[] Human Torch 3.0 SR 75-76

Hi everyone , here is a new version of your favourite Auramancer.
Build is using multiple damaging auras and offensive procs on items and multiple devotions with fire dmg. It can tank most bosses and what it can’t tank it can kite and still deal dmg while running in circles.

This time we go Paladin - Guardians add another source of RR , Ascension + Seal is just an amazing defense and vire’s might is currently my favourite movement ability. Build reaches insane amount of FIRE RR , Censure 53%,Guardians 55%,Eldrith Fire 23%, Relic 10% = 141% + Elemental Storm and Viper

Here are grimtools - 2 separate links for SC and HC.
SC- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2E5zY32
HC - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZR0jvP2

The difference is only in Medal - in SC we use
and in HC which is what i play most of the time i use it for 99% of the game and whenever i want to try something new or dangerous i swap medal and boots (to fix resistances) to Mark of Divinity.

Grimtools shows that resistances are not maxed - trust me, in game they are
i guess it just depends on item rolls - grimtools shows average rolls and not real rolls. For example my Shattered Realm chest has 1k hp and 5% phys resistance but in grimtools it shows 800 hp and 4% phys resistance.

Why not max out the Guardians ? those are maxed , everything is explained in Snapshotting section below.

What is that ? Skills in GD check the level of skill when you use them. Certain skills like Guardians , Blade Spirit , most pets and last time i checked bonds of bysmiel can use that as an advantage. You can equip items that add +levels to those skills before you cast them at the start of the game sesion
and then swap items to your regular set. The game will treat those skills as maxed untill you need to recast them - which for Guardians is never as they are invincible. This also works for some Skill Modifiers like :
This metod gives me 10% free RR and currently saves me 9 skill points.
If you want to test if it works simply get your character naked and summon a guardian , stand next to training dummy and watch the Celestial Presence damage. Restart the game , now summon guardian with 1 item that adds +1 level to Celestial Presence, get naked again and watch Celestial Presence damage on the dummy. Magic. Dont like it ? Dont use it but you have to figure out which points to drop to max guardians on your own.
Here is a quick video :

and list of items that i currently use :
some MI’s , chest is a reputation reward, rings have plenty of substitues even epic ones, neck and belt can be anything with +1 skills to oathkeeper

Gear explanation :
Rings = proc , those got buffed in FG and provide a bit of sustain on top of dmg - there are some new rings in FG that you can test aswell.
Chest = Personal choice, you can replace it with whatever chest you like for example green chest Of Schorched Ends for Fireball proc
Helm = Insane bonuses to Aura Of Censure , +1 oathkeeper skills, craftable
Amulet = damaging aura,+1 inquisitor skills, random drop
Weapon = Aura of Censure bonuses, random drop
Shield = Aura of Censure bonuses , can fix your resists here or get nice physical resistance like mine - MI farmed from beetles
Shoulders = offensive proc , random drop
Belt = proc + converts half of Seal of Blades dmg to fire, crafted
Relic = proc +1 inquistor skills, crafted
Gloves = proc , crafted
Pants and Boots for resists/hp/ proc if you manage to get one.
Medal = Aura of Censure bonuses , craftable. Mark of Divinity=survivability

Other gear options :
swaping 1 ring to https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/12187
and chest to https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/12426
for 100% pierce to fire conversion - increasing seal of blades dmg


Kaisan during Korvaak run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sh1QCOeeWm0&feature=youtu.be
Crucible 150-170 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsZWWOJzKE0&feature=youtu.be
3 runs of SR 75-75 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwZCMW_D0ns&feature=youtu.be



Illusions that i use for all the Fashion Dawn lovers out there:
Not sure about the helmet but in game it matches the rest nicely.

Don’t try to level up as this build, level up however you like, farm and craft some of the required gear and then switch.

If you have Questions feel free to ask , if you have suggestions how to improve the build definitly post them. Let me know if you want me to record some specific video. In coming days i might recreate this build in SC and try to push some deeper SR but honestly its kinda meh to try and go deeper - it seems to me like its all about fishing for good mutators and boss combinations - kinda cheesy.
Zantai , dont nerf me bro.

Wow, glad to see this build is still alive. I followed the tactician since the bugged aura days. Look how far it’s gone now.

Why aren’t you maxing celestial presence? o_O

EDIT: Can you actually find 17 points worth of celestial presence?

Yes you can , everything is in Snapshoting section - check the grimtools link for specific gear. You might get even 19 , 2 more would come from Rare amulet and helm with “Redeemers” Prefix - i just didn’t find any of those yet.

I guess that works. :confused:

I dunno. Snapshotting, or supercharging as others call it, seems awfully cheesy to me.

But hey, I guess the game allows it.

It’s not like it’s necessary, it just makes this build better but again 10% RR and 9 skills isn’t game breaking.

-10% RR is pretty big. But that’s besides the point because it isn’t -10%, it’s -25% (edited)

Can the build do everything it claims it does without snapshotting?

It is 10% because you would just put those 9 points into Celestial Presence. Depending on what your goals are you would either sacrifice defense or offense thats why i said that ppl who don’t want to use that, have to figure out what to sacrifice. I would remove couple points here and there maybe something like this :

You would still be able to do everything that i claimed, will just take a bit longer. What will be the difference? hard to say, maybe 1 minute on crucible run ? maybe 2? Feel free to test if you want.

I’m pretty sure the build can work without snapshotting if you swap some points around. That’s how most of these work. It’s just optimal for maxing damage or defensives, particularly in a self found, HC setting. I mean, look at those boots :smiley:

Also, Human Torch is back, nice :smiley: That cruci cleartime is honestly pretty decent considering the gear, HC, and none of the greens even have Scorched Ends yet.

Sorry if I come across as skeptical. I was really just curious. It is a very well done build.

Don’t let my biases rain on your parade

Decent double rare affix green boots and pants with Scorched Ends , the most elusive items in GD for me :smiley:

Time to get to crafting some Stoneplates :stuck_out_tongue: Probably some pants too.

I still kinda wish the build had more OA/DA, but eh, it works, with just REALLY high HP instead of decent DA, and ascension uptime seems decent with the helmet.

Also just noticed your cruci run was 3 buff no banner, I think the standard nowadays is 3 buff + offensive banner bottom left. Would be interesting to see how that changes things.

Also a bit off topic, I think snapshotting might be the key it takes to get retal DE oppressor with BiS gear consistently under 5 minute crucible 170… someone already has done 5:04 and it was with extra spawn :rolleyes:

Yeah with banner it would be faster for sure , just didn’t care that much - i’m not really interested in crucible just recorded the run to avoid question about crucible viability :stuck_out_tongue: The question about DE opprsesor is how bad it will get nerfed, maybe its better not to push it before next patch drops :smiley:

Just out of curiousity - how do you think the paladin version of this build would compare to a purifier with pretty much the same setup? Pretty much more damage vs less survivability?

Since i play only softcore and dont have a purifier leveled yet i felt like asking - since im assuming you already have had some thought about that or maybe even tested it.


Honestly i think it would be both less damage and less survivability. In terms of damage you loose -55% RR from guardians and instead you can get -45% from thermite mines. Guardians are supperior in terms of applying the RR and dmg.
In terms of survivability you have less health and shield block (Haven), you loose damage absorption from Ascension (OA aswell) and instead you get blast shield and flashbang - i dont like Blast Shield’s uptime and flashbang is fine but i prefer passive defenses over having to use tons of active skills to be on par with other masteries. Vindictive Flame doesnt add any meaningfull defence for bosses. Didn’t test Purifier but those are my thoughts - maybe you can make it work - i dont really like Demo mastery as i feel it requires to cast 3-5 skills to reach defense/offense levels that other masteries have passivly. Hope that it helps :slight_smile: Cheers

Hi and thanks for this build, it’s my favourite!
Does it need a update? Like removing the snapshot mechanism?

Im not sure as i didnt have time to play GD latetly - as far as i know they fixed Snapshoting so that entire section goes to trash - so you have to update the tree. Is it worth to max celestial presence after the nerf ? not sure. Didnt check changes to items either - i only saw couple buffs to neck and belt but didnt check if something needs replacing. Feel free to post any suggestions as i propably won’t be checking this patch in near future :confused: