[] Dagallon's DW Pistol Purifier

Lokarr 17s:https://youtu.be/rd-mp3dFCC0

Queen 7s: https://youtu.be/4aNlzQmY9Ek

Pierce TEST: https://youtu.be/gd8iRDEFykA

Grim Tool: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXqvAg2

Thanks :slight_smile:


The return of the master build of Dual Guns. Welcome back.

Have you tried SR yet ?

After the (Superfluff’s) Belgothian’s blademaster this was the build I was most waiting for. Thanks!


I was waiting for that build since FG release. Big thank you!

Still, the amulet got nerfed last patch and nno longer gives +1 to all skills.
I think that proper Conduit of Destructive Whispers might be a good replacement. What do you think?


How well does Dagallon Purifier fair? After the FG pre-launch patch it took 4 times as long to get the Training Dummy down to the reset level of its health.

So, did you take Solemn Watcher just for survivability?

Not sure how to properly place the devotion points here to unlock it :slight_smile:

Nice build mate, as always :slight_smile:

Shattered Realm Ward: removed bonus to All Skills

Another amulet preferred now?

This is either bad for SR or I’m doing something wrong (missing just one last piece of Dagalon set). From 45 to 48 I’m shredded by bosses.
Very very good for everything else tho.

If you have the helmet recipe, you can transmute to all pieces of the set. The set bonus seems kinda significant for the build, but I don’t know.

Thanks for that, I wasn’t sure if crafted set items could be transmuted. But yeah, I also feel like the last set bonus won’t be making that much difference.

Hi i am a new player who just started today. I cant really understand the points allocated in the build. It says it has 24/12 in Fire strike . I need to know if any of these came from gear and what is the base skill points allocated to each skill in the build. Thanks.

If you hold [Ctrl + Shift] simultaneously you can see the base skill levels.

What gives you 55% stun resist?

Chariot of the dead and Empty throne constellations, and the boots.

Thank you so much!

Hello! Im a new player (1 week old in the game) and I am lvling a purifier and I ended up on your build page while looking at builds. Yours seems really strong but unlike the other build page, there is no skill order to follow or devotion path to follow as well. im kinda lost atm with all the grimtool info since there no way to see what the natural skill level (without every items bonus on your gear). Is there a place i can find the skill and devotion path as i level up on this build? thank you!

Whats the sequence to follow for the devotions? i cant make it happen and im burning through my crystal with all those mistakes… thanks

Edit: forget it i managed to make it happen. burned over 70 crystals tho lol. please input the path to follow for the people that pass after me so they dont make the same mistakes i did. thanks!

First make it in grimtools then to practice. :slight_smile: Not so complicated, the key is to pick the big devotions last, so you can respec easily.

As Papaboy says, use Grimtools to practice these sorts of things before burning all your resources. Same thing with components, augments and such. Test it, see if it works on paper.

Gotta hand it to AKDONG though, I’ve never before seen a devotion map that relies upon itself as much as this one does. Really impressive.