[] Corrupted Avenger: Dreeg Sentinel, SR 75 and Gladiator 150-170 viable

I’ll have to warn you right off the bat, if you are looking for an extremely overpowered class “flavor of the month” so to say, this won’t be for you.
Yes It is capable of completing SR 75 and doing somewhat respectable gladiator 150-170 runs but not as good as those “S tier” classes.
I jumped on Sentinel after facetanking with Warlord so I had to adjust my gameplay a bit. This build is not very easy to play,
you have to reapply posion, curse, keep your Righteous Fervor, run around like a maniac and squeeze as many aegis of menhir as humanly possible at the same time,
more on that later. Also there are some boss combinations that will fuck you up and you really can’t do anything about it.
However if you play well or you got easy mutators you should be able to somewhat consistently farm SR 75.
I tried different variatons of Sentinel with bloody pox and doombolt acid modifiers even vitality one but they were all inferior to this.
That said, it’s not flawless and improvements can be done.

Thanks to ya_ for optimizing it a bit.

G4 variant with 1 green item - Low stun duration reduction.

G5 variant with 2 green items - Capped stun duration reduction.

Second one is obviously better, but harder to get and it makes it easier to counter stun since you can’t afford to stay still for a long time.

Video of me doing Shattered realms 78 and 75.



As you probably noticed you don’t have elemental resistances capped in base form. To fix that you have to keep the buff from Righteous Fervor,
not only it brings your elemental resistances to 80 but it also increases your defensive ability and armor.
You’ll always want to pair it with Absolution skill from relic because it slightly increases your survivability.
However it is true that sometimes you won’t have time to do that, it depends on what bosses you are facing.
Other than than, you keep your Curse of Frailty up, spam Aegis of Menhir and Dreeg’s Evil Eye as much as possible not only as a dmg source,
but also as a heal and lastly use Ascension on cooldown and always keep up buff from Blood of Dreeg ability, it can also works as situational heal due to its higher duration than actuall cooldown.
As I mentioned in my previous build guide, feel free to use AHK script if you don’t want to be bothered by spamming certain abilities like Ascension over and over, I’ll include it in attachments. One more thing, don’t forget to make use of Vire’s Might and Burning Rift, both are great escape abilities with short cooldowns.

Attachment: Grim Dawn - Sentinel.txt
Attachment: ari.jpg

I think anything which hits SR 75 can safely be called ‘top of the top tiers.’

Anything which hits 80+ are just builds designed FOR the shattered realm.

EDIT: You also probably want ele res to be about 30% overcapped.

On paper it looks kind of thin to “consistently” push 75. No idea how you are making it work. Maybe it’s something that Oathkeeper does but with that DA/Armor Absorb/Phys res/Slow res my characters usually get wrecked hard.

Also, very low res overcap.

Well, you can’t facetank everything like warlord. This is much more harder gameplay wise. Armor absorption is at 95% but if you really want more armor you can choose Mythical Hammerfall Girdle instead, but you have to make up for missing elemental resistances and lost stun reduction duration somehow.

great build symbio… and really good playstyle gz:cool:

i am extremely surprised %95 of community still didnt realize how to reach glory for +75 sr smoothly.

you dont need overcap res, you cant facetank jackshit there

all you need is, build which can deal dmg while kiting aka dot build or trap type build or burn/psn shield throw etc
get overcapped movesped, decent cc res, decent to good life regen possible
and most importantly play kite game… welcome to sr +85 then

maybe you overlooked it but you got an acid res augment giving you 120% overcap with your elemental and chaos hardly capped and two symbols of dreeg whose rr don’t stack with each other nor with manticore instead of a seal of might or blades or even a vitriolic for better dmg.

look what can do with non-retal acid sentinel these days: 3 t3 procs taken and all dealing dmg while you kite


Thank you for your feedback, really appreciated. I didn’t know those mark of dreeg don’t stack. I improved it a bit thanks to you.

I played solo on Shards 75 and 65 and casters get wrecked pretty hard even with great cc-res and double mirror. With this slow res and DA my builds would get deleted from boss chunk pretty quickly. That’s why I am asking how this build manages consistency.

What kind of casters are you playing? This build uses skills which are kite friendly with large poison dots.

“…if you are looking for an extremely overpowered class “flavor of the month” so to say, this won’t be for you…it is not very easy to play…
you should be able to somewhat consistently farm SR 75…there are some boss combinations that will fuck you up and you really can’t do anything about it…”

Also added another video of me doing 78 with different bosses, so you can check that out, but yeah if you meet let’s say Benn’Jhar, the Colossal you are pretty much fucked.

we cant talk about consistency when it comes to +65 sr… there are some boss combos which makes area impossible to pass. its like roulette, you win %99 of time but when things get unlucky its gg wp. but i am talking about that %1-%5 weird boss combos

like, aleks + valdaran + benjahr + some cthon boss with mass slow
my char has pretty gg cc res imba dmg and such but it doens matter died +20 times and couldnt pass in sr 81 or 82.
valdaran teleports you to meteors or benjahrs chaos bombs or aleks crystals. its just brutal :smiley: benjahr traps you even 0.1 sec you ate meteor goes on

OR grava + kaisan + 1 other nasty fast shit spawns… they leave you with zero room to breathe.

And on top you got boss room rng, there is at least one room which is so small, kiting is almost impossible…

There are currently two boss rooms and in both kiting is doable but yeah the fire one has more space and it makes it easier.

I don’t think you know what roulette is if you claim you can win it 99% of the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually is more of a Russian roulette.Most of the time bosses hits you with blanks,until you reach combo leading to lethal event.

when it comes to roulette,

Which builds would work like that. Sounds like my jam

I’ve been looking for a DEE build but nothing’s updated so thought this could work…