[] DW Chillstrifes cold Trickster Gladiator 5.25


This is experiment of how can perform the classical Korba Trickster.
Build from Mad Lee was extremely strong pre FG and after release of expansion lose some power,But if you use green how the performance will be!


GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25rzKEV

Some choices:

Pants-Kuba Chauses +3 to LA and Tenacity
Relic-Serenity-CB,+1 all skills and useful resistances.It’s better both offensively and defensively compare to Niddala
Weapons-Chillstrifes with their mod for RR
Amulet-Night embrace +1 Nightblade and RR skill against tough enemies

How to level this build?Check my guide about beginners Trickster and also budget version https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/1-1-3-0-beginners-budget-dw-cold-melee-trickster/83441


Crucible is 5.40 in my playing with some lag and mediocre skills.Top players can cut 30 seconds from time.Lokkar is around 18-19 sec and MQ around 6-7 sec.As a whole with Ghoul+Serenity and life steal this build is solid and despite is cannon is not glass.

Video from 150-170 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Esvwkr3TRAo&feature=youtu.be


Korba wants the crown for fastest DW cold melee and this is one of the rare occasion,where MI greens can make huge difference.Daggers and pants even with average rolls are BiS.

PS,If anyone can push this build limits further,it will be even cooler!


I manage to reduce my time,by taking into account your suggestions.

Changes:Added Runecaster prefix on one dagger,medal switched to Undying oath,head component to prismatic diamond,also gloves to Haggard,relic to Nidalla,devotion map,took the classic N&O one from @John_Smith Infiltrator.

Build dies occasionally now and is more risky,but time is slightly better.Still don’t recommend some of the changes,for safer play.My fastest time is now 5.25,but players like John probably can do it around 5 or 5.05.Thanks all for feedback and especially advises from @ya1 , @mad_lee and @TomoDaK

New GT https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqlqQdV

New YT from 5.25 run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-IXXI2wT3s&feature=youtu.be

Incredible 5.03 by @John_Smith !


Nice Trickster! If you want to take it even further, use Undying Oath and try devotion map with Dying God and without Rhowan’s Crown. Also, use Prismatic Diamond, it’s better both offensively and defensively.

I think Direwolf is better actually.Just see how fast Kuba dies.Racial damage,WPS and OA on top.For Diamond maybe you’re right!
I always try to stack racial damage.

if you gonna use sweet greens try throwing in a runecaster chillstrife for huge racial damage :slight_smile:

of kings roll on kuba pants are “average rolls”? ok… I spend hours per day farming, have almost 3000 hours total playing grim dawn, and I’ve never seen MI pants of any kind with of kings suffix.

I said that even with average rolls will make the difference,not that mine are average.I use GD stashed greens to maximize performance.

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Just make couple of runs with Undying Oath and couple of runs with Direwolf and compare the results. Direwolf makes sense for Trickster, I agree, but at the same time, Undying Oath offers monster flat damage plus lets us hard cap Night’s Chill.

Don´t know if Prismatic Diamond is needed/useful here.

I watched the video; do you ever have been below 8.300 Health (to procc Diamond)? :sweat_smile:

Diamond gives flat damage (18 elemental so about ~ 8 cold in his build), raises quality of life (more mana absorb) and its proc is monstrous, especially for an auto-attacker. I have tested Diamond vs Skull many times, Diamond wins every time.

Besides, I have a crawling suspicion that somehow for some reason two skulls don’t work. Probably wrong about that, but racial damage stacking mechanics are wonky in this engine.

The flat on prismatic diamond is useful I will admit,but both proc and energy are not necessary.I tried 15 runs and died only once on 170,I let Korvaak live,with Kuba and Alex and was little distracted where to go:D.

Sanctified bones racial damage stacks and in Crucible half of the baddies are undead or chtonics.And ofc Reaper is hilarious.

If those greens are stashed then Frostborn of Ferocity is BiS for cold Savagery trickster, imo. You could let that Wolf crest go for Undying Oath like Mad_Lee said. Or change Korba chest to Frostdread, maybe. Or, if I remember right, keep the gear, add two Ferocities and change relic to Nidalla -> 24/26 Savagery. Nidalla gives crazy damage even without conversion.

Shattering is deceptively weak in comparison with other weapon green affixes for cold aa. You get flat from ranks to Savagery, too, and some converted phys from Ferocity. Plus getting Savagery to 24/26 really gives a boost. Haven’t tested Chilstrifes outside infiltrators but I spent much time optimizing Malkadarr tricksters (similar thing if anyone remembers those good times of old…). I think even of Fury is better than of Shattering with attack speed not capped.

Also, let me ramble some more, talking about attack speed, since your aether res is great and chaos is also fine, why not go oldschool with Mogdrogen Ardor?

Anyways congrats on the time. It’s a very good time.

EDIT: Sorry to stick my nose in another guy’s gt but I was bored and I superfluffed it a little bit here https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7BzQB2 (don’t look at gt weapon dmg - it’s due to Skyshard augment which deals full cold in Savagery and in real it’s much higher). Or this for proper DG treatment of all that oa: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25rzAlV

Noooice. So how does dual malkadarr compare with this?

I haven’t touched Malkadarr in ages. Probably worse overall, better for single target.

Fun story,I was pushing my Reaper under 6 minutes and changed to Trickster.I really missed Ferocity prefix,I will test it,when I have time!The DA looks low though.Even with massive OA shred is bad.One thing is that currently this build is virtually unkillable,unless you completely botch your play,but maybe I can cut few seconds with Kamikaze play.

Gloves,Iceskorn are usually better,but with pants and shoulders,I can use Haggard,also medal flat will be better.I still think,that Direwolf is better.

So in the que,Gloves,Dying God,Weapon suffix,relic.

Thanks for suggestions,Mad Lee and Ya!

hey Nery nice take on the build, looks really good and is an improvement on my trickster :slight_smile:
i thought about trying 1 or 2 chillstrifes too, but farming some with good rolles, would have taken hours. glad to see that someone went through the trouble of doing so to test how the build can perform!


My Trickster is for different style of play.Yours is solid and is meant to be for hardcore play,where not dying is top priority.

For Chillstrifes,I have whole collection of farmable ones,like Chilled of Fury or Frostborn of Alacrity,the ones that I use are not legit.

As side note,Ya recommended me suffix of Ferocity,but that’s sadly unavailable for dagger,you need battle weapon for that .

@Nery As long as you can hardcap Lethal Assault by other means Hagarrad gloves are better (except ABB builds). Especially when you invest in Dual Blades line beyond 5 ranks.

I think in my gt effective da was actually higher. Or very close. If you care for da, Veil of Shadow is second only to Wasting. Iirc, nowhere else do you get 13 per point. It’s not da that’s important but PTH and crit chance calculated with your da and enemy oa. Da itself has no impact on anything.

I also think that Direwolf is better for tricksters but only when it gives you 24/26 Savagery.

@Lumina Anyone who played legit a lot has a lot of Chillstrifes. Maybe not Frostborn of Ferocity as this is like one in 50,000 or something, but still a lot. This is because Ugdenbloom farming route usually ends with Janaxxia.

@ya1 I agree about gloves.

DA still needs to be at least 2.7-2.8k other then OA shred to offset mutators and debuffs.

So what’s final proposal looks like?

As mentioned Chillstrifes can’t roll Ferocity,what’s the best affix combination?

Yeah, just checked, they can’t. Bummer. 24/26 Savagery was my main selling point. Guess I gotta close shop. :sweat_smile:

Shattering, then. But I stand by Nidalla+Hagarrad gloves. With 60% pierce to cold and 30% acid to cold Nidalla proc is very good. And the relic lets you hardcap LA without Frost gloves. As for the final proposal, if you can’t get 24/26 Savagery then I’d test how Oath compares to Wolf medal, especially against Kuba.

How the heck are you hardcapping Lethal Assault without Iceskorns? Impossible to do on Deathmarked builds unless you go for green pants (or those shitty legendary pants). Honestly curious.