[] Harbinger & Rah'Zin Deceiver

Hi, I want to share my first 2h range build :smiley:


750k - 1m DPS+
100 - 140 RR (not sure if I calculated it’s correctly)
3000 - 3500 OA (depends on buffs and debuffs)
76% WPS
2600 - 3800% chaos damage modifier
20% - CDR
190% - 220% AS - (grim tools show 10% less)


Ghoul + The Bat + Aeon
The Harbinger
20% - Damage absorption
30% - Physical resistance


Fun to play


5 active abilities + attack button

Link to Grimtools: grimtools.com/calc/JVlJDWoN

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Eyyyyyyy. Atta boooooi! That’s the same build I was discussing with jabby the other day!

Good on you for using the harbinger set. May I suggest a title change to:

  1. Rah’zin’s Harbinger, or
  2. Rah’zin the Harbinger of Chaos

Thanks for the suggestion, second one Rah'zin the Harbinger of Chaos sound better than my :smiley:

This was one of first builds i tested once we gained access to the sets.

Nice one :slight_smile:

I’ll share some possible improvements later tonight when im in front of my pc… Hopefully getting my first FG build post up too.

pyro would have been amazing but its lack of wps procs plus awkward mines makes deceiver a more interesting choice :undecided:

Looks good. How are you liking amatok? I’m an amatok fanboi, but I went korvaak/fiend/guardians gaze+stormbox for maximum eye balls and it’s really nice. Korvaak helps nicely with oa/da debuff too. If you’re willing to use pox/wasting combo alongside korvaak you can get really nice DA value

Btw highly suggest going 2x bloodied crystal for the fat armor boost. Then you can swap to sacred armor on chest and throw a scaled hide. Another 2-300 armor and full absorb should feel nice :slight_smile:

That will be cool

I tested both, and yes :smiley: pyro produce 50 - 75% less DPS

Thanks, could you share your grimtools ?

Several suggestions I have for you:

  1. Have you tried using non-mythical blood sigil? The proc on it is amazing.

  2. Do consider including more content into post of yours
    a. Talk about playstyle, devotion decisions, piloting difficulties, skill point distribution, etc.
    b. Maybe include some videos of crucible runs + deep SR runs

That way you can make this into a proper guide, and submit it to the compendium.

The term is Rahbinger. Not to be confused with the Rahblade.

I’ve done similar, though with witchblade instead of deceiver and more doom bolt focus…less damage overall I’d say because it only has ZT and Seal of the Void/Burning Void as wps but even more durable for hardcore.

Been messing with Eye of Korvaak for lulz. Not worth at all but its funny to have -380 enemy OA and -275 enemy DA (unless I incorrectly remember how OA/DA debuffs stack). The damage competes with flame torrent at least lol :rolleyes:.

Still, I mostly just use it the same as before…as a random dungeon farmer sprinting through double doom bolt deleting heroes.

Why is there no love for Witch Hunter? As soon as i saw the Rah’Zin set i thought of building a Chaos DW Witch Hunter but couldnt come up with a good build sadly. And the class seems kinda nonexistent on the forums :frowning:

With the change to Abominable Might in making it worthwhile, I wanted to try modifying this to include it.


That Chaos damage
Abomination balances out Dying God, so health regen is positive

Loss of Aeon
Aether resistance is low

I’ve changed the head component to Diamond to increase survivability and the medal to Blood Sigil as suggested by sir_spanksalot, which is where the Aether resistance was lost.

I’d appreciate suggestions to up the Aether resistance. Could swap the medal back but Direwolf doesn’t really feel like it fits the whole Chaos thing.