[] DW Chillstrifes cold Trickster Gladiator 5.25

It is different on DM, full conversion plus flat damage on top, plus 11/8 for one-point investment.

Execution, though, I think it should be maxed.

Again, from my experience of playing auto-attacking Nightblades, difference between playing with one wps at ~10/8 and 18/8 is non-existant when it comes to Crucible clears. You can only feel the difference if you overcap/hardcapp all WPS and you can’t spend those points on skills that buff build in general. But that is never the case. I have noticed it on Deathmarked Infiltrator and Belgothian Blademaster. @John_Smith even tested 22/12 Markovian vs 13/12 Markovian on Belgothian Blademaster.

I tested AQC at 8 too,didn’t see difference.Maybe weapon augments can be skyshard,if you risk getting killed in order to shave few seconds.On this build even if it’s Nightblade with WPS Savagery is doing the heavy lifting,flat damage is gold.


i am pretty new to Grim Dawn and love your Trickster Build. I followed it so far and it helps me a lot. I have an issue with the devotions. I put 45 devotion points in the map but I miss one chaos affinity point so I have not reached the requirement to continue with “Revenant” and “Dying God”. I checked the spent point several times but for some reason I lack this one damn chaos affinity point.

I put the points in again already with the same result. (I have AoM and the Forgotten Gods Expansion)

I think I might miss a crucial detail with devotions but I dont know what.

Maybe I ran into a common mistake but I cant to see which one.

May some of you GD experts please has a hint for me?

Thank you

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You can refund devotions at spirit guide (at Devil’s Crossing, later at Coven).

Hi ya1,

thank you for the quick reply, how to remove points I know already. My problem is I spent all the points in the exact locations but I miss one affinity to continue and since I put all the points in the right spots I should be able to continue no?

Could it be that you spend and remove points in “crossroads” to get around this problem?

you got 7 red you need 8 red

take Jackal - 10 red
take Revenant - 11 red
remove Jackal - 8 red


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Hi again,

thank you for the tipp! :slight_smile: I am already trying to get it done :slight_smile:

Thanks to ya,for pointing the right direction.Btw for Dying God,what gear did you have?DG is more of Crucible thing,if you have the required gear.

Hi there,

my gear is crap, because this is my first playtrough, started in normal, but with this build I started over in elite its easy doable.

Your comment suggest I should rather play with your leveling guide, that you already posted I guess. But your devotions settings from your main build are already awesome and make the playtrough quite enjoy able.

Btw thank you and the others for the informations in the forum it makes to game much more enjoyable, because step by step you understand everything better. I started with a lighting trickster build and with this is cold build it is much more enjoyable.
I got myself the alternatives to the chillstrifes - but in elite I will farm the witches for the daggers :slight_smile:

The devotion map explained in the “beginner friendly thread” [] Beginners/budget DW cold melee Trickster
explains how to do the devotions:

2.Sailor’s guide
6.Hawk,remove green
7.Scholar’s light
10.Revenant,remove red
11.Amatok,remove blue
13.Watcher,remove Eel
15.Green,remove Scholar’s Light
16.Ultos to proc

When it just says a color, like “Blue” it means the Cross road. Sometimes you will so players write e.g. “blue xroad” for short.

You lose a lot of dmg by going cold without Korba helmet. Conversely, you lose a lot of dmg by going lightning without endgame gear (on account of nightblade having no lightning resistance reduction). IMO trickster is not the best choice for beginner first character. It’s still ok for main game with faction gear and odds and ends but if you want to push a trickster to Crucible/SR farming viability you’ll need to get that gear by trade or something. Or start a new char that’s better suited for farming endgame with subpar gear (Krieg, Dark One or sth).

BTW I’m gonna test Malkadarrs on this. See if they measure up even remotely.

You kinda insults my budget build :smile:

Even without conversion and without single legendary this build can do 150 Gladiator and occasionally complete 170.Plus is excellent for beginners,since Savagery is strong auto attack.On Infiltrator you need the beronath fury component,which is unlocked at 55.

Malkadar btw can rolled of Ferocity,since they’re Swords.Maybe with two coldstones for conversion and hardcap Execution are worth it?

what say you https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlW3vl2 ?

or https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWlqeJZ ?

I’m from the oldschool where maxing Execution was always worth it on cold. This might no longer be the case considering Mad_Lee’s and John_Smith’s latest exploits on Deathmarked (conclusion was that maxing wps isn’t worth it). But, hey, 720% weapon dmg on an autoattack (400% Exec times 150% Savagery times 120% total on Savagery, correct me if I’m wrong) is ONE OF THE SEXIEST THINGS YOU CAN DO IN GD.

No insult intended. But you gotta agree that a total noob will struggle on a budget trickster to gear-up more than say on Krieg deathknight or any budget warlord.

This spec is going to ravage, but it’s obviously far behind Nery’s spec. It will be much much less consistent due to lack of extra RR from Chillstrifes and less strong AoE (smaller % cold).

It’s also going to be a bit random at times. Good for single target damage records but somewhat struggling in Crucible.

what gear is hard to get for trickster? To get Korba helm and chest = set transmutation.
To get decent chillstrifes: one run of janaxia takes about 1 min.
What if noob wanna play DW melee from the start?

@malawiglenn: thank you for the detailed explanation, I was able to pass the problems and I am able to spec into the desired devotions.

And thank you all the others for the contributions! That are so many answers - I have not expected that. I will farm the stuff from nerys list bit by bit. As soon as I move to AoM the witches get fucked up for the daggers! gg

I am the noob malawiglenn is talking about and I was rouge all my life in different games, so I welcome the challenge. I partly started elite so I can side with the cannibals and hunt the witches for the daggers.

The rest comes with times too I guess.

I just took the information straight out from the guide :slight_smile:


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