Why is there essentially nothing for cold casters?

Being fairly new to the game I assumed there was equal support for casters based on the damage types. In terms of skills that do cold/frostburn damage I see OFF/TSS in Arcanist, VoS+Night’s Chill in Nightblade. Yes, devotions help.

I don’t know much about Crate or their plans for the game. Are there holes in class roles that might be filled by future classes? I see tons of acid, lightning, fire, vitality, etc but not cold. I know that equipment can change damage types. Seems like quite an investment that could be spent in ways other than conversion.

I’ve read Reddit and here, going back years, trying to find a point where cold was well supported so that I could extrapolate to the current patch. It’s possible I missed something. What I have now though, is nothing.

Am I reading the situation correctly?


You just haven’t looked hard enough.

Since the game is pretty much complete now there’ll be no additional masteries added to it. Conversion does play a big part in making builds these days.


Thank you very much for the links! Conversion plays a much bigger role than I expected. I was looking for ranged cold skills – the traditional ice/frost mage from the fantasy genre. Taking a skill that isn’t initially of the damage type you want and then converting it, is huge.

Without reading these build posts I would not have guessed.


Conversion opens up a ton of options sure but you don’t need it via endgame gear to start making a Cold caster. From the get-go you have these as options:

  • Trozan’s Sky Shard
  • Rune of Hagarrad
  • Phantasmal Blades*
  • Blade Spirit
  • Drain Essence w/ Gravechill
  • Wind Devil (though it is more Lightning focused by default)

*Will be harder to start off with than the others but shouldn’t be impossible once you get ahold of items like Kra’Vall’s Shoulderguards or Gargoyle’s Waistguard for easily accessible conversion whilst levelling. Late game, there are a few faction items that add in more as well.

Component abilities like Winter King’s Might and Chillspikes are secondary options as well, though you won’t get access to those until late into levelling.


Mythical Dementia as well. 45% vit to cold is gooooood. https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9342

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