[] The Lawn Mower 46205 Special Edition - Don't fear the Reaper [pet, caster, melee hybrid]

Hi guys,

I just had a baby boy and obviously it is going to be much harder for me to find the time to refine the build I was working on, so I am submiting what I have at the moment.

A bit of history:
I am a bit appalled by EoR… I think overall melee builds, particularly S&B, are not well-balanced currently with other playstyles, but EoR is even worse… I was trying to build up a Vindicator totemist with Ludrigan when I found my first +5 BoM (after 600h+ played…), and it happened to be EoR. While my vindicator is really good fun and I may post it one day (if baby lets me), I kind of parked him on the side for the time being to see what I could do around that BoM. To take full advantage I needed a build that does not actively support EoR. And I found the Oppressor.
Long story short, I thought it’d be a good idea to try to demonstrate that even a poorly-supported build using EoR can destroy most of game content.
Then I thought as well, we don’t have many hybrids, so I thought to myself “WTH, why not throw in all i got to hybridize the dude like a flying Tesla transforming into an ice-cream-dispenser nuclear submarine”.

General concept:
As a consequence, this build is focused on trying to be original and having fun with a bit of a different playstyle (not so different in the end, but I guess that’s the thought that counts). Hence some choices that are deliberately not optimal, such as the Revenant constellation to get some pets, as well as some gear choices.
Regarding gear, I am not super “rich”, so I stuck to legendaries and craftables… But I am sure very few of these are BiS.

Easy gear

Features :

  • Up to 13 pets
  • A bit of casting (Bone Harvest mostly)
  • 2H, because S&B is too mainstream
  • A good way to mow your lawn no matter the weather
  • Up to 70% physical resist (because)
  • So much life steal that it takes about 0.16 secs to get full heal if you have 5% HP left

NEVER, EVER stop spinning or stand in one place. Moving is key to survival. What I do (though I kinda suck at piloting) is large circles, always spinning EoR. Spam Bone Harvest as much as you can, this hits pretty hard. Depending on who you are fighting, it is possible (though rare) that you may need to gulp a potion of mana. Note: Bone Harvest and any other skill can be cast during EoR at the cost of a VERY tiny interruption to casting EoR. If you are in danger, save the casting (except for the obvious Mark of Torment then) for when you are out of the pack (or at least on the edge).

To go further:
I have brought this version to SR 70 (a few deaths occurred though). I have no time currently to push it further. I am pretty sure with the right tuning it can go to SR80+, but on top of tuning it’ll need better piloting skills than mine. Cause yeah, I got there with the piloting skills of a dead chicken being repeatedly beaten with a rock hammer. So I guess that’s only a start…
For instance, replacing the Revenant constellation with something actually useful may be nice, although I really like having my little army with me (plus, they can pick these little brats who won’t fall with my EoR pass).

There is a lot of room for improvement. That I know. But I think this has much potential, so consider this as my offering to you guys. Your knowledge of the game and the mechanics far surpasses mine, so I am confident you will come up with something pretty cool :wink:
So from this moment on, this is not my build anymore, it is yours, so feel free to do what you want with it :slight_smile:

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Congrats on the baby boy!

Congrats! :slight_smile:

Oh, you’ll have plenty of time especially during nights. Sleeping is now optional. :smiley:

The orphanage is also an option

Just kidding!

Some of the stuff worth noting:

  • RR from Ravenous Earth doesn’t really work.
  • Build kinda lacks damage reduction
  • green items and medal are unrealstic
  • 2018 called and wants its Runebound Topazes back

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention: I will update the build with your comments as they flow in :slight_smile:

@mad_lee: I did not know about Ravenous Earth… This is a pity. I guess that is an opportunity then to pump up Bone Harvest instead.
Medal I got already (otherwise there are other pretty good choices). Greens are craftable, so with a bit of patience and a lot of mats (I started to craft stoneplate boots long time ago and I have a very decent stash of pretty good boots now), it is doable. I don’t think it would require more than 400-500h of gameplay (:rolleyes:)

  • 2018 called and wants its Runebound Topazes back

I really don´t see why he should use Bloody Crystals. The Bleeding Resistance is highly overcapped without them, 33 % Physical Resistance is there and he would lose 600 Health, when using 3 Crystals but only gain 341 Armor (and a little loss of DA).

I would perhaps change the Topaz in Medal for Arcane Spark if there are any Energy issues.

Especially without 100 % Armor Absorb. ^^

About RR: With coming patch he will get RR from Skeletons from Revenant. Could skip Foul Eruption if he doesn´t need it otherwise.

Yes, third nod in RE is not worth it. I can’t comment how big it is in terms of damage but from what I have read here it’s RR spreads pretty seldomly.

Bone Harvest with full Blood Knight hits like a truck. Check my Blood Knight Ritualist build - maybe you will get some pointers to improve yours (I experimented and polished mine quite a bit).

Regarding boots I have 1700 hours and about 6-7k boot crafts and still haven’t got Stonehide of Kings or Thunderstruck of Kings. Got a lot of good ones tho.

Good that DG was put in its place or this build might just break the balance! :wink:

That’s a mighty fine build you got there. Thanks a lot, that’ll definitely be useful :slight_smile:

i did this rather quickly but… https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoxAABN

Ok so I tried to include your comments.
New version includes an easy-to-gear GT: a bit lower EoR, but stronger Bone Harvest + 1 more pet (pure cosmetic though as it won’t scale). It also includes revisited skills.

Let me know if there is any way to improve further :slight_smile:

I cant see any reason that you would have ardor over serenity. The only thing you have that scales with pets is the webweaver off of ghol’s reach. every other pet you have scales with player bonuses.

Ardor adds speed that is sorely missed otherwise. I don’t really need Serenity’s resists, and the proc kinda sucks.

As for the pets, player scaling ones is precisely the point here…