[] Elemental dual wield tactician UPDATE: Can fully facetank Grava'Thul through his null ability and Lokarr MADE EVEN EASIER

6/13/2019 - USE THIS BUILD VERSION: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BzJLw2
Every nemesis boss can be facetanked. Even Gargabol and Kra’vall without hassle and no pots.

I am ZEUS’ here. Yes, if you were wondering, I was the first user banned on this site so I feel

special. Well, not really as I’ve been banned on many forums well before this one. And I don’t really

care :smiley: But I Just want to update this build real quickly. This will probably be the last build post I

make because I’m getting quite bored with making new builds. Let’s just enjoy the game on our leisure

time, shall we? I never got the chance to properly make a REAL thread about this build because of the

constant hype over it. “JUST REVEAL THE BUILD DUDE, WTF!?” Were the kinds of responses I

was getting… lol is all I can say :smile: P.S, I have no idea how to add color fonts to this new forum so I

will just highlight important text in bold in the mean time.

                                                                           **BUILD UPDATE**


  1. ‘Cadence,’ ‘deadly momentum’ and ‘discord’ maxed out in soldier and 1 point in ‘fighting form.’
  2. 1 point in ‘military conditioning,’ ‘decorated soldier’ and ‘scars of battle.’
  3. 1 point in ‘vigor’ skill which is the next upgrade in ‘words of renewal’ on the inquisitor class.
  4. 1 point in ‘word of pain’ and ‘word of agony.’
  5. 1 point in ‘storm box of elgoloth’ and 1 point in ‘lightning tether.’


  1. All the devotions have stayed the same since the older version of this build.

Weapon Changes:

  1. Off hand ‘chillheart’ sword now has ‘seal of blades’ in it just like the main hand one does. Beronath’s fury seems nerfed and useless now since these past days compared to cadence so we can add some extra ADCTH.

Armor Changes:

  1. Remove ‘enchanted earth’ and put ‘restless remains’ component in the gauntlets instead. This extra ADCTH finally gives this build a good amount of survivability on its own without auras being procced.

                                                                  **NEW BUILD'S POTENTIAL**

New nemesis facetank capabilities:

  1. Grava’Thul - YES All the way through his nullification ability. Just use quick tab and rebuff quickly
  2. Reaper of the Lost - YES Make sure you time ‘word of renewal,’ your tonic and ghoulish hunger
  3. Kaisan, the Eldritch Scion - YES Very, very easily
  4. Benn’Jhar - YES
  5. Valdaran - YES
  6. Zantarin - YES
  7. Iron Maiden - NEVER TESTED
  8. Aleksander - NEVER TESTED
  9. Kubacabra - YES Very, very easily
  10. Fabius - NEVER TESTED

Celestial boss capabilities:

  1. Lokarr - YES He’s even MORE easier than before
  2. Callagadra - NOT A CHANCE
  3. Ravager - NOT A CHANCE

Hard and well known regular boss capabilities:

  1. Father Kymon - YES Very, very easily
  2. Korvaak - YES
  3. Loghorrean - YES
  4. Shaper of flesh - YES

And there are many other secret and unique regular bosses that I didn’t mention but this build was

mainly for killing ‘Kaisan, the Eldritch scion’ safely and hassle free. Little did I know that this build would

be able to kill the celestial boss ‘Lokarr’ very safely also. And then I tested it on many of the nemesis

bosses and found them to be easily “facetankable.” Hopefully this build doesn’t get nerfed as it was

another great find like my ‘I am ZEUS’ 2h warder build from well over a year ago that could facetank

Grava’Thul through his nullification ability also. But now I have a dual wield that can do it a 1,000,000

times faster. This dual wield build feels like it was just nerfed a freaking day ago already :triumph: Well

this proves that shield builds for nemesis bosses… are unnecessary really. And to all those guys that

think the shattered realm armor set is “generic…” think again. It’s VERY underrated actually. I’ve been

destroying this game for the past 3 years since its release, sigh Well, that about sums up this build

update. Maybe crate won’t ban me for being “too good at the game” again. Hence the username :slightly_smiling_face:strong text


I too have a build like this. It can tank Warden Krieg on Ultimate (only the first form, though) and kills most nemeses in under 10 minutes. It’s a VERY good build, I’m glad we’re on the same page.

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I can’t say if the whole thread and the build is just a huge troll bait or you are for real posting this build as some kind of revelation. But in case you are not trolling, few suggestions:

  1. You can’t build without resist reduction devotion. It’s building 101. Unless you have an Elemental build.
  2. Flat Cold damage is very low, looks like this build cannot really hit hard
  3. skill distribution is all over the place. So many unnecessary overcaps but you don’t take Markovian Advantage?
  4. not using double coldstones in weapons is a huge loss
    And a lot of things are bad in this build, sorry, man.
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Not sure at what point this became a badge of honor…

Your other account’s not banned to begin with, and never was according to the logs, so there goes your pride I guess.


Your other account’s not banned to begin with, and never was according to the logs, so there goes your pride I guess.

And I thought this thread couldn’t get any more weird, damn!


I gotta drop something here before Z closes it.

@BannedForBeingGood Wow, man, what a build! How does it work? What does it do? Why doesn’t it have Rumor? CRAAAAZY!

This is quite the thread :smile:

i feel you

Yep, build is now OP and good to go.

I thought we were not worthy of this OP build lol

Pretty “meh” build tbh compared to what you have promised us.

if you got banned, do not talk about it since then you will get banned again. PRO TIP!

Interesting build but i find that if you come up with a build that works well with shattered realm armor, it will probably work even better with other gear instead but i stand to be disproven. Nice to see a build that dual wields stormhearts though!

Build is OP, you say? It so happens I got some free time so…

  1. Still no Rumor on a cold build (and with no rr from one mastery)?

  2. Actually, forget Rumor. Concept is flawed from the start. Discord already converts to elemental. That elemental is not converted second time to cold. Oh, sorry, I misread the title. It’s SUPPOSED to be elemental? Then why the swords with 100% elemental to cold?

  3. Don’t believe me? Look at your weapon dmg tooltip. It’s 7k. OP dw builds have 20+k. And 160% attack speed is low even on 2-handers.

  4. Taking Vulture when your Ghoul is not completed and Jackal not taken is somewhat questionable. So is going for Arcane currents with no aether conversion.

  5. Oh! Everywhere I look a diamond! Black Tallow on the amulet with 40% chaos overcap! :blush:

That’s as much free time as I had. Will make sure to be back for more!


yeah well without those black tallows maybe he cant facetank grava lol