[] Barrelsmith Aetherfire Fiesta ~7m cruci

Had been many moons since I played Barrelsmith build so I decided to revisit it and it turned out a lot better than I expected. Main power of the build comes from canister + aetherfire combo which has always been good, but is really potent now since we can more or less convert the whole thing to lightning and it can stack up for some nasty damage.

Gameplay is pretty simple on this guy just smash your head on the keyboard and throw out as many bombs as you can. In campaign everything is a joke, but in crucible you need to not be like me and pay attention to your defensive CDs on tough waves. As long as you can manage that the build is freelo, only thing that ever gives me any sort of real trouble is double reaper + another tough nem.

No temp buffs!


Standard setup
Fissure setup w/o elemental storm some love to fluff for telling me to try this. I’m a fissure lover, but thought loss of rr would be too much.

6:20 easy spawns, but good graphics this time :slight_smile:
6:35 cruci run, average is 6:45-7 area

You need some elemental res on kymon badge, but that should be pretty easy to obtain. I quite like the harmonious one I got as the extra energy comes in handy! Besides that build is really easy to gear and quite flexible, for campaign purposes all you really need is barrelsmith pistols and a lil +demo love from somewhere. OA should never be an issue, but with poor gear you may have to retool devotions to include some fat DA.

Barrelsmith: duh
Light Defender: Works out perfectly for this guy. +1 both classes, huge armor/da boost, and some inquis seal are just what this guy needs to stand still and get people to clump up for max dps. Full set makes resists a little easier to do, but isn’t as good.
Cindertouch: Huge boost offensively especially since you don’t really have time to cast defender pet and aren’t always utilizing storm box bonuses of 4pc. If you don’t have em use defender gloves or whatever fills resists best. Also great cause you probably got shit conversion rolls on your guns :slight_smile:
Ulzuin’s Torment: Best all around option for sure we need a lot of demo points, gives oa/da, and caps out grenado. Cord of Deception and Scales of Beronath are next best options. Beyond that use w/e +1 belt you get or Storm Shephard for full aether conversion and OA. I need to test shephard still actually, full aether conversion should be quite valuable as well as some bonus points in casing
Stormtitan Treads: We use literally everything on these, perfect fit. Stormbearer’s are really nice with the +2 to Ulzuin’s Chosen, but make resists a lot tougher. Use whatever gets you needed resists if you don’t have em
Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind: This is the most replaceable piece, but the slow res is really nice to have and more OA is always better. Use whatever you got for resists if you don’t have em.
Shard of the Eternal Flame: Cooldown to canister is too good and vastly improve the build, some additional cdr/flat dmg is nice too. Use peerless eye or aetherbolt if you don’t have

Fire and lightning faction gear setups
Not quite finished tweaking these, but they’ll be here soon!

Your cruel video show all times your video setting and nothing else.

ty sir, didn’t realize that happened. I guess changed video options mid recording gets it’s stuck on video settings screen even though you could see my mouse moving around :smiley: Added few videos and even somehow recorded one with decent graphics options and it wasn’t laggy as hell, miracles itt

I’ll be posting some faction gear setups soon for both fire and lightning, they look pretty decent tbh

Why the Ghoul devo on a caster without wd on skills?

It’s a life saver and I see nothing else I’d rather get over it as well. The phys res makes us a lot tankier and the life steal is massive. With 80% adcth suddenly bat/spear/ultos all become super charged and together are healing us for a lot

I like this build, somehow haven’t had time to leave a comment. Not much to add to the build, but maybe take Seal of Might instead of Seal of Blades? Dunno. Or go piano haywire with Light Defender Gloves and Stun Jacks addition :slight_smile:

the grind died for this.

dreeg dive bomber eyeballs when