[] Judgment of Gandarr

[] Judgment of Gandarr

Sorry for the size, this is what I could only find in google image caches, after the rollback.


I’ve been wanted to make a build with Horn of Gandarr as main ability for a long time. here’s my take on this concept.

All mods possible for HoG with a hint of lightning damage caster.

Main ability: Horn of Gandarr (22/12)
Support ability: Storm Box (26/16)


Details on the build


LMB Move to
RMB Stormfire
K1 Horn of Gandarr (Elemental Storm)
K2 Storm Box of Elgoloth (Ultos)
K3 Judgment (Arcane Bomb)
K4 Word of Renewal
K5 Ascension
K6 Inquisitor Seal
K7 Displacement
Note: Guardian of Empyrion (Reckless Tempest)

Very straightforward gameplay. HoG, Judgment and Storm Box when available.


All mods possible for HoG. Remaining pieces are lightning oriented.


The obvious RR 3 constellations for lightning builds (Hand of Ultos, Rhowan’s Crown and Widow). And Reckless Tempest, which I’ve learned to not underestimate.


Though very solid, it’s not enough for high end shards. 45th was done but wasn’t smooth. Kiting isn’t natural and single target/burst isn’t the forte of the build. All main campaign content is easily doable though.

This is a greenless, fun and visually pleasant to play caster build. I hope you’ll like it!

Do you think pierce Horn can work?Horn of Gandalf combined with noob trap from NB sounds fun meme type of build.

I’ve never really tried Pierce builds but for Valduun/Mythical havoc Tactician a long time ago. And I really don’t know how to make a correct devotion path with the new constellations.
Maybe also a cold/elemental Ring of Steel + HoG (with Chillheart sword and COdex of Truths) has crossed my mind.

Chillheart increases CD too much.Servitor weapon decreases it and is possible to have pierce RoS of way under 1 sec.