[] Fire DW Dervish

This is not a guide, just a summary of this build I tried today. This is a first try on this idea and I don’t want to improve it further but I think it has some potential. I’m not a DW fan so if someone want to embrace this concept, I wanted to share it here.


Max Ascension duration + pierce to fire conversion for NB WPS

Dual Wield Dervish
Virtue Set (justicar might be better but +2 all skills is juicy)
2 horrible GDStashed Weapons
Fire Procs

20 sec Mad Queen (full facetanking)
40 sec Lokarr (full facetanking)
Kara’vall (full facetanking)
SR 75: got completely rekt on the boss phase (Kymon + BennJahr).

GD stashed weapons,welcome to the club!Next time you play SR,you gonna be banned by Mazaan.No more GD stashing rats in my basement:D.Seriously another innovative concept Belzzzz.

Interesting but quite unrealistic, there’s no other weapons for this? I know one handed fire melee weapons were in short supply before FG, still the case I guess?

I separate my legit toons with legit loot from my GDtashed lab rats for testing ideas and concept. Dr Theorycrafting and Mr Hyde :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a new sword with interesting mods for RF but here, the green ones are core of this build for the +2 sec on Ascension (100% pierce to fire conversion).

Do you think is possible to use Nex and Ortus in Dervish RF build?

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That could work, with some cold to fire conversion.

Those results tell me that you have done something wrong here :slight_smile:

If you mean that my SR piloting is bad, you’re right. If you mean something else, please explain :slight_smile:

I mean 20 seconds Mad Queen looks like failed melee build to me. No offense to your take on Fire Dervish, maybe it has its limits with RR from just one mastery.

RR from one mastery and the nature of build probably explains the time,but still facetanking it is positive for dw melee,most are gonna be dead after few seconds.

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This is so bad, I dunno where to start.
1)You want full conversion of LA. And maxed LA. To do any dmg. You wont do a lot, but its a good start. 2)Not picking execution is a crime. ;) I hear they kill ppl for it. 3)These swords suck. Mean, swords suck in general, but these ones suck so hard, that even GDstash dont help them.

4)Devotions, man, you are a Dervish, don`t be so pussy to pick dmg from them.

I see. I don’t usually TC or play DW toons, so good to know.
For my standards, facetanking Mad Queen and Lokarr is a good performance threshold.

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I’m really interested in seeing how you would it (no sarcasm at all - I want to learn).

  1. and 2) no fire nor pierce damage; the build is point heavy already, that’s why I skipped them.
  2. My favorite sentence is usually “not picking XX [insert ability name] is a blasphemy.”
  3. There were picked for the +2 sec mod on ascension
  4. I thought this was already offensively oriented (meteor + flame torrent).

Facetanking is positive, but then he got permanent Ascension so kinda expected.

I will try and test my own grimtools drafts of Fire Dervish soon-ish.