[] Beginner's Lightning Vindicator caster

Reserved,idk will use it :slight_smile:

Nice one!

I actually made a FG variation of my old lightning caster vindicator here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Kr6hwbWGCz6DWY2BY9NohP3Ng7rUcwGm/view

Nice with the Primal strike version, I never had the time to make such variation actually

Ok, build stolen for my Budget Shaman :cool:


Sadly,I haven’t see that you out your thread in doc.That was gonna save me some time:)

Primal Strike is not bad actually,but depends on attack speed rolls.I have around 170%,which is not bad for 2H Gunner.

You play a build without pets,no way:D

Um… Shaman has pets :undecided:

I meant using this as a level up guide for my pet build : https://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=84649 :stuck_out_tongue:

But you said I stole it from you and I haven’t use pets;)

Ahh,got it :smiley:

No, no. I am stealing it from you, for my build.

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Thanks again for your beginner/budget build! :smiley:

Is the build from Chthon still viable? It seems quite outdated.

Yes,it’s outdated,but I wanted to put a link for end game version for Primal Strike Rifle build.

One can use my devotions and Chton items.Also there"s the thread and people can ask questions:)

Feel free to steal as much stuff as you want from it (only applies to you though :wink: )

Yeah but “of alacrity” suffix is pretty common on those guns. I have a few “thunderstruck of alacrity” already actually I do not pick them up.

But if Nery steals from you and I steal from Nery…

Hm… this is soon going to be a Stealception.

Then Malawiglenn has to steal from you,to close the circle:D

Then I have to make my concepts more original!

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Then I bust Nery’s Krieg spellbinder to melt your unholy ravens to charcoal

Ha I actually asked Maya if I could borrow some of his pet stuff for some guides.

I guess the circle is closed

Wow, didn’t expect you to make it so soon! And I actually misunderstood you, thought you’d make totem + PS hybrid somehow. :rolleyes:

Looks good enough, but:

  1. Any crafted boots would look better due to the difference in armor rating at least, and many affix combos would easily top what these boots provide. The argument “it’s cheaper” doesn’t work since you’re already using emberguards.
  2. Don’t get your shoulders, if you aren’t using any of the provided skillpoints then MI or even random crafted one are likely to be better. And there are Elite Bysmiel Stormshroud Mantle that provides almost the same, but boosts your electrocute and gives you +3 maelstrom freebie.
  3. You forgot to put a rune on your medal :rolleyes:
  4. It’s really strange that you decided to ignore tether. I mean I don’t like Stormbox so I don’t know for sure, but I was told that most of Stormbox damage is actually in Tether.

That was about caster version. Ranged version:

  1. You’re using mythical (!) White Lotus belt, which is a random drop. Faction one is non-mythical.
  2. Same as before about shoulders and boots and lack of mobility skill.
  3. Not getting Word of Arms transmuter? :rolleyes:
  4. I don’t know if you felt like you’re short on skill points, but if yes you could cut Shaman to 32 and invest elsewhere.
  5. Also pretty sure you don’t need Bat in this kind of a build. It’s reasonable for kiting casters, but that’s an attack damage build. You can remove it and fill the points by just investing 1 more into Hydra, free-ing up 4 points for something else.

Perhaps there’s something else but w/e, I’m not into studying these kind of builds under the loupe. Just the most glaring things :stuck_out_tongue:

Will be adding link to this to my builds asap.

My direction was “all in Maelstrom”


I mostly use Stormbox for the DA shred

Now when I think of it, I should get more damage from tether than the actual wind devils.

You could cut 10 points off the Shaman bar as well, reinvesting them somewhere else. :rolleyes:

Yup,it seems that I have made some mistakes:undecided: But…


1.I will have too many random items,I want more stability and faction gear.Also Stoneplate greaves are better,I am aware

2.You have point

3.I haven’t forgot,just leave the slot open for personal preference,maybe will put that in OP

4.Tether should be one pointer,it stacks with cast speed,it will be rubbish here.Main skill offer DA shred,that’s better


1.I didn’t notice,will correct that,mythical is pointless if it’s not faction

2.Same answer

3.Oops,will change OP,that’s a mistake,when change the build from caster to range

4.I kinda need mastery points and it’s not that point starved build

5.I can do that and take jackal for example,but my life steal and damage is low,bat is useful here,surprisingly.

If that’s the most glaring things only,it’s shocking:D
Thanks for input and that you are adding my builds:)

Probably, but when I played that char I was starving for physique so it was an ugly solution