[] Beginner's Lightning Vindicator caster

Probably, but when I played that char I was starving for physique so it was an ugly solution


Btw done some changes with some of Stupid Dragon suggestions.others can’t work.

:slight_smile: few days ago I reroled to sc to push shatered realm and choosed exactly
vindicator as first character because it’s best starter.
Great guide but few points:

  1. Ugdenbog Sparkthrower can be shopped from Vinelton, you pointed it out.
    But begginers can also reroll his inventory every time them go back in
    previuos location, so slow and steady can buy really good one with only one
    run in the Ancient grove.

  2. Good alternative if someone prefer melee PS more:Korvan Storm Halberd (but farming even charged of alacrity is pita)

Unoptimised progress of 1 day of gaming, dont have access to some
augments but whatever, just farming SoC


Some “great” drop from mussy chest


Thanks for your post RicardiO!

Indeed is a good option this 2h weapon,but I have only few of them and they’re with bad affixes.There are faction weapons like Malmourh Greatsword and Carbine,but lacks attack speed.

PS you have pretty good gear in campaign,some of the items are BiS.

Where’s the top starter tag? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great guide! Idk much about beginner builds or shit items but is box performing just as good as it does on endgame builds?

Thanks!Yes,not a top starter build:D

I like storm box,it’s a fun skill to use,but pure damage of totems is way better.You know better perhaps,but is it worth to invest many points in tether with just 140% cast speed?Main skill provide massive DA shred and also RR via the amulet.

Don’t know the damage numbers at the top of my head but totem had mods so better invest in there.

Ok,start to update my guides,to match new forum format.Later will update end game prospects.

Hello. Is this build still strong and viable in the latest patch? I’ve been playing it (only level 40 or so) and it’s very fun, but didn’t see it’s until now :smiley:

Both builds should be viable. Caster was stronger at the time, but was hit slightly because of slight nerfs to all spells-Totems, Devils, Storm box. But nothing too serious.

Ranged build is more or less the same . By community consensus Vindicator is still one of the strongest classes in the game.

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That’s great to hear, thank you!

How would you recommend re-working the Devotions now that it looks like Widow cannot be tied to Wind Devil? I am not sure what skills you are binding to which devotions :slight_smile:

It can’t be bind in GT or in real game? I need to see if that’s correct and then will adjust them. Thanks for your comment.

In game, Wind Devil is no longer an option for Widow.

I just skipped it for now and grabbed Eel instead, mostly keeping the rest of your recommendations for devotions. I am only lvl 60 so its not super important yet I think (I’m newish to game and don’t have any lvl 100 toons yet).

hi @Nery I’m a newer player following your Vindicator build (2H ranged) and I’m confused as to when do you begin to add points to Primal Strike in the build? In the section on Lvl 40 you wrote about adding points to Storm Totem, but the GT link to the final Lvl 100 build it shows Primal Strike and Savagery instead. Did I miss a step somehow? I just got to Lvl 20 if that helps. TIA!

Actually if you see my first build, it’s continuation of my leveling guide -it’s a caster. But second build is indeed ranged. I haven’t level this build ranged, but it’s great way too. Just see my devotions and items and adjust according to the loot you get. And sorry if my build is confusing! :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply. So the Leveling Guide is only for the Caster build then? That explains why I felt under-powered in the Crucible! I was using 2H ranged but following the Leveling Guide for caster!

I will re-spec and use caster gear and see if I get more power. Thanks again!

PS. Do you know of any (good) leveling guide for 2h MELEE lightning build? I think that might be a fun char, but I would need detailed step-by-step for Devotions and Skills.

I personally level it as caster, so that’s why is written this way. But decided to make double budget builds.

If you’re interested in melee Primal Strike version, check this guide!

this build still as good? cause i heard stormbox was nerfed hard? i could be wrong :S

Since build was posted Storm Box was nerfed at least in two different patches. But lightning casters strength is in the combinations between multiple spells and procs. This is obviously pretty cheap build, so it’s not affected by set changes but require some touch here and there.