[] Dabi - Face Melting Chaos DW Rah'Zin Witch Hunter - SR 65

Hey guys! Build number 3 comin’ at ya. I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different builds lately, and this one really surprised me. I did not expect it to go nearly as far as it has.

This build can clear SR 65 on a good day with favorable bosses. I’m pretty sure it could clear 75 with a lucky enough roll and an amazing pilot, but that ain’t me. If anyone wants to give it a shot, let me know how it goes.

I don’t play crucible. I don’t know how well it would fare there.


Thanks to ya_ and others for helping me fine-tune the build. I will be trying out their recommendations and posting results.

Updated to better spec (credit to ya_)


Chaos is not the easiest damage type to build around, especially for a DW build. There are not that many chaos 1H weapons, much less ones that are decent and on-spec for a Witch Hunter. There is a blademaster version that uses an MI axe, but I’m not sure how well it would perform. I’ll give it a shot later.

This build plays like you would expect a DW nightblade to play. Run up, hit it a lot, kite stuff. Not a whole lot of fancy tricks in this build’s kit, just good ol’ fashioned big damage with INSANE lifesteal.

Stats with all permanent buffs and Lethal Assault.


  • ~3k OA with all buffs up
  • 133k+ sheet DPS with all buffs, ~20k base weapon damage (rises to 30k+ with Abominable Might), with ~16k flat chaos added at ~2800% multiplier
  • 186% attack speed (200% with procs)
  • ~105 RR (more against tougher enemies) = -95% (Curse of Frailty + Mark of Ch’thon + Solael’s Flame + Curse of the Void + Eldritch Fire), 20% reduced all resistances (Touch of Chaos)
  • Lots of procced AoE from devotions / gear


  • ~10.5k HP with decent rolls
  • ~2.8k DA
  • 2.6k+ armor
  • 20% reduced target’s damage (Touch of Chaos)
  • 39% physical resistance (goes to 57% with procs)
  • 34% ADctH :rolleyes: (goes up to 114% with procs!)


Craft everything with +%armor bonus. We need it to take the hits with such low HP. Alternatively, you could craft +%Physique for more HP and DA.

UPDATE: ya_ brought up a good point, that this build lacks slow resist which can be brutal to a melee build. It is probably better to craft for %slow resist to make up for this.

Weapons: Two Mythical Fang of Ch’Thons. Fast attack speed, bonuses to a lot of skills we use, full pierce to chaos conversion (with Rah’Zin’s set) and crazy lifesteal.
Amulet, Shoulder, Belt, Chest: Full Rah’Zin’s Torment set. We need the full set for the default attack replacer, Touch of Chaos. It’s totally worth it.
Gloves: Mythical Harbinger’s Grasp are BiS, but you can try Mythical Voidrend Talons for the conversion on Belgothian’s Shears. (credit to ya_ and others)
Medal: There really aren’t any great choices here. Just pick any medal that gives good resists and lots of OA. If you get lucky, a good Rylok’s Mark is probably BiS. Alternatively, you can use the Mythical Black Star of Deceit for a little extra RR and even more lifesteal, but the lack of OA/DA makes it hard to pick up.
Head: Mythical Mask of the Harbinger. Good damage, OA, health, and relevant skill bonuses.
Rings: Voidheart for RR, damage, health, OA, and Possession bonus, and Mythical Entropic Coil for damage, OA, resistances, Solael’s Witchfire bonus, and a nice proc.
Boots: Thunderstruck Stoneplate Greaves. The best suffix is definitely Featherstep to get us that much needed stun resist. If you don’t want to craft boots over and over to get Thunderstruck, you can use Mythical Stormtitan Treads, but you’ll have to find a way to make up for that pierce resist.
Legs: Mythical Demonbone Legplates for damage, DA, armor bonus, resists, skill bonus, and a good proc. They’re pretty great.


This was an experiment to see how to get both Dying God and Abomination, and the results were surprisingly spectacular. Dying God is great for all the obvious reasons (OA, damage, insane skill), but the flat damage and max health bonus added by Abominable Might are pretty nuts.

Also, I love having :cool: perfect efficiency. :cool: Unfortunately, that means there is almost zero leeway in devotion spec.

For optimum DPS, bind Hungering Void to Curse of Frailty. I play a little differently. (Credit to ya_)

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the build! Let me know if you have any suggestions, comments, tips, or if I missed something super obvious.

Reserved senselessly.

Please refer to my guide and the comments under it for some feedback on different ways to build Rah’Zin.


Also, my advice - that I might have not mentioned in my write up (I mainly focused on Aeon+Korvaak setups, and Abomination was more of a side project) would be to craft everything with slow res bonus from Egellon, not armor nor physique. Or wear Tranquil pants/Final March/SG of Arcane Winds. 18% slow res is very low for an aa build.

Build has no oa shred whatsoever. This is the bulk of Rah’Zin core defense. Wasting and Veil of Shadows.

Binding Hungering Void to Doombolt is bad. When HV is off cooldown but DB is still on cooldown, it decreases HV uptime a lot (up to 5.5s). There was an uptime nerf to DG announced, community didn’t love it, and the nerf wasn’t applied in the end. You basically applied that nerf to yourself.

Build has no fumble. RoS is pretty much a norm on every nightblade.

“leet gg” DPS. Nice one! :stuck_out_tongue:


I recommend Harbinger gloves as well :). The flat dmg is too good from set bonus.

Also wait for patch to update;)

I would spec it like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23JY7YN
You gain a lot of DA, slow res and damage like this.

Hey, nice effort, but I would listen to ya. His guide to this very build is more comprehensive imo. 18% slow resist on an auto-attacker is pretty bad, you are losing a lot of dps just because of this. Harbinger gloves seem bis too. Not going to comment on greens used, but I think you can build Rah’Zin WH around them.

I’ll look into this. These are a lot of good ideas.

That shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish by throwing a few points around.

I actually do that intentionally. I don’t like hungering void activating automatically, I like to intentionally activate it for bosses. I know that’s a significant DPS loss for clearing trash and is a less than optimum strategy, it’s just how I like to play it. I always suppose that readers can bind whatever they want to their devotion skills that makes them happy.

That’s an oversight, will fix by throwing some points around.

Thanks for the tips! They are much appreciated.

Korvak’s Deception is a good point for that slow resist. Arcane Harmony legs are an interesting trade for better defenses (other than armor).

Not sure about that devotion set up, but I’ll give it a shot. It’s certainly another way of doing it, doesn’t look too bad.

Maybe this devotion setup is a little better, not sure: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2E1rDl2. You regain some armor and OA and DA is also a little higher. You can get even higher armor rating by changing medal suffix back to ‘of the Dranghoul’. I personally don’t like building with double rare affix MI, so I changed it to ‘of Readiness’.