[][Ranged] Rahzin ~ 7:40 crucible SR 66

Hi guys! This day has come and I present to you the ranged witchblade on Rahzin



vs Crucible

vs Shards 65-66

Great work!

Nice one. Just two things.

How do you sustain energy with less than 6 regen and your only leech from Viper?

Also I noticed you bound autoattack to your left mouse button. Try right mouse button with move-to bound to the left. That way you don’t start moving when you wanna attack but you misclick on the ground instead of the enemy.

i know this man <3

  1. sometimes using mana potion (1-2 for 1 run cricible)
  2. I have the habit of using the auto attack in LCM ))
  1. I mean in SR/main game.

  2. So do I. On melee. On ranged RMB is the thing. Just try - friendly advice. :wink:

nice one. Very well polished build :smiley:
I would only make some small changes… https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GX8aGV

We all know this bandit

Some new identity for the old forgotten Witchblade. Well done, Firozo!

Great job Firozo

An impressive display!

How about switch the weapon to the Harbringer 2H ranged weapon? Can enjoy bonus from Helm and Gloves as well as a half-hp life saver and damage booster plus doom bolt 35 Res Reduction?

^you could do that, but it changes the focus and play of the build - with less AS, less various procs, etc etc. Basically it would be a different build, as equipment mostly defines a build. In your case, DB skill would also define a portion.

I’m not tested Rahzin with Harbinger, but I think build will have problems in AoE damage and of course mana.