[] Aether ‘Sparkly Green Lightning’ Temporal Arcblade Templar

Hello everyone and welcome to my first posted build (usually I help a tiny, tiny amount with Sir Spanksalot mega builds so this is a major difference to the norm for me).

To introduce this build in one acronym - it’s an EoR build! Hopefully I’ve not copied anyone else or duplicated something already posted before. If I have, I apologise profusely and offer myself as a sacrifice to the gods.


GT version 2 (alternative amulet)

Firstly, this build is inspired by PewSquare on twitch who was grateful enough to share his version of this build to me while he was streaming. I just loved the aether lightning firing off everywhere while he was spinning around in circles, that I just had to try it out. (He did explain that it wouldn’t be the best EoR build because it was hard to get the aether damage and resist reduction, but it’s still fun to play).

Therefore, a lot of what you see is his build, items and devotions but as always different people, different strokes! I’ve done what I like but I’d like feedback and any helpful improvements anyone feels like making. (I’m a complete amateur when it comes to making GD builds so you have been warned.)

So to explain very quickly what happens with the build, we use the Mythical Soulare’s Helm for its 100% physical to Aether conversion to EoR and the flat Aether damage in conjunction with the Mythical Temporal Arcblade for the Aether Conduit lightning – this is a super-fast 2 sec, 2 target max, 1 sec recharge blast of lightning/aether damage all delivered in a beautiful green/turquoise blast. It looks super cool. The rest of the items are used to max our resists as always and to boost the aether damage as far as possible. I must say there are a quite few options and tweaks you can make to the item and skill point selection but this is my take on the build.

Primarily I focused on a high OA to help with those lovely aether lightning crits but this has been at the cost of the DA as you can see from the GT link. Consequently, it does require some careful piloting to ensure you don’t end up splatted. Its copes well in the main campaign, good AoE damage but can suffer on some single target resistant bosses. I’d be particularly interested in devotion changes. I looked for helpful devotions not really knowing what was the best path to take – Aeon’s hourglass being an example.

I’m not much of tester and I very rarely play Crucible or SR, so whether this build is useful in either at high levels in its current form is doubtful. I did level 35 SR without any trouble but stun resist is a little low without ascension being up and that can lead to being bursted. I’m also short on armour absorption which also might make it feel a bit fragile, maybe there is a way to improve it while still keeping the resists maxed etc.

Anyway, it’s a fun build and I finally managed to use a Temporal Arcblade that had been in storage for years in a build. If you try it, I hope you enjoy it!

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So small revision to the amulet choice, using Conduit of Divine Whispers we’re able to add flat aether damage, convert 100% of fire damage to aether damage plus add 8% crit damage all to EoR.
The revised amulet also adds a further 3% max to all resistances

New GT link…above

I’ve played around with the augments to add and bit more health/da by using another Solael’s Bloodbinding. EoR damage is improved according to the DPS tooltip, OA slightly less but slightly more health and da overall.

Never going to be a top damage dealer but i still like it.
Thanks to Sir Spanksalot for pointing out the error of my ways and making suggestions to improve the build.

Ohh and look at the lovely aether green EoR spin effects thanks to the latest patch 1.1.3.
Even more turquoise on your screen :grinning:

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I want to see how it performs in cruci and SR

Over to you friend! lol

I’ll stick to the main campaign thanks!

From my recent observations of playing the character I’d love for EoR to have have a transmuter to help with conversion of Soulfire (haven’t found a way to convert this). Therefore I feel its damage still lags behind the phys/fire versions.
However what I do like is that you are always doing some kind of dps to monsters even if you are taking evasive ‘spinning’ action. The aether lightning still procs and fires off at monsters even at range. The arcblade proc has a 8 meter target area which is quite generous.

If you do go for it in SR or CR please let me know how you get on, I’d be interested in your view and its performance. I always thought this would be a pretty good support character in a mutli player game rather than a solo character.

Maybe I’m doing it a disservice, who knows.

@Cryoo Interesting build you have here. I made a couple of changes that may improve your character overall. You may have to change some Augments here and there depending on your in-game rolls.

You gain 6% Physical Resist, added the Magelord ring set to increase global Elemental to Aether conversion to 75% as well as a higher base DA and more Armor Absorption. I also swapped the bindings on Time Dilation & Arcane Bomb to be more efficient since you want to trigger Time Dilation at specific times. Alternatively, you could swap the point in Crossroads to Ghoul plus the points from Jackal and the 3 from Wendigo to Revenant to gain some RR from the skeletons, but you will have to find an efficient way to proc them reliably.


Hope it helps!

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How about this?
Lotus instead of Hawk for phys res and energy regen.
Then 2 free nodes, I took two revenant ones for energy and less damage from undeads

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Probably a better improvement! I haven’t played with EoR yet, but it probably would need the additional Energy Regen.

I think the problem with this setup is the reliance on keeping Righteous Fervor stacks up to get the benefits from Consecration. Any changes that would be made to remove the need to interupt EoR for RF? Maybe remove the points in RF and Consecration and dump it into Calidor’s Tempest plus transmuter for a nuke?

I would do that. Or just increase IEE for energy and/or Mental alacrity for more spirit and energy cost reduction

Armor is low even with Consecration up and DA is decent.

Great suggestions. That should really help more versus CT.

I think the glaring problem with this build is the lack of applicable RR. I think Temporal Arcblade should also give a modifier to the Empyrion Bros of maybe -15% or -20% Aether RR since the only RR in this build combo is from Arcane Bomb.

Trying to go against some high Aether Resist bosses is probably a not so fun activity…

Thank you guys for the help it’s much appreciated. I’ll have a look at the changes and try them out.

Again thank you for the kind feedback.

But how about this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aEMbb2 ? :wink:

I didn´t even know this weapon existed until yesterday, now I am eager to make a working build with it.
Waiting for the patch though.
Don´t quite understand why anyone would use RF though. If you don´t spin, you die.
Just saying.

Edit: Endless possibilities! Weee! :smiley: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JOGXaV

Thanks tsuele for the variant - some subtle differences to the damage between the different versions. I think RxJ’s version is slightly more ‘tanky’ than your version and you are right all the way it is spin or die lol!

I used RF just for the elemental resist but i guess your devotion path changed the need for that. Wonder what the best way to go is??

Some interesting possibilities with 13 free points!
Good luck with the build!

Here’s another variant: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlWGAl2

You gain a Prismatic Diamond in the helmet as well as the RR from the Revenant skeletons. This version only has you casting Aether Corruption and EoR. Self-spreading Aether Corruption should keep those skeletons refreshed easily enough and a total of -68% Aether RR should be plenty against most enemies…


Thank you folks, I have enough versions to try going to take weeks to test them lol

Truly overwhelmed with your kindness in helping me fine tune this build.

Cheers to you all!