[] Rancor Pierce Blades - 65 SR pass, no greens, easy gear

Hi. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any new build. I knew the balance changes were inevitable, so I decided to wait a bit for all the buff/nerf hammers to be down.

Today’s build is the pierce Phantasmal Blades Rancor Infiltrator.

*100% uptime buffs on


If you are an experienced player, the first question that you probably have after opening gt is “SAW, WHY THE DUCK DID YOU SKIP THE SEAL?!”

The answer is to this question is pretty simple: The build doesn’t have any free points for it. Very debatable, I agree.


This build is very simple in terms of gear. All core items are farmable or craftable. Rancor is bought from the Cult of Dreeg factoion vendor and the SR set can be found in the SR (who would have guessed). Gloves and boots are also craftable. Don’t forget to get %armor bonus on all craftable pieces.

As much as I hate the SR set, I must admit, that it gives very good CC resistanses. But the proc is still sh!t.

*100% uptime buffs on

Rancor is a decent weapon, (100k crit pierce knives, yay) but really needs at least 20% casting speed. Right know the build isn’t comfortable to play tbh and you need to get used to piloting it.


You can kite, you can (sometimes) facetank. Depends on the situation and the boss combos that you get in your boss rooms. Just put on your debuffs and throw a bunch of knives in the enemy face (and get 70% of your hp back with each throw)


65 SR (no aether crystals, no resistance potions, died once due to the lag while recording): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpt7l-W4fzg

170+ Crucible: Comming soon

Fashion Dawn

Hope you like it.

I like it, was waiting to see some Rancor builds - I was opting for Rancor+Rimetongue set for my build as Horn of Gondor works well in conjunction with PB: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gEKMyZ

I feel like mine could do with more armor and armor absorption.

How does the PB cooldown feel with the 21% CDR?

Well, more armor is always good, but I think that your build really needs some CC resists, if you are planning to do shards. I was thinking about using Rimetongue, but ended up picking the more safe SR set.

Horn is a horribly bad skill, I recommend investing in RoS for decent damage + some awesome fumble.

The PB cd feels a bit long actually, but not that bad as I thought it would be. There still a few skills to use while PB are on cooldown.

Interesting build! How would you assemble this if you were to use MI?

EDIT: Something like this maybe? (Just to theorize what it could be capable of.)

What do you think about this devotion lineup? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZyexEnZ

As much as I like the new skellies, I still think they’ll work better for full-melee builds, because they don’t apply their short rr often enough, when you are trying to kite. If the duration of the rr would be increased, they would become a more or less viable option for kiters.

And, furthermore, losing Bat is a crime on such a build, because how amazing the healing proc is, especially when attached to the Box and almost fully pirce, thanks to the Rancor’s conversion.

Well, I can say the kiting would not be a problem. The little buggers stay right on target, if you use Pet Attack.

But I forgot about conversion, so you are right, Bat is more than nice to have.

Maybe it’s just me, but I find Pet Attack to be super inconvenient to use. I’ve tried it with Wind Devils, but they still tend to do mostly what the want, rather than what I want them to do.

Had the same problem with Blade Spirits, but now I use Thumb Button for Pet Attack and push it the same time as Left Mouse Button. For me, it works. :slight_smile:

But thanks for the inspiration; my upcoming Bleeding Conjurer will have a look at Rancor and Bat. :wink:

I try not use MI’s in my builds :cool: