[] The Burning Devil - Full Set Ulzuin, Fire Strike Purifier

Update pre-FG: Adjusted to the new patch, incorporating some MadLee’s previous suggestion.

The Build

with all permanent buff + Word of Renewal, Deadly Aim, and Standing on Inquisitor Seal.
DPS shown is Fire Strike.

Build Feature

  • Ultimate Crucible clear speed
  • 16 sec Dummy kill :wink:
  • Contain Inquisitor
  • Doesn’t contain Thermite Mines
  • Simple and not clunky
  • Contain Demolitionist

Build Overview
I take back what I said that purifier can only use justicar set or light’s guardian for no-rune build. Now I tried to explore Ulzuin’s Infernal Avatar set in this recent new patch. The set is mildly buffed in increased fire strike WD by +24% (from 18%), better resist on chest, and increased electrocute damage and its duration. This set should already be good before in, but now it is INSANE.

The set is full blown offensive with nice touch in defensive. What makes the set really good is procs from the full completion bonus is really really crazy. It’s mechanics is like more damaging version of flame torrent, but as an item procs, it can be triggered by our damaging aura, which will procs crazily in crucible.

As the set suggested, the build is then designed as fire strike shotgunner. Current set up has around 180% Attack speed with all permanent buff, supported by 60% Inquisitor’s WPS. Supplemental damage are provided by flame torrent and meteor shower devo procs.

Defense is good: We have a good 2.4k armor (only 92% absorb though) due to all crafting bonus, decent 20% phys res, 18/12 inquisitor seal + 15/12 damage reduction from aura of censure, fumble & impaired aim from flashbang, ghoul procs, decent effective DA, crazy lifesteal from all procs + fire strike.

Ulzuin’s set got buff on its proc and really good 50% chaos to fire global conversion as a full set bonus.

In addition, the build now use 2x Mythical Reign of Ice and Fire on ring slot to replace the now useless elemental balance rings. Freshly buffed with ADCTH on procs, really good defensively and offensively.

Other small changes is bloody crystal as ring components and seal of the void on weapon component for additional WPS.

Equipment Choices
Craft all equipment at Arngrim and try to get +% armor as completion bonus.

Core Items:
Ulzuin’s Infernal Avatar Set
Rings: 2x Mythical Reign of Ice and Fire. Godly procs, craftable, similar bonus to elemental balance ring but without flat damage.
Gloves: Mythical gauntlets of Ignaffar. Just for converting pierce to fire which we have a lot.
Relic: Ignaffar’s Combustion Perfect fit for this build, get +1 to aura of censure as completion bonus

Supporting Items:
Pants: Mythical Chausses of Barbaros. One of the best pants for auto-attacker. Crazy set of status and godly procs.
Boots: Stoneplate Greaves. Just to cover resist. “of arcane winds” is preferred for slow res.
Belt: Mythical Scales of Beronath. JOffensive based inquisitor belt that also gives a nice defensive stats.
Medal: Luminari Commendation. Converting pierce to elemental which we have a lot, also giving bonus to inquisitor seal tree.

Offensive fire-based 2handed-range auto-attack build.

Eldritch Fire > to Storm Spread
Elemental Storm > to Inquisitor Seal
Flame Torrent > to Fire Strike
Meteor Shower > to Chilling Rounds
Ghoulish Hunger > to Whatever permanent buff

LMB: Fire Strike
RMB: Point to Move
Keyboard 1: Flashbang
Keyboard 2: Inquisitor Seal
Keyboard 3: Word of Renewal

Standard procedure:
Press to activate Word of Renewal. Ensure it to always be active and/or save it for heal
Cast Inquisitor seal below you
Cast flashbang to enemy hordes. Cast it at least every 3 seconds.
Shot your enemy with fire strike Point-Blankly in the face

Round your enemy and Position yourself well so the WPS and all procs can shotgun them all at once.

Build Performance
For 170 Crucible, video with 4 buff without banner:

7:00 Clear-times!! My current best record!

The clear times will go around 7:00 to 7:30. Ranged build is not as consistent as melee because it doesn’t have mobility skills and you will need to shot your enemy point blank anyway.

There is no dangerous enemy. Grava is easy because its fumble/impaired pool cannot stop our procs from leeching him. Reaper dies in seconds. Kill kuba last, it will be almost dead when you start hit him anyway because of the build excellent AoE. Just don’t facetank Alek’s meteor and kill enemy as fast as you can.

For 170 Crucible, video with 4 buff without banner:

7:35 clear times. This is current average clear time without banner, still can easily and consistently do 3 times crucible clear without banner.

A bit slower from before due to less flat damage from ring and devotion. Current build is definitely more tanky and comfortable though, because of the new rings. Now I consider to use that in my korba build also… :smiley:

The only annoying nemesis combo is Grava+Kuba. Their fumble/impaired aim + heal pool can be quite dangerous. You still need to focus on grava first while dodging its fumble/impaired aim pool.

Hope you guys can enjoy the build. :wink:

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Seriously cone back on FG :stuck_out_tongue: I was on a break myself but 7.0 came and it was enough to make me go back.

Nice job using Ulzuin here. I also made a purifier to dispel the "we need Justicar/LD"myth but I went full MI with Arcaneweaver + the 2 MI with Chaos>fire conversion so I didn’t post it. Also gives my laptop literal cancer.

And speaking of laptop cancer, I thought I was watching my video cause it was laggy at the start lmao.

Btw, I think non myth blood sigil of chthon would be better in the medal slot here, if the build doesn’t need the bit of tankiness provided by the lost points in seal.

Nice job catching on that buff.

May I ask something? If I didn’t overlook anything, you got 36 (AE) + 28 (REx) = 64 Pierce flat (+ some from Hydra, iirc, can’t see how much on mobile). Luminari uses only 10% of that as fire - even with its built-it elemental flat and extra ranks in AE it’s not a breathtaking amount (talking about fire strictly). I know… seal and everything… but have you tried Pyroclasm Mark or non-myth Blood Sigil of Chthon?

EDIT: Sorry, didn’t see x1’s post above.

  • Contain Demolitionist

Haha, enough reason to delete build :slight_smile:

Insane to see someone beat Crucible with 2800 DA and 8k HP:D

Thats one sexy ranged purifier build, definitely worth trying it out. :cool:

I will play FG for sure, it’s just I need more variation in life, lol.

The Nvidia recorder is often a bit weird in the start of recording. I checked the video if there’s any scene cropped, and the time is still correct as I still finish wave 151 in 17 seconds. This was my best time, so I uploaded this… :smiley:

Regarding MI… Well, with the current hate on MI and green on this forum, you will surely get flamed for posting that build… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve thought about it, but eventually decided on luminari medal because it provides better balance on defense and offense. Also, the DA will be quite low without it.

Lastly, I think ulzuin is one of the best set currently. The procs is just insane. It should also not lagging much behind in IDK how some people think that ulzuin is bad. The set get buffed though and I guess everyone’s happy at the end.

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Thanks Ya_!
See my explanation for x1x1x1x2 above.You are not wrong. I just love luminari medal as a perfect balance medal.

You don’t need much DA and HP with crazy lifesteal, Inquisitor seal’s absorb, good armor, and insane damage. :wink:

Quoting Ptiro here, “HP is just a number…”

Thanks man. Enjoy… :wink:

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There’s nothing wrong with posting a build with MI’s in it. Just as long as you provide alternate setup that’s either legendary or non double rolled MI’s.
Nice job on 7min clear with no banner!

The set did have worse damage than the alternatives before the buff so there’s that. And defense isn’t exactly the best for Ulzuin. It’s only recently that the semi- glass cannon type of building became the norm.

Not if you build it around the 3 MIs then there’s no alternative.

Thanks Mercy! See if you can get below 6:30 with banner. :smiley:

Btw. I forgot to note that burn damage in this build is also really significant. Burn tick is about 150k in dummy and 100k-200k in crucible (4buff), with really long durations.

Technically you can leave your enemy when they’re already in 1/3 health and move on to others. I haven’t shown that in the video because haven’t played with this build much, only have done 5 times run.

Will check if that playstyle can be more effective in crucible tomorrow.

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I think better use stonehide of kings boots for extra hp and stun res as this char can be bursted to death in second.

Do those 3 MI’s have to be double rares though? Or are they flexible with what kind of affixes they can have? Cause the i’ve tested several builds that are built around MI weapons and most of them work with blank MI’s that have no affixes, they’ll just perform better with well rolled ones

I’m kinda burnt out too (actually have been for a while). But i’ll see if i can’t assemble it and do some runs when i can find the motivation for it :slight_smile:

You still need stonehide. And before the buff the set got fire res or sth (!) instead of aether. Without minmaxing angrim it’s a pain to get that armor. And that da…

Offensively it’s great. I’m just saying not everyone can play with 2.8k da and 8k health.

All hail Glass Canons :cool:
Now all we need is 50% fire to ligtning conversion on good belt with good bonuses.Belt, cindertourch, 12 flat lighting on jewelry augments, capped Static strike =)

Depends on your pc power, I think. I personally need either 3k DA or 20+ phys res with it to work considering my lag and that both MIs are caster armor. The weapon affix is less of an issue cause arcaneweaver already is monstrous on its own even before the affixes. Can’t link a GT now cause I’m at work but it’s just Arcanweaver + the 2 MIs tjat convert chaos to fire then complementary items.

I’m kinda burnt out too (actually have been for a while). But i’ll see if i can’t assemble it and do some runs when i can find the motivation for it :slight_smile:

Damn I was about to ask you to test a harbinger pyro I brought together last night.

My response wasn’t to thejabrixone’s build, but to another topic altogether regarding MI builds on the forum. But since you brought it up, i think that if a build requires double rare MI’s (or green) to be the difference between whether you can or can’t do crucible, then i think that build is flawed at the core. Builds created around MI items (like PS ugdenspark rifle, Aether PRM, arcaneweaver builds etc) don’t count. But those builds MI’s shouldn’t have to be god rolled double-rares for them to work.
That’s my view on it anyway

Thanks Mercy…
BTW. Some corrections, I meant below 5:30. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of demo will need green boots because the mastery doesn’t provide any res. So, Yeah…

Ahh, my role model!!

Shame that cindertouch doesn’t provide at least a small attack/cast speed.

With current state of the game though, going with fire damage should be a better options because it currently has the best devo procs and good path. Lightning devos are just underwhelming IMO.

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You say that, yet you made your Radioactive Disco Pony work :stuck_out_tongue: I tried like 6 runs with it and died on every run :o

Well if you PM me the savefile i can test it for you. Haven’t played a harbinger pyro for a while

Arcaneweaver with its penetration and brimstone gives me next level lags. Disco pony wasn’t even close :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be sending it after some.polishing when I get home. Thanks!