[] Olexra's Disciple: 7m 150-170 Crucible Gladiator 0 greens cold PB/OFF Spellbreaker [c+][sr]

Thank you for all this great advice! i didn’t even know about the second bar hahaha. so much to learn!


Any plans to use the Harra set with this type of build in fg ? I’m not sure of where to go with the set for now. Spam pb or spam callidor, use one for aoe clear and the other for shotgunning, I don’t know.

Thanks for this build mad_lee, love spamming those blades :smiley:

Edit : my apologies, a bit of search allowed me to find your comments and possibly plans on harra set. I link it here for anyone who would be interested in it (remember, this is mad_lee’s, not my creation) : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28QmlKV

Definitely spam blades and nuke Callidor. Just because blades spam is so good even without Harra (as you can see from this build). And with Harra’s it’s going to be an extra projectile plus some flat and conversion - it’s gonna be pretty massive damage build.

Do you expect harra will be the new way to go for Pb spellbreaker?

I still don’t quite understand the conversion on frenetic throw… Doesn’t it convert all of your pierce to vitality before items take effect? Seems like you lose a lot there and won’t be able to convert it back. Makes the off hand cold conversion not even work doesn’t it? (I read on 2nd page that they split 50/50 but that goes against everything else ive searched…)

I’ve been looking a bit at vitality Pb witch hunter builds lately. How do they hold up/compare vs cold builds like this?

I think yes. But this build has great defensive crutch in a form of Olexra. It also has a lot more RR. As you can see from the video - it’s a pretty balanced build offensively and defensively.

With Harra it should do more damage but might lack defenses. What I am afraid of is that Infiltrators are just gonna abuse that set and make Spellbreakers (I think sorcs/sabouters are going to be very weak options for Harra anyway) pale in comparison.

Conversion from an item comes first iirc. So PB damage is mostly cold.

PB Witch Hunters are definitely in a different league damage-wise. But when it comes to quality of life and defenses I think this build is much better.

Yeah I’m not surprised, inquisitor outshines just about every mastery on an elemental build. Just way too many things making it the easy choice in so many builds.

Different league as in their damage is higher? Don’t they have much better life steal too?

yes, much higher damage and much higer life steal. But no mirror/nullification/problems with mana and generally less nimble because no CDR from Star Pact.

Im new to the game do you have any suggestions for levelling

I recommend searching these forums and googling Arcanist or/and Nightblade leveling guides. I answered this questions in a lot of my guides already, just look it up.

Ty for this build im loving it and its defensive feel on HC. Any changes after the patch? i noticed my dmg went up somehow. :slight_smile:

I might take a look at it, it’s a very fun build (due to Olexra’s freezing effects) afterall. Some obvious changes would include using bloodied crystals instead of topazes and as a result augments reshuffle and adding movement rune (I would go with Amatok Breath here probably).

Hey mad_lee love this build!

Here’s what I updated mine to, but I would love to hear your thoughts! Its a more general loadout I haven’t run it in anything high end yet…


Finally updated this build for Forgotten Gods. Slightly less damage then Harra’s Spellbreaker but tonns of fun thanks to some freezing shenenigans with OFF. Added new Grimtools and video to the op.

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Nice work dude, I’ll check it out soon

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Thanks mad_lee! Enjoying this build.


Just rushed 100 on a spellbreaker and I’ve been following your build. Could you help me with some newbie questions?

Why Seal of Might on the weapons? Am I overlooking conversion somewhere? Over is this primarily to cap bleed/pierce res?

Why Skyshard with base lightning on the ring? Assuming +cold damage and OA?

Thanks, really enjoying the big chilly puff from OFF.

I am not the author, but can help you.

  • As caster you can’t stack infinite number of armor, so you need physical resistance. Seal of might is good source of it. Secondary beneficial effects are other resistances boost and also some health bonus, which is Spellbreaker weakness .

  • Casters can’t really utilize the flat cold damage, they care about % one. Skyshard still hives you the same amount, but also gives flat offensive ability, which is useful in order to crit. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thank you Nery, I hadn’t made the connection that flat damage was for attacks. Makes sense. Appreciate the helpful reply.

Double Seal of Might for physical resists and also for bleeding and for pierce resistance.

Skyshard is for %damage and huge OA. Base flat Lightning can be utilized on builds like Korba Trickster or just melee Lightning builds. It’s meaningless for a caster.

Hope you are going to enjoy the build once you put all the gear together, it’s pretty fun and strong.

i was wondering if the “frenetic throw” affect to the convertion pierce to cold or is not…