[] Frostdread Destroyer - 2H Cold Caster, Winter King's Might Infiltrator ~6:30 170/ SR+

update 1 .1 .2 .3
Since the sword got some cool buffs and RoH was nerfed I thought it was a good time to go back to test/update this guy… results were more than very positive. RoH line is now used to debuff DA while shadow strike was invested in to be our nuke. In crucible 400-600k crits can result from SS on a 2.6 sec cd. With changes to devotions and components armor is now around 3600 with crafting bonuses. Overall damage and defense are higher making this a top tier clearer. I managed ~7min run first attempt. There were some bad play moments, and resistant mutator on 160-170… Then add the fact my computer adds 30sec-1minute onto the run. I would imagine average run times are around ~6:30 maybe lower with luck and a great computer.

Another quick build post… I swear one day I will go back and expand on these :eek::eek::eek:

I know this has been done before, but none quite like this! The build uses the granted skill from Mythical Crown of the Winter King(duh!) to absolutely wreck things. You also have the very strong rune of Hagarrad to bring the pain and debuff mobs. (although often things die before the rune can even arm). Solid defense brought by overcap inquisitor seal, lvl 14 shadow dance, very high armor, good da, good leech, ton of freeze, blade barrier, and turtle. Ill say this… in the video i didnt even have barrier on my bar or turtle bound to a devotion because Im a noob. The damage output is capable of putting out under 9 min runs consistently with full buffs. In main campaign putting an ectoplasm on a ring probably wouldnt hurt, but generally between harp and energy pots you are good.

1 .1 .2 .3 update
untested greenless version —> https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbkJdgZ

Unfortunately resists are a bitch to cap. You absolutely have to have stonehide stoneplated greaves. Kings or featherstep would be best for suffix but unless you’re doing 3000-4000 crafts good luck… Tbh there are many workable suffix, as long as you can use blessing of ulo the lack of stun resist doesn’t really bother you. And the medal slot can be filled by anything with chaos resist. ikrix scale was chosen for extra hp and armor to compensate for lack of physical resist. dreadlord prefix on any green medal will work or any medal with chaos resist. (but then you will be drinking lots of hungerer or lifestealer oil)

While farming the rings, if you manage to getSoulrend it makes a good hold over until you can manage to find the bane of the winter king sword.

Mad Queen

150-170 (169 & 170 in 1min starts at 7:34)
both rounds mobs had Resistant mutator so they had an extra 15% elemental resist

Dummy Reset

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Inquis override:D

Thing certain stuff has to be changed since censure is so convenient for so many elemental builds… Inquis also has enough crit to again override storm pact

Something like better shaman mods

More like all elemental builds that can have inqui. I’ve never played rune mage hunter due to censure being mandatory RR (can’t use star pact)

@Valinov have you tried blue rings? The OA feels so awkward for me even though that’s a bit usual for infiltrators. Just swap a venomguard for kingsguard somewhere to cover up the lost pierce res.

Infiltrator OP, plz nerf :rolleyes:

Someone on this forum asked for Winter King build, seems the perfect answer.

That’s me!

As of now I am using the old Winter King Build which is Spellbreaker, killed the loghorrean (Ultimate Difficulty). I’m on the road to Malmouth!:smiley:

Just what I was looking for. I had an old 85 Winter King Trickster that I was trying to improve, but I’ve been on an Inquisitor kick lately. Now I’ve got another build to level up!

Keep it up the great builds Valinov!

This looks really, really cool. I’ve got an Infiltrator build using The Northern Wyrm right now, but I might give this a try once I find the helm blueprint (I think i have most/all of the other gear).

This right here is why resist reduction mechanics are inherently broken and need to go.

Lookin good. icicle build op :cool:

I did same thing kinda, but sentinel set+chillspikes with blades of wrath in the mix. ~pure cold chillspikes+blades of wrath is great fun :smiley:

If you want to remove RR then you’ll have to change how resistances works too. The existence of enemies with more than 100% resistance to something makes it necessary. yes it’s very strong but it isn’t something that breaks the game. BTW, Krieg battlemage doesn’t have RR in the class but is still a strong build.

Great guide. Sorry for the noob question, how do I get Stoneplate Stonehide greaves? Is that from farming Crucible or are they farmable in the main campaign?

They are a crafted item. Ideally you should use Angrim to make them so hopefully you end up with extra armor % or an increase to % physique.


Id like to know why you choose dying god devotion. anything im missing here? why chaos and vit dmg?

Check the first grimtools link. But dying god is a boost for basically any build because of the large amounts of oa/crit damage/total speed it provides. I haven’t tested the second devotion set up yet

updated this build for current patch.
added crucible and mad queen videos.

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