[] Chillwhisper cold Apostate+feedback


Chillwhisper is one of the new sets in FG.It gives some support to three classes.I wanted to test how good it is for cold Drain Apostate.The problem is,when I equip full legendary items,I was left at 2.5k OA and DA,something is wrong apparently…


pic with permanent buffs and Deadly aim

GT link https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4Vx4p6pV

Video from MQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qTKAW8eGsw&feature=youtu.be

I have to change setup quite a bit to patch stats,also I need DA badly,so I had to give up even my favorite gloves-Iceskorn.Every thing was crafted for phy,cause armor is shit always


1.Physical resistance A lot of casters have that problem,but here none of core items or set gives ANY physical,that combine with low armor leave me to just Ill omen,not enough.I had to go double seal of might.
2.DA and OA-Only two of set pieces gives ANY of these stats and sum is laughable 70-80 OA combined and no DA.Furthermore
3.DA and OA on support items -Again belt is needed,but no OA and DA,rubbish stats basically.Also amulet has to be Vigar,cold transmuter remoces AdctH,so going amethyst will hurt you,but again no OA or DA.That foces me to take weird devotion route.I tried Leviathan for the proc,but that leaves me with low stats and almos 30k less dps for some reason
4.Resistances-replace bleed with something else


I don’t think cold DE Apostate is match for aether version,I am not saying my build is min-max perfectly,but is not very good,because of the mentioned reasons.

reserved,Idk why

I didn’t test this set yet, but there’s something I have to agree with - OA and DA. My DE Reaper (theorycraft only) has 3k OA and 2.5k DA, but I tried to squeeze everything here - tried to get as much %OA as possible, and DA is full physique + random bonuses I managed to find in devotion.
Infiltrator that bases on Blade Spirits only has 2.6k OA and DA.

All with perma buffs only, all theorycraft only (I want to point out it’s theorycrafted because it’s theorycrafted and Crate doesn’t care about theorycrafted experience, but I wanted to say it’s hard to get OA and DA here, you have to squeeze everything). I also had issues getting physical resist, so I ignored that stat.

You know cold DE is bad when it’s compared to aether, not physical :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah,no need to compare with your Opressor:D.Btw as fan of cold Necro,I was searching for Cold Relic with Necromancer class bonus,well no…

Thanks for the feedback. My theorycrafting on Cold DE Apostate didn’t leave me very hopeful and the build finished in the drawer “to test later if there’s nothing else to try”.

You get a point that I stumble upon a lot, the lack of physical resistance on caster sets. I think they all should have some sort of armor/phys resistance on the 3rd or 4th bonus, like Iskandra and Cyclone. Or spread into all pieces, like Light’s Guardian. If not you end up with Legplates of Valor, Final March boots and 2 x seals of might to compensate.

Exactly,but problems going final march is that I will be left around or little under 50% slow on channeling build.If I add Valor,then I will struggle with stun.Also imagine the OA.I had to change points and take some nodes from DG for stats.Tranquil mind are almost irreplaceable.

Cyclone is very good set with PR and Light Guardian adds insane armor.Chillwhisper do neither.And btw I forgot you need energy,the set have decent regen,but the classes don’t help with it at all.

Yes, you can always take a few devo points for %DA and/or energy sustain. As to physical resistance for casters, Jackal and Lotus (5%) and that’s it. I always try to get the 4 first nodes of Undying God because it’s the only reliable source of %OA (first 3 nodes of meteor also, if you have enough points).

Stun resistance = Ill Omens Boots + seal of resonance puts you at > 50%.
Craft: Slow resistance > %armor, now.

And you have to take subotpimal items only to get that armor/physical resistance or make your build a multiple double rare GDStashed abomination.

In this build you always have to pick something supoptimal.Probably by reading your post,that made me think Valor,Final March with Iceskorn gloves and stun RES bonus might be better,but then OA might not be enough to trigger Deadly aim constantly:undecided:

Formidable prefix double rare bandwagon,everybody:D

A bit unrelated, but are there any budget setups for leveling an Apostate?

I will level ravenous earth most of time.In normal and elite this skill and twin fangs are superb clearers.

Ah, it’s Maya,then pets from the start:p

I was hoping for a detailed guide that I could just slap on to my pet Apostate T_T

I guess Budget Necro it is.

I have never has seen budget guide for this class,sorry.

If you want to do pet Opressor,you can quote my guide:)

Hm… Pet Oppressor. I need to give that a try sometime.