[] The Unmaker - DW Melee Pierce Cadence Tactician

DW Melee Pierce Cadence Tactician build.

(Best setup) FG-updated Grimtools link:

(No greens*) FG-updated Grimtools link:

*Contains faction gear, which is technically green.

Old build below.

Pre-FG Grimtools link:


  • Damage: Pierce
  • Active Skills: Blitz, Cadence, Doomforce, Inquisitor Seal, War Cry, Word of Pain, Word of Renewal
  • Passive Skills: Aura of Conviction, Field Command, Whirling Blades, Whirling Blades
  • WPS Skills: Direwold Claw, Markovian’s Advantage

Devotion Skills:

  • Acid Spray - Bound to Word of Pain
  • Assassin’s Mark - Bound to Inquisitor Seal
  • Blades of Wrath - Bound to Cadence
  • Ghoulish Hunger - Bound to Field Command
  • Living Shadow - Bound to Markovian’s Advantage
  • Wayward Soul - Bound to Aura of Conviction


  • Weapons: Mythical Reaver’s Claw x2
  • Helm: Ravager’s Dreadgaze
  • Shoulders: Mythical Bounty Hunter’s Shoulderguards
  • Chest: Elite Coven Combatant’s Chestguard
  • Gloves: Mythical Quickdraw Gloves
  • Pants: Mythical Chausses of Barbaros
  • Boots: Thunderstruck Stoneplate Greaves of Arcane Winds
  • Belt: Mythical Reforged Chains of Oleron
  • Amulet: Mythical Peerless Eye of Beronath
  • Rings: Bladetwister Signet & Mythical Belgothian’s Sigil
  • Medal: Mythical Direwolf Crest
  • Relic: Doom

I am always looking for feedback, please discuss!

Didn’t want to disturb your core concept too much



>Only changed chestpiece with a faction gear since I don’t know what you have. The helm change can be neglected if you lack the gear
>Changed devotions and skills a lot to focus your damage into one type i.e Pierce.

Pure Pierce Valdun Concept in progress for comparison - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NK0odj2

I think your DA is a bit too high. The current cap will be around 3700, anything above is virtually useless.
Same with OA too, I think. 3600-3800 is really all you need.

As a result, your damage suffered. Usually DW Cadence builds are capable a lot more. And Chthon already arranged your devotions, though for me, going pure pierce is more sufficient.

Another slight variation on the Pierce Tactician using 3 piece Warborn.

My current setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoG0ylZ

Although average DA, the OA & armor certainly help.
In game a solid toon all round.


nice build

only one thought for your dev

i’d remove falcon for toad and finishing olerons
(it gives you ADCTH and more %phy + flat phys)

I tried your setup, but I feel like the results weren’t as good. What’s the advantage of aiming for one damage type?

Thanks! Updated the first post based on your suggestion.

You’re right. Based on your devotion setup I managed to up the DPS from 70K to 85K. I updated the first post, thanks!

Updated the build in the OP. Dropped physical support by redoing Devotion setup, swapped Mythical Amarastan Pauldrons for MI shoulders (:undecided:) and changed Black Matriarch Ring for Blackwatch Seal. Also swapped some components.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwvmlKV This is what I run. Stacking pierce damage with a stupid modifier works better than capping cadence. I hate it, it abuses everything broken with pierce, dual weilding, and this game in general. The only thing that could make it more OP is more resist strip.

Interesting. How does this perform in Crucible, though?

I guess this would be more of a burst spec like yours within my current build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV168OYZ

Clears cruc fine. Oleron’s > Doomforce. You lose dps casting doomforce. there’s a few other things too

I have a very similar build in the works right now. I wonder how it will pan out. I love cadence :slight_smile:


Do you have any video of this character clearing crucible? I’m very interested how you did that with DA that low and missing basic defense devotions like Ghoul (or the lack of any defensive Devotions for that matter).

BTW, Doomforce is not cast as a source of damage alone.

Looks good, but Zolhan only does main-hand damage on melee characters, take Markovian’s.

Side note: updated build in OP and removed MI shoulders for accessibility’s sake.

No. Doomforce solves almost all if not all cadence Soldiers’ AoE problems.
Doomforce alone is awesome.

I’m playing it through leveling is difficult because I don’t have any good low level gear except the praetorian set but I digress.

I’ve spent a few more hours theory crafting and I’ve come up with 2 variants very similar to your build and I’m not sure which one is better (maybe others on the forum can help)

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MkayrZ - This variant features more attack speed and a juicy 28k piercing damage. I ditched manticore for assasin and replaced an augment for the essence of cthon since it’s a more reliable if lesser reduced resistance.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62a4dYmN - This variant has way more + skills to go around and much better OA/DA but piercing damage is not fully converted therefore only 24k 1.5k damage is wasted as physical and I’m afraid that’s not even enough to penetrate armor thus all that damage is wasted but it does have more crit damage and more OA.

Also I chose 1 point in Zolhan’s because it hits three targets and I want to be able to more reliably proc living shadows. As pointed out in unrelated threads the Soldier WPS are basically a DPS loss because they have slow attack animations. I find MA outright offensive in this regard (the jump and overhead swing) and ZT is much faster and hits more targerts.

Capping cadence is a dps loss for pierce damage.

How is it a DPS loss? All variants of this build have close to if not full 100% physical to pierce conversion. Cadence adds a boatload of physical damage. Where would you suggest putting the points?

let me rephrase; overcapping cadence to 26/16 with gear is a dps loss. It’s better to just stack flat pierce with MIs. Find the build I linked a while back.

Yeah that spec looks quite strong but that gear… I’m never going to have time to farm those greens.

How good is manticore by the way? On paper of course it’s super strong but I remember back in the day I toyed around with it and was kind of dissapointed with the procs’s radius and how many things it could actually affect. It was also kind of hard to tell who was debuffed and who wasn’t. It seemed in a crowd it would debuff maybe 10% of the opponents. And not too reliably.

By the way I think you should axe panther and put at least 1 more point too finish off Unknown Soldier. Or swap nodes on it. I’m level 61 on this toon and already just binding it to ZT they proc all the time adding a huge chunk of survivability and not bad DPS actually. I feel about 800% tankier and my DPS seems to go up by about 10% when I have 2 of them ganking a boss with me. The devotion is only at level 7 so more great things will come of it.

this build is from before living shadows was buffed. Manticore is mostly for bosses, and 5% crit damage is a lot(panther is pretty nice.) I havn’t spent too much time on GD lately, I’m waiting for the xpac.