【1.061BD】 Belgothian's Confrontation - Piercing Infiltrator Gladiator 170



Looks a bit slow for Belgo Infiltrator. Grimtools link?

Much more stable than fully investing in offense,especially given no crazy MI is inclued. For all my builds, general balance comes first in need then conquering speed in gladiator.
Still don’t see many duo-melee piercing infiltrators since the AOM release despite its overal popularity.


BTW skipped death sentence on purpose

Well, actually, I made this Belgothian Infiltrator guide 1,5 months ago (and it’s not even a first Belgo Infiltrator guide, Tz Tz made a first one), and I covered everything there, including no MI version (which is much tanker than yours). You might wanna look up an optimal setup there :wink:

Where is your NO MI setup?
I’d prefer to take that as preference.

All builds with special MIs are least considered, given how increbablly hard to be aquired. Fun to present with though.


There. He colored it green so it’s kinda hard to find if you only look for blues.

It’s just below Crucible and MC setups, I deliberately made it in a bigger font and different colour :slight_smile:

This is definitely better than mine~~:(

Thanks, I think that you did just few suboptimal choices with skill allocation and devotions, but the real deal breaker was not picking up Mythical Grasp of Unchained Might gloves that give resist reduction mod to Ring of Steel, that’s like a second core item after Belgothian set itself.


I’ve wondered where could I find flat points from RR. Keeping forgetting some of the new features with old gears and some of the newer gears as well:cry:

I‘ve tested this version for 2 days. Sorry to say it’s very unstable. lack of extra resistance, nullification and life cushion making it so hard to pull a decent combat in Crucible expecially in 170EX. High DA and maxed-out offense cannot save it. As a matter of fact, it’s nearly the same as my first version. There is a certain chance to finish 170ex,but that chance is rare, not to mention how its performance would be in less experienced hands.

It’s different to do it with 3 sets of MIs. It brings way more damage and resistance. Especially combat time is compressed to a limit, so life threat is limited as well.

what do you mean exactly? Resistances are capped and with Ulo Blessing comfortably overcapped. Also what do you mean by lack of Nullification? Ofc there is no Nullification, its Infiltrator.

It’s hard to talk about it. Because it looks so good on paper. You will have to play with it to see it weakness.

nullification can be aquired from Ulo the water keeper. Too many debuffs in crucible will be great influencial to the BD performance.Those are what meant to take away your adavantages.
RR overcap is not a great impact until it is when there is no life cushion.
There is RR debuff in crucible to setback ulo blessing.

As I said, there is certain chance to pull if off with this full lengenday, no MI ,full offense version, but that chance, is slim.
There is further modifcation requried toward defensive side in order to make it more solid and safer for common players to copy.
But then of course there’s mad_lee’s green version to learn from, except fancy MIs are life time consumption.

My green version is very very similiar in terms of defenses and it steamrolls Crucible. Of course some piloting is required, you have to position yourself advantageously to let this build shine. Like for example if you don’t seek out one on one fights at start of big Nemeses waves and stay in the middle you are bound to get into trouble. Also, you gotta stay in seal most of the time. I don’t know, try watching a video of my or Sir Spanksalot playthrough that is in my guide. I don’t think Water Keeper or whatever it’s called can be something this melee build should rely on, especially when you get debuffed again the second you clear yourself with it.

I am currently playing this build, just finishing campaign to get the last skill point and then getting straight to crucible, I am rly curious how its gonna perform.

this is my current version https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRlgvx2
Managed to adjust the resists and squeeze 1 enchanted earth to further boost HP and armor and also for Cruci I gonna swap the Arcane spark (energy leech is useless with Ulzuin Pact and taking it just for 35 OA is IMHO not worth it) for Seal of Ancestry, which should help a little with survivability.

If its gonna feel squishy, I guess Ill add double Ravager Eye.

So far in MC its rly strong, killed MQ in about 10 sec, she didnt even touch me, same with Grava and Kuba. However, I got one shot for some unkown reason few times by those Ugdenbog Wraithes and some Aether Casters around Crown Hill.

Since you are following my guide more or less allow me to give you few tips. First of all, max Arcane Empowerement, it’s a pretty huge source of damage for this build, especially when you are using Bladetwister Signet. After that, max out Steel Resolve, again, huge source of damage (because all of the flat physical is converted into pierce). Blade Spirit and Breath of Belgothian are both useless waste of skill points, especially Blade Spirit, extra cast is just bad for the build and reduces your damage output.

Also, you have an extra point in Ring of Steel and extra point in Pneumatic Burst (same total speed at 6/12 and 7/12). Needless to say, that Death Sentence is worth softcapping and Deadly Aim is not really worth overcapping. Here are my suggested changes with skill distribution.

Concerning Arcane Spark, it’s just a great little component for this build, making you forget about mana problems (even when you have Ulzuin’s Blessing Spark still helps), and Seal of Annihilitation doesn’t do much since we are already capping our attack speed 90% of the time and our OA is already of the charts.

Another thing that I have noticed, Ulgrim’s augment for weapon is really not doing that much for us, extra OA is unnoticable and that flat damage is surely helpful but not really that great. But at the same time, every time I switched to Ravager’s Eye I could feel the difference in performance and survivability.

Stuff that is killing is mirrored Spellbreakers/Myrmydons (just don’t hit them when they have mirror on) and Wraith resist reduction debuff (just be extra careful around them and don’t be shy to use one of your two heals or even pop a potion).

Thanks very much for the tips:)

Concerning the skill points, do you feel Execution is not worth to invest more pts into? I was looking at Fluffs Blademaster guide and he said its huge performance boost, I believe hes got it on lvl 16. Also Nights Chill is not worth overcapping for the -RR? About Blade Spirit, I must admit its kinda annoying to recast that crap all the time, but I saw Fluff was using it to proc Blades of Wrath. Its prolly better to ditch it completely though, you are right. Ill use your suggested setup but I still wanna keep the Breath of Belgothian, its huge QoL for me for just 1 pt investment.

About replacing the Arcane spark, I think you misread it, I said I wanna replace it with Seal of Ancestry, not Annihilation (just a little bit more survivability should help me in Cruci, cos I am not rly a good pilot xD). Or another Runebound Topaz, but I think Seal of Ancestry should provide overall bigger defensive boost.

As for the weapon augments, I just used your setup:) So which one do you think its best? Ravager Eye + Essence of Chthon or Double Ravager eye or some other combo?

As for the Spellbreakers/Wraiths, I just couldnt react at all, because I got literally one shot…1 second I had full hp and 1/4 second later I was dead xD
But its not a big issue in MC as I dont play HC xD It would be bigger problem in Cruci, but I hope they are gonna be weaker there.

Fluff’s Belgothian is a different animal, it’s a blademaster and his skill allocation is different. I have tested the build with 14/8 Execution and with 8/8 but more points put into skills that give flat damage and I found out that Flat Damage is far more superior and consistent form of dps boost than one wps.

Seal of Ancestry might be a very decent defensive boost, might be a good choice for Crucible as a replacement for Arcane Spark.

Concerning weapon augments it’s whatever for Main Campaign but Chton + Ravager’s Eye for Crucible.

Ditch Blade Spirit completely, Inquisitor’s Seal is a great tool to proc Blades of Wrath, especially in Crucible, and in Main Campaign everything evaporates anyway.

Lastly, Night’s Chill is always a decent investment, but only after you overcapped every source of flat damage.

Isn’t Essence of Ch’thon useless for pierce builds (or any builds with sufficient RR for that matter)? In grimtools, I couldn’t find a single enemy whose pierce res wouldn’t go to negative values after Night’s Chill and Assassin’s Mark (not mentioning Word of Pain and Ring of Steel mod) and as far as I know the contribution of “-% reduced” RR to negative resistance values, as it was confirmed by someone from Crate that it is last in line after all other forms of RR, is negligible. Pls correct me if I’m wrong…

According to people in this recent thread %RR is added after -%RR, which means that if we fight for example Grava’Thul who has 10% pierce resist and quickly get him into negative with our -30% RR from Night’s Chill, -25% RR from Death Sentence and -32% from Assassin’s Mark and -10% from Bladetwister, his resist will go down to -87%. Now if we get to apply debuff from Chton’s augment (and we will, because it’s 15% on attack and we are doing gazhillion attacks per second) it’s gonna get reduced further by 15% which will get his resist down to -100,5% (so in this case 15% resist reduction would equal -13,5% resist reduction). I’d say getting this number JUST from a weapon augment is pretty huge.