[] Bonemonger's Fury - DW Melee Aether Apostate/170+ SR+/+caster/spin/2h bonemonger variants

Well build post is back to basically what it was + a couple new things… More to come within the next week.

Because it meant I could take 2 less attributes in spirit lol… which nets me slightly more oa/hp

Things to note. I used x3 elixir in that video to boost my casting speed/damage/oa. Your build did 5 seconds without any consumables. Most circumstances net a ~7second kill without the pots. I also died twice before that video because my armor and physical resist arent spectacular even with lvl 22 seal.

Stronger RR? The aprocstate is rocking -171 rr for aether.
Aether isnt over performing vs anything else besides maybe chaos lul… And I have a build I havent shared yet that gets pretty impressive results even with meme chaos damage.
A lot aether builds would be garbage can if there were sweeping aether nerfs. Certain monsters could probably use their res increased, but global changes probably arent a good idea. My main issue is how easy aetherial damage % is to obtain on gear to trivialize the mobs that are supposed to resist your damage. Perhaps those values could be decreased in certain places.

171 RR is pretty ridiculous, isn’t it? Basically what I was saying, a combination of factors. Toning down %Aether values everywhere or bringing up Monsters resists could be a global solution, but should be made in baby steps.

7 seconds seconds is still impressive for a build like that (by “that” I mean a build made based on a weaker class combination with strong spell/attack in the center of it supported by items etc.).

But great overall, I think Aether can be disussed anywhere else. Let’s not flood your thread.

I think the most logical step would be to simply put a cap on how far monster resist is allowed to go negative. This wouldnt hurt classes with single class rr, while toning down the outlying dual rr class/set combos…

But yeah this is a debate for some where else

Really nice Valinov! The proc focused one is the one I want to see. Any crucible performance on that particular build?

On aether damage nerf, I don’t think you need adjustment. Personally I think that aether is rather weak now. Usual devo setup of SotH and dying God/aeon are lack of proc and usually need an already strong damaging skill, which is really lacking in aether right now. Pursuing attak seru in usual spellbinder Aether build is usually not achieveable because purple sucks and spellbinder is lacking core stats. I might be wrong though, will try to theorycrafting tonight.

Also, arcanist and Necro will be even shittier if you Nerf aether.

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Huzzah patch day is here and the bonemonger wave of bone proc got a nice fx update!! :D:D:D

I will be doing some more videos if I can find time this week… Of those crucible for the main build and Aprocstate are on the list. Also I plan on seeing if the Aprocstate can hold its own in SR.

Yeah, it got some aetherial boney look! I didn’t expect it at all. I don’t think it’s in the patch notes. Shame that we don’t get any buff on the set though. [emoji14]

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Lots of FX changes are not in the official patch notes :wink:

on the aprocstate in crucible… outside of my first 2 runs (like 6:40-6:50 clears) Ive died on every subsequent attempt, which happens to be 8 runs. Even on the first two I had some close calls. I can only assume this is because of my glaring lack of physical resist/armor. :eek: And perhaps just bad piloting on my part

Told you elemental one is superior :p.
Indeed your armor is low, also you don’t have any slow res. One thing that I notice that ranged may not work very well on bonemonger as the proc set kinda force you to go infighting. Also, I feel that melee bonemonger is much more comfortable to play.

heh not to say it isnt workable, just requires very good play. I would say the massive damage is a fair trade off to requiring good play.

I do have another variant ill be posting later today that is similar, but much more survivable. Damage is a bit lower because of this though

added the Temporal Bone-Blade to builds and a crucible video and a few comments about it.

The Energy regen seems to be a problem? Or is it managable?

Yeah it is a pain… chugging energy potions is part of the rotation. the royal jelly potion for energy Regen helps too. The 2h caster one I added probably is the best in that regard due to harp.

Any suggestions on how to farm the Pants you have? I really need to boost my Stun resistance… :slight_smile:

may i ask why do you prefer Bat (inqisitor seal) over wraith of toad flat aether dmg?
sorry if it will result as a newbie question! :smiley:

The devotion proc provides a very nice good of healing while adding some damage too. (x2 22% weapon damage + part of the flat vitality is converted to aether) It also covers our 8 chaos and 6 eldritch requirements for our other devotions.

Farming gravathul… lol. Lots of runs through Lonewatch to the edge of mourndale and the cinder wastes. Main thing would be to try to get a stonehide prefix. the extra stun res on the suffix was just a cherry on top. I grim stash most of my builds. )my conjurer/one of my infiltrators are self found) something like stonehide of attack / fortification / readiness / fortitude / protection / or something with aether damage would be sufficient.

Is Heart of Theodin Marcell really essential for this build? Could it work with one M. Mindwarp and one M. Edge of Sanity?

Yes, although double mind warp would probably be best + shard of beronath for a autoattack replacer for a good placeholder. Edge of sanity would be decent if double warp isn’t available. But that Aa replacer on heart is huge. I actually have a self found (video of it dropping) aetherfire heart of the aether with something like 400%+ aether damage. Ofc a double rare aetherfire + sufffix with attack speed is best… but I’ve yet to see something like that drop and I’ve done a ton of runs

another question! :smiley:
don’t u like the tortoise at all?