[1.0] Best relic for DW Firestrike Commando

I play dw pistol firestrike commando with focus on fire dmg.
So, I got to the point where I’m about to craft first mythical relic, and I’ll only be able to craft one so far. My shortlist includes:

Ulzuin’s Pyroclasm - everything I need except for defensive stats. +1 to demo skills is really strong, the proc looks good.
Plunderer’s Talisman - all damage, hp (which i severely lack due to early cunning investments), total speed and ability to dw pistols. This passive might be important as I don’t want to use neither marauder ammo belt (hope for ulzuins belt) nor gunslighters jacket (i have a nice +800 flat hp chest)
Annihilation - better bonuses that ulzuin’s, but the skill seems almost useless
Avenger - elemental damage instead of fire (I have maxed static strike, so this will boost dps significantly), the proc looks fine, and defensive stats. those resistances will help me free a few devotion points and skillpoints from decorated soldier, that I would really benefit from.

Which one would you recommend?