[] [caster] Beginner's/budget acid Sentinel

Depends,acid retal Sentinel is viable.But you need the full blue set or Judgment of the tree.Acid Aegis hybrid is also an option.

Dark One set is common,also provides defensive proc.So it solid build,but other than legendary weapon and few other items it has less ground for improvement.

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Quick question: I noticed the build has the Lantern devotion in it, but it doesn’t include a dagger, scepter, or caster off-hand. Is it there just because of the affinity it provides?

The Dark One’s build? It have off hand. If one build don’t have one of the above listed it’s not worth taking whole constellation just for affinity. For example Lotus gives you absolutely the same affinity bonus.

Ohhhh ok. I’m playing this as a leveling build, so I am using a shield at the moment. I will sub in lotus for lantern. Thanks!

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Leveling as an Oathkeeper with Aegis is one of the most awfull experience i’ve had in this game, i do not recommend, even with points in Avenging Shield the damage and AoE is abysmall. I’d go Occultist to start leveling.

When I level it, it was very smooth and easy. Although the early portions of the game, the damage will be lacking slightly. Occultist don’t have really damage dealers. Only average skill is Dreeg. But it’s losing it’s power pretty early in the game.

How its budget/begginer build when its reqiure 4 parts of Dark One set … no recomended as a new player\

Dark One set is target farmable, eg it drops from specific mobs. Other items are also cheap.

i got the poison i got the remedy!
Gonna try this one too. Thanks for build as always! haha

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