dodge nerf next patch
  • Fluid gameplay
  • Doesn’t contain Inquisitor :frowning:

Build Overview
Shootout to Ptirodaktill for his spinfiltrator build. :wink:

Thejabrixone here with another hybrid build! In this patch, I have made a Fire/burn hybrid and Acid/poison hybrid. I haven’t seen a success frostburn build, let alone the hybrid one. So here it is… :slight_smile:

The forum has been taken by the storm by recently buffed Nex&Ortus set and forgetting to explore other good items. Basically this is a korba savagery build supported by 92% WPS with fully invested execution, plethora of procs from the weapons and guardian’s gaze for AoE and crazy lifeleech, and MASSIVE frostburn damage with really long duration. You can literally leave any enemy when you have depleted half of his health, and move on to others. No matter who he/she is.

PS: The build can inflict 300k frostburn ticks in dummy test. In crucible with 4buff no banner, it will be about 200k - 350k depends on the enemy resistances.

Defense is good : Decent DA, almost 30% phys res, dodge, 2.2k armor + Barbaros Proc, fumble, insane lifesteal, 12% reduced damage from Purple Alkamos ring’s proc, low CD heal from Pneumatic Burst, and ghoul proc.

Equipment Choices
Craft all equipment at Arngrim and try to get +% armor as completion bonus.

Core Items:
2 Pieces Korba (Without Weapons).
Main Hand + Off Hand: Mythical Beacon of the Winter’s Veil.
Shoulder: Mythical Silver Sentinel Shoulderguards. Give Acid>Cold conversion for utilizing guardian’s gaze, and further capping lethal assault.
Relic: Eye of the Storm. Give massive flat cold/frostburn when paired with korba’s helm. Get bonus to tenacity of the boar for completion bonus
Gloves: Mythical Iceskorn Talons. Perfect fit, further overcapping Lethal Assault, gives flat frostburn

Supporting Items:
Pants: Mythical Chausses of Barbaros. Godly procs for autoattacker
Boots: Stoneplate Greaves. To cover resistances, Stonehide prefix might be mandatory.
Belt: Mythical Spellbreaker Waistguard. One of the two +nightbade belt, supporting cold damage and gives aether resistance
Rings: Dread Sigils of Alkamos Set. Supporting cold damage, giving total speed, converting pierce > Cold, also quite nice defensive procs.
Alternative Rings: Elemental Harmony Set. Should also be good while being more accessible.
Amulet: Mythical Heart of the Mountain. Perfect fit. Giving plus skills to trickster, supporting cold damage, and giving attack speed. No need to use the granted skill.
Medal: Mythical Direwolf Crest. Further overcapping Savagery, giving massive OA, and giving racial bonus to KUBAAAAAA

Offensive cold-based devotions for auto-attacker.

Guardian’s Gaze > to Savagery
Blizzard > to Amarasta’s Blade Burst
Hand of Ultos > to Wind Devil
Rumor > to Ring of Steel
Elemental Storm > to Blade Spirit
Raise the Dead > only taken for the nodes, bind to anything you like
Ghoulish Hunger > to Whatever permanent buff

LMB: Savagery
RMB: Amarasta’s Blade Burst
Middle Mouse scroll up/down: Shadow Strike
Keyboard 1: Pneumatic Burst
Keyboard 2: Wind Devil
Keyboard 3: Ring of Steel

Standard procedure:
Summon 2 blade spirit before action.
Summon Wind Devil, make sure to always have 2 active.
Press to activate Word of Renewal. Ensure it to always be active and/or save it for heal.
Shadow strike in.
Cast Ring of Steel for spreading rumor
Hold Savagery button and press ABB button once every 3 second, also mash ring of steel and wind devil button.

Build Performance
For 170 Crucible, video with 4 buff without banner:

7:23 clear time

Reaper is easy. Grava is easy because it cannot stop our procs from leeching him. Do not Facetank Alek’s meteor. Kuba is a pest as always, kill him last, he will be in 3/4 or 1/2 of his health when you deal with him, try to dodge his pools as much as you can. Benjahrl is also quite a pest because this build doesnt have trap resist unbuffed, at least save your health potions for dealing with his trap.

I was deciding to take a break from GD for a while to play another games, but the dominance of N&O makes me want to make another build to spice this forum a little.

Well, this should be the first competitive hybrid Cold/Frostburn in this forum. Enjoy… :wink:

is eye of the guardian are mandatory or it can be changed to smth?

Nice stuff. Please don’t get these weapons nerfed before FG though, I think everyone knows what needs to happen with eye of reckoning + these weapons :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess you can try tsunami. But guardian’s gaze is so good as it hits 360° and leech so much health in crucible environment.

Thanks :wink:
I’m honestly not interested in eye of reckoning at all as it’s a chanelled skill and I am not enjoying it at all.

When oathkeeper come, I’ll gonna make an acid auto attack or shadow strike Dervish!

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Wow, this is a damn cool build, I’m loving it! Better start leveling the dusty old trickster.

Trying to go non-mainstream, Jabrixone? Pretty decent performance for non DM/non N&O build.

Having tested my fair share of melee Tricksters last few weeks I can say that this one looks a bit glassy tho.

Thanks… :wink:

Nah, I am always a non-mainstream guy.

The build is not glassy at all. Even facetanking 2 reaper is easy. It has 3 spinning procs that leech life crazily in 360°. Some hiccup in the video because I kite when I shouldn’t be.

If you really worried, you can switch one winter’s veil for korba frenzy for 8% phys res. Losing much frostburn and OA but gain attack speed And more defense. Playstyle will be a bit different though.

This forum has gone using banner again for showcasing as much speed as possible. I should probably record using vanguard banner again. I am afraid it will make me too spoiled though. Lol

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Totally non mainstream guy, I understand :smiley:

So leeching from Guardian’s Gaze + Winter’s Veil proc makes up for it, I get it. I think this can go pretty fast with banner, probably closer to 6:15 - 6:20 timer.

7:20 without banner is RoH level clear Times. Going with Mercy’s pattern, this should clear at 6min. Still need to be checked though.

Off course John Smith’s rimetounge N&O is a whole another level with 5:15. I still doesn’t understand how it can achieve such performances though. Probably the most determining factor is his large OA + small CDR are ensuring hand of ultos to be procced all the time…

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Well, I have explained it to you in that thread exactly how and why it works so well. And it’s not CDR or Hand of Ultos. :wink:

The main determining factor of my SS N&O and his rimetongue N&O maybe the OA.

Honestly I’m still not convinced with your explanation. Well, testing is the only way to know. Although I doubt I can pull out the same performance as him with the same build.

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Seriously though, from the most important to least important factors on why Infiltrator is so good and can pull off stuff like 5:15 while Trickster can do only 5:35 and with much less consistency despite having much higher flat damage numbers and much meaner auto-attack:

  1. Aura of Censure’s instant RR. Once Infiltrator engages anyone his foe is always under effect of double RR from Censure and Veil of Shadow. While Wind Devils may not always be there and they require to be casted (so disrupt your attacking).
  2. Huge racial damage from Steel Resolve + Skull. A lot of Eldritch foes are very resistant to cold and there are quite a few Eldritch in Crucible.
  3. Very strong resist/damage reduction support from Inquisitor that allows you to go for more offensive setup with more OA/Skulls etc. and pretty relaxed setup in terms of DA/Armor/Physical resist/Armor Absorption (stuff that you can barely afford when playing a Trickster)
  4. Rimetongue + Mageslayer amulet is actually pretty strong offensive combination that gives you more instant RR as well as quite a bit of converted damage from procs and devotions
  5. High OA procs our procs more often

So tl;dr answer = Inquisitor.

No magic.

I compare it with my N&O SS infiltrator, not trickster. And that’s why I conclude that the main difference is OA.

Damn, I remember that at early, DW build can do 9 minutes with 4 buff and no banner and we called it fast.
Now we do it at 7minutes without banner and 5:30 with banner.

Oh how science have come so far.

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Compared to your SS build he has more RR and better cold damage support. And quite simply auto-attack with stronger wps > Shadow Strike as it turns out.

But it’s a movement channeling skill, not one that roots you in place like the current ones. It’s literally the same skill as whirlwind in d2

Nice build, definitely looks like it should do 6-6:30min runs with banner

I didn’t play D2, lol. I am too young when they released it… :smiley:
I am gonna hold off any further comments to oathkeeper until crate got it released.

BTW, thanks Mercy… :wink:

WW barb was my first character i played in D2. I still remember being so excited about hitting level 30 and finally unlocking WW and then was super disappointed when it drained my mana instantly lol.

Anyway i tried the build and mad_lee is right, it’s fragile despite pretty good sustain. I had the same issue when testing his Nex/Ort Korba trickster. Death was around each corner unless you play it safer.

1st run was insta deaths by theodin/anasteria crew (After that i switched to killing anasteria first on wave 169 and that worked out better on this build)

2nd run was sentinels/ekketzuls burst (got trapped by ilgorr and exploded instantly). I always forget that sentinel can hit hard at times

Run 6 death was aleks meteor hitting me for 10k+ when i was 100% sure i avoided it. BS death imo.

the almost 7min run was due to mutators and an awful wave 163 (slith heal on death shenanigans)
I did put 1 point into Blade barrier in my runs since it saved me from death many times when life leech wasn’t up to par.

I was actually done 3 run in a single buff (without banner) succesfully in the my first test with this build.
Your 169 death is because this build doesn’t have aether res overcap much. The trick is to kill first form of theodin first, then kill both of fatsos when theodin taking his time to transform to its second form, then kill the second form. By the time you’ve killed theodin and fatsos, krieg and/or anasteria will be already almost dead. That’s what happen in all of my 3 runs.
I saw from all your runs, you have a tendency to kill krieg first because it spawn near your banner (lower left corner). If the build doesn’t have 30% aether res overcapped in vanilla, you should always kill theodin first then Fatsos IMO. Unless you use aetherward oil.

For that ekketzul wave. I usually kill ekketzull as soon as he appears because it’s hard dealing with its fissure when you don’t have inquisitor seal. Then kill the rest. I never have problems in this wave actually.

About Alek though, yeah this build cannot take Alek’s meteor :p.

Thanks for your testing though. As I thought, the build will do 6 minutes run under the banner.

I’m well aware of why i died and how :wink: I’m saying that this build can’t get away doing stuff other DW builds can. Something that happened on mad_lee’s trickster too. Despite having 2500 armor and almost 40% phys res that build will be prone to getting huge bursts and almost dying on many waves. This happens on leviathan cadence witchblades too (very high armor and phys res, yet hp still is like a yoyo)

Regarding 169, the whole kill theodin first is something i used to do, but doing krieg first assures that everyone gets closer to the banner and can help with getting faster times on runs. Especially if you go for anasteria next (though it’s very risky since you are very open to getting bursted by her and the 2 fatasses) and theodin last. I usually go krieg, by the time i’m done with him theodin will be either on my ass or closing in on me together with the 2 faties. What i usually do is this https://youtu.be/HGZr5vX35vA?t=369. Alternately i’ll wait in the middle for theodin to come to me, kill him, then go for either krieg or anasteria next, hagalvar and rodalgar will usually die from the collateral damage. The fastest is krieg > anasteria > hagalvar/rodalgar (if they aren’t dead already) > theodin (his 2nd form will be either killed at wave 170, die of collateral damage or ignored completely depending on build).

On the 159 death. It was really weird cause i barely did any damage to sentinel at the start of the wave (i did not have his reduced damage debuff on me) which resulted in him living my longer than he was supposed to. Honestly it was a strange wave and i’d write it off as a once in a blue moon death since i didn’t have any issues with that wave in any of the other runs.

Build is good, just saying play with caution since you can get bursted to death in many situations on the build :slight_smile:

Tricksters in times feel less safe to me than Spellbreakers. That what makes them so exciting - it’s a pure melee, just you and your swords, no censure or seal to save your ass. They are also just PAINFUL to build in a way you can cover all resistances and have OA/DA at some respectable level.

If Crate nerfs Deathmarked and N&O too much those Tricksters will cease to exist. Which is a real shame because it’s one of the more exciting combinations in the game imo but it small balance changes in patches affect it A LOT.

Also, tried assembling full Korba in GT with Silver Sentinel Shoulders and all mythicals - God Damn, it’s almost impossible without making big sacrifices here and there.