[] DoT ’n Proc - Vitality Deceiver

[] DoT ’n Proc - Vitality Deceiver

This is the little sister of my DoT’n Proc Elemental Deceiver and featuring one of the new conduits:

Vitality Storm Box of Elgoloth.

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Toggles + WoR + BoD.


Ancient Grove for some AoE action
Master of Flesh
Lokarr (facetank)




I’ve always loved DoTs (Damage Over Time) and have played some really fun multiple DoT builds on GrimDAIL and Grimarillion mods. I’ve made an Elemental Deceiver and loved it. In, many affix have been added on amulet conduits. And one in particular caught my eye:

100% lightning damage converted to vitality to Storm Box of Elgoloth and -15% Vitality Resistance


RMB - Acid Purge
K1 - Word of Pain (linked to Bat)
K2 - Curse of Frailty (linked to Rattosh)
K3 - Storm Box of Elgoloth
K4 - Word of Renewal
K5 - Blood of Dreeg
K6 - Inquisitor Seal
K7 - Displacement
K8 - Horn of Gandarr (linked to Unduying God)

The gameplay is simple, DoT everything and run. For defence purposes, you have incredible sustain with 2 heals/buffs: Word of Renewal and Blood of Dreeg; and Inquisitor Seal does wonders, as usual.


Nothing special, going for max RR and OA/DA on the way: Rattosh, Undiying God, Bat, Solemn.


  • Elemental to Vitality conversion: 100% to Word of Pain (Weapon + Helm); 100% to Storm Box of Elgoloth (Amulet).
  • Rings: the classical duo for RR.
  • 2 pieces of the Black Scorch Covenant: RR and %vitality damage bonus.
  • 2 pieces of Valguur: good proc and %vitality damage bonus.
  • Vitality Aura of Censure (Helm) and OA/DA shred.
  • Pants: for spirit requirements and OA, and the proc is quite nice for kiters.
  • Relic: the proc is really good in this build.
  • Medal: any Wendigo Eye would do the trick. [Gildam Medal]https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/7814) is obviously a great choice too and Mark of impurity a good alternative.


Shard #65 was done 3 times, no deaths. The runs were easy because the build is quite solid in the defensive area. But each time, the timer was red. The damage output compared to the elem dot’n proc is way lower. It is mainly due to the fellowing facts:

  • less RR
  • less procs on items
  • less procs on devotions

This is a DoT and Run build. It is very solid and greenless (no specific double rare needed.), as usual.
I hope you’ll like it!


Hmm, an interesting concept indeed.

But do you think that using Censure just for little dmg and slight OA/DA shred is actually worth it? I really believe 12/12 Possession would be better both in terms of dmg (% bonus to all skills) and survivability (some dmg Absorption and Skill Disruption). And, if you drop the helmet, you can actually use the full Dark One set, which is pretty good.

I also don’t quite understand, why didn’t you take the Pox (specifically the OA shred). You can surly drop a few points there and there to at least softcap Wasting.

I also don’t see any flat rr in your build.

Vitality Storm Box:eek:.I am almost speechless,that’s some level of creativity!I mean most of your builds are,but this one is one of the most interesting and obscure.

. i love it!

Now we are waiting for the first acid Cadence build :slight_smile:

Always creative with your builds Belzzzz! Looks great.

Firstly, very imaginative and nice build.

Secondly, it really shows (to me, anyways) why inquisitor should not have had RR in Aura of Censure.

  1. this build uses primarily inquisitor skills to kill with item RR bonus and converts
  2. this build does not rely on the meta Aura of Cheese RR and Ignaf Combustion relic RR and that is soooo refreshing to see. (Aura of Censure still provides a nice benefit in this build without the RR)

Yes, personnally, I’d shrink the elem RR in 2 and give the second half to Aura of Conviction.

Thank you, guys :slight_smile: The new conduits are a really great source of inspiration.

  1. You really underestimate the Damage Absorption and the Skill Disruption protection.

  2. I get the point, but I don’t think you really need that conversion THAT much, since your main source of dmg is 100% converted.

  3. Pox isn’t there for damage, it’s for the enemy OA shred, that stacks with the helmet mod, if you decide to keep it.

  4. Well, it’s Manticore or the new skellies from the Revenant.

orange powah.