[] Iskandra skill build [Noob here]

Hello. :slight_smile:

I would like to ask more experienced players if my so-far-theoretical build can finish the Ultimate difficulty, Crucible and that new thingy in upcoming expansion as well.

Grim tools link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1QY7zV

I haven’t used all the components and augmentation, but I would used them to increase low resistances.

I’m also not sure about second mastery, even though I chose Demolitionist. I’m having second thoughts whether I should use Demolitionist’s Explosive Strike or Soldier’s Blade Arc for application of Iskandra’s Overload dot to multiple targets. For some reason I’ve taken a liking to Iskandra’s branch of skills and I want to turn them into the focus of my build.

Can any of you, please, give me a word of advice?

+1 on the original concept

i think you might be best served by taking 4 piece at least of iskandra.

my changes https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jwbBjV

low -rr will be the main issue of the build… as it only has the -32 from crown and 25% from ultos. But this will be plenty capable of clearing main campaign

you chose no skill at all?
You really trying to go 100% single target damage with a below average AA replacer?
And your resists are pretty bad on Poison, Aether & Vitality.

I don’t see this build beating ultimate and it most definitely wont beat gladiator crucible

Valinov, thanks for the improvements. :slight_smile:

sfbistimg, I already said that some of my resistances are bad, but the remaining augment I haven’t applied yet would fill that gap. Plus, I’m still choosing between Demolitionist and Soldier, and their respective aoe attacks. This is simply a proposition, not the final version.

Build is kind of bad on many levels. Yes, it might be able to finish Ultimate, but the damage output will be really really low. Survivability will be a problem as well since you chose Sorcerer for melee battle and you have zero life steal and very low attack speed.

What I would recommend is reading the these forums a bit, like all kinds of stuff for beginners and looking at builds in build compendium and trying to figure why they work the way the work.

In the meantime, just level your Sorcerer or whatever character you choose slowly thru Normal and Elite and learn about its skills and mechanics.

This way you can learn the game and figure out what kind of build you want for your end-game and what do you need to do to get there.

I see. I’ll do that. Thank you.

Why not inquisitor?

Why not mythical version of the amulet :stuck_out_tongue: Dont you want that physical resists and DA? xD

I’ve played too much with inquisitor, so I’m kind of fed up with it. I would like to try other masteries. Although I’m aware that censure aura would be benefitial for resist reduction.

Oh! I didn’t realize I used non-mythic version of amulet. xD Thanks for pointing it out.

and damage reduction.

Yeah, that too. I forgot about that.