[] Olexra's Disciple: 7m 150-170 Crucible Gladiator 0 greens cold PB/OFF Spellbreaker [c+][sr]


Young girl had a cold stare. She was one of the few ones who wasn’t scared to look Olexra directly in the eyes. “This is not your war. I can’t have another one of my followers death on my hands”. Girl kept staring at her. “You hear me? This is not another one of your knifes throwing show, a lot of our people died for this”. Sometimes Olexra thought she never knew this girl despite nurturing her from young age and teaching her the art of Spellbreakers. Long ago she found her - an orphan travelling with a band of bandits, remnants of Cronley’s Gang, who transformed themselves into a travelling circus show after Cronley was killed and Black Legion started to enforce the Imperial Law again in Cairn after victory in Malmouth. She always amused audience with her knife throwing skills, always hitting the target, no matter how small it was or what obstacles were before it.

Girl kept looking at Olexra with her cold blue eyes, silent. Olexra knew that there was no way that girl doesn’t follow her. “All right”, said Olexra. “There is one last thing I have to teach you. If you want to shatter your foes with your knifes - you will have to learn how to freeze them first”.

*This build was born after Stupid Dragon asked me if I know any Phantasmal Blades spam Spellbreaker builds. Well, I didn’t. And what a silly idea, PB spam Breaker. Right? Well…

The Build Remade this build for Forgotten Gods. It deals slightly less damage then Harra but offers different kind of playstyle. It’s still a lot of fun with Olexra’s deep freeze.


*craft for Stun resist.

Why Spellbreaker?

While cold PB spam Infiltrator should in theory be better in damage deparment, Spellbreaker in Mageslayer set is just much more comfortable and fun to play. Zero mana problems, almost capped casting speed, respectable cooldown reduction and just massive Crowd Control with Olexra’s Flash Freeze (with -%Freeze resistance), Nullification, Circle of Slaughter.

The Gear

Mageslayer set offers a massive support to basically any kind of Elemental caster that has Arcanist or Nightblade in it. It’s a core of the build that gives us pretty juicy resist reduction and enables Olexra’s Flash Freeze to actually freeze and debuff enemies. Rings/Relic/Belt/Medal are there to get PB to 24/16 (when extra projectile is added) and gives us other vital stats. Pants + boots are covering our resists (especially slow res) as well as offering us some skill points. Weapon + Chest is something that I tested quite a bit, and those ones fitted build the best. Especially weapon, the only thing that will be better is a sickly rolled Ugdenbog’s Chillstrife (although it would have to roll +Phantasmal Blades on it).

Oh, and craft everything at Angrim for stun resistance.

Skills and Devotions

I found Ultos to be a great source of AOE as well as weapon damage to leech from. Everything else is more or less standard with stars on this one. Revenant is there mostly to counter Reapers (but casting speed is great too obviously).

When it comes to skills I just had to let Lethal Assault go. It was driving me insane and making this build clunky and awkward as hell. Its flat damage bonus is lost on PB anyway, so I just compensated for OA loss with gear/augments. Freed up skill points were used to take Night’s Chill to 19/10, which is pretty big for a cold caster build. And without Amarasta’s Blade Burst this build is just a pure pleasure to play.


With permanent buffs + Pneumatic Burst

Magical (with Barbaros’ proc)

Videos 7:15 minutes run (average should be 7-7:30 on a good PC)

Mad Queen (9-10 seconds kill timer on average)

150-170 7:15 run (lucky with mutators and monsters I guess, but still should be at least 30 seconds faster on good pc)

In Conclusion

Man felt a grip of deathly chill paralyzing his muscles and slowly draining the life out of his body. He couldn’t move. Memories of his service in Black Legion flashed before him. He knew that enrolling as a guard in house of Malakor was never a good idea but he had no choice, there was hardly any way to make a living in Cairn after Grim Dawn happened. “My father”. He looked up and saw a young girl holding few throwing knifes with blood dripping from them. His blood. Somehow her standing that close to him made him feel even colder. “My father” she repeated. He wanted to curse, but he couldn’t speak, his jaw seemed to be frozen. After a bit of struggle all he could hiss out was “Wench!”. “My father”, continued the girl calmly, “You remember his name. You were in the party that captured and killed him”. Man felt like he was fading but girl’s cold gaze somehow kept him awake. “His name”, she said, “His name was Fabius”. Last thing he saw was a cold flash of a dozen of blades hurled his way. Or was it girl’s eyes. There was noone left alive to tell for sure.

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love me some spam pblades especially with that silly lookin axe :smiley: How do you feel about setup w/o revenant?

also what’s with the trash tier +skills on your relic sir

There is not much I can squeeze in there instead of Revenant. I can take Undying God proc and remaining nods on Amatok, but with 194% (actually 188% without Revenant) casting speed and pretty big Critical Damage I already have I don’t feel it’s going to be much of a damage boost. And Undead damage nods feel very important especially against double Reaper combo (build doesn’t have amazing armor or physical resist).

Relic is actually from the previous build which Nex and Ortus Spellbreaker, I just forgot to GDstash new one for that build (but if Nemesis rolls Phantasmal Blades line bonuses, it would be obviously good to have them).

That’s some high quality Santa Barbara :rolleyes:

A girl has no name? :stuck_out_tongue:

Will there be more episodes? Yes? No? Who knows, but it’s almost like I am lowkey writing fan fiction based on Grim Dawn.

This new Mageslayer thingy is pretty good. But how would you feel about a cdr version?

As you probably know I have a version of CDR PB on a Trozan Spellbreaker. I am not sure what will I do between PB casts here. Spam Chillspikes? Constant PB spam makes this Breaker very tough to put down.

Recorded Mad Queen kill. Kill timer is 9-10 seconds, so decent single target damage but maybe a bit lower than other PB builds.

Dumb question here. Does your off hand override the convert to vitality from frenetic throw? And is there a way to level without the offhand? is it viable?

If I recall correctly PB damage gets split between cold and vitality with this off-hand and with frenetic throw. I might be wrong but you can search these forums for this info. Tooltip shows mostly cold damage anyway.

For leveling you shouldn’t use Phantasmal Blades really, there are plenty of leveling guides for a Spellbreaker, just search forums.

This is correct, transmuter and item skill modifier have equal priority, so damage is split 50/50

Got some time over to read this. Very nice build! I have to give this a try (getting tired of my Soulrend spellbreaker) and I have all the gear needed (good that you left out greenies in the build) :slight_smile:

What if I have some dope kra’vall shoulders (chaos > cold conversion) would they be good or is the full mageslayer set required?

I understand that set buffs OFF much, but how important is that for single big scarry dudes?

Full mage slayer is pretty much essential because Olexra creates that safety net between you and all the deadly damage coming your way in Crucible. Plus full set adds quite a bit of additional RR. If you want the most powerful Spellbreaker, play N&O SS Breaker that I made, it also utilizes Mageslayer btw.


No more SS for awhile lol :smiley:

Hey malawiglenn can you please post grimtools of your soulrend spellbreaker,didnt finde it on your youtube channel,thanx

Ah I wish I still have her geared up and so, I am just in the process of changing her to this build. I should have saved a GrimTools for reference :confused:

But I went with Silver sentinel helm and shoulders, chilling grip of haggarad gloves, Nightscorn ring, mageslayer amulet, rest of gear basically heavy armor tanky stuff like Stoneplate greaves of Kings etc.

2 questions:
hello! this is my first character and im using this build as a template for leveling up and i’d like to know what the skill rotation is.

my guess is

Shadowstrike > Olexra > Ring of Steel and then spam Phantasmal Blades until cooldowns come back

is this correct?

Question 2:
there are 3 toggle abilities that you just pop on and forget, should I be putting these skills in the skillbar or is there some place they can stay on some other out of the way bar somehwere in the UI [like in WOW]

Thank you in advance and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS AWESOME GUIDE :slight_smile:


Welcome to the game and to the forum.

Good luck finding all these items with your first char :wink:

You have two skill bars that you can switch back and forth to, I think “Y” is the default key(?) so most of us place the toggle skills on that second bar and have the other skills on the first bar.

The only constant in skill rotations is that you wanna apply RR and spam your main skill. So SS>PB spam. Where RoS and OFF comes in depends on you.

Question 2:
there are 3 toggle abilities that you just pop on and forget, should I be putting these skills in the skillbar or is there some place they can stay on some other out of the way bar somehwere in the UI [like in WOW]

You can put them on the second skill bar (I forgot the default hotkey for it tho). Cast them then swap back to the first bat where you have all your main skills.

That’s really not a good build to level with, mate. It also works in end-game because of the specific items. 99% of builds is items first. I recommending searching this forum for leveling guide for Nightblades. Shadow Strike would be the easiest way. But don’t worry though, if you are new and it’s your first character, you can always try legitimate trading on these forums and purchase items for crafting materials for example.