[] Death, Soulrend SS 2H Caster-SpellBreaker SR 80+

Today I bring you the second horseman, Death. I wanted to use Soulrend on a character. Original idea was to be infiltrator, but dmg was wierd. Then it was swaped to arcanist and boom. The dmg from points put into spirit is insane.

Build also has %26 attack damage converted to HP. Main Skill is Shadowstrike with 1.2 second cooldown. By the time we spam burst and ring of steel shadowstrike is already back up!


With Procs we are sitting at 3200 OA and 3000 DA with lots of freeze and slow as well as 3 second immunity from arcanist and heal from nightblade.

GT Link:https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbnYDQV

SR 80:

SR 81:

Honestly build could go 1-2 more shards leech is really high.

Special thanks to @romanN1 for giving the Shadowstrike idea and Official Community GD Discord for fine tuning it.

If anyone wants to take this build to crucible people give me heads up on how it performs I dont play crucible :confused:

Also War is coming!


Now this is a build to my taste!!! Wicked!

Thanks man.

Any version without greens?

Boots could be changed, Girdle is needed.


do the necessary chances for resist, I am too lazy right now :confused:

Thanks for the N ICE build, your name and toon’s name gonna save my time naming it :slight_smile: