[] Nex & Ortus Mageslayer Spellbreaker - 5:45 Crucible [g3][c+][vid]


I’m making my first actual melee build by bringing an old classic into the modern world. Nex & Ortus isn’t seen very often these days, and Mageslayer is seriously underappreciated in my opinion. It might not look like much at first glance and some of it might seem weird but it all fits together perfectly.

Thanks to @sir_spanksalot for helping me improve the build.

Original concept by @mad_lee



It’s a legitimately obtainable build this time! Mark of Calamitous Desires is an alternate medal with similar performance, but I think Dark Dreams performs a little better. Craft for slow res, stun res, and %physique in that order.

The devotions are pretty unique but they fit together well. Meteor Shower puts in a lot of work here with all the physical conversion and the ridulous RR OFF gives. You can try using the new cold rings for the aether conversion, but I didn’t want to give up all the stats the current rings give.


Character sheet with permanent buffs, Pneumatic Burst and Lethal Assault


5:13 is a particularly good run with the average being around 5:45. Mutators can cause you some problems with CC resistance or just Kuba with cold resist mutators, but thankfully the build doesn’t totally rely on freeze and doesn’t fall apart.


Wow, another top quality build from Plasmo! :clap:

This has been done in the past iirc but with nowhere near these results. Brilliant use of IEE transmuter and Meteors.

Why Reign rings instead of Alkamos? Or one Eternal Haunt?

I like having the extra fire damage, crit and crafting bonus from the ice and fire rings. I didn’t even consider Eternal Haunt, one of them might be a good idea.

Cold damage is the main focus, but the fire damage definitely isn’t insignificant here so I think it’s worthwhile to get as much as possible.

In that case, wouldn’t Mark of Calamitous Desires medal be better?

I tried it, I ended up getting slightly better times with Dark Dreams. Probably because it lets me dump more spirit. Either way it’s pretty close.

Yeah, I always forget that DA = spirit.

Glad to see the build post hombre

What a cool build! :sunglasses:

Your N&O put Saboteurs to shame(not a big surprise). Fun fact of the day: Nex and Ortus established Rome while they were playing.

So I played this build, thank you, Plasmo, for the save folder.

Really brings back the memories. Build is very well put together, the only thing I have changed is devotion bindings, and threw three points from IEE into Nullification for smoother gameplay.

Here is my fastest run with it, 5:48:

BTW, I might be the second builder who made N&O Spellbreaker. I think @Jagermeister was first one to do it, although I did my build without knowing about his iirc. Also, his build is closer to yours, he too used Beronath Strikes while I used SS.

Hi build looks fun and well put together. One question, how would you specc it for HC im assuming some of the spirit goes to phys.
Anything ells i should think of? This type of build is my favorite grim dawn play style but also the style that kills most of my characters ^^

I have absolutely no experience in HC, so I’m probably not going to be much help. Put all the spirit points in physique and go to at least 7/12 mirror. Other than that I’m not sure.

Also put a point in blade barrier for an extra way to survive.

Put on SR set.

nice one, have similar one.
whats your thought’s on leviathan devotion?

Leviathan is a good devotion with a terrible path. You just lose too much by going for purple devotions.


You could however try sth with Seekers as build is already almost tri elemental

tried this build and didnt had any problems clearing new dungeon nor killing the new boss.
great build!

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen a N&O SB. Very nicely put together, 22/12 OFF is so much fun to watch and play with. :slight_smile:

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By the way in the GT there are Elemental balance rings and in the screenshot there are Reign of ice and fire

I updated the GT after I posted the build and didn’t change the screenshot. Elemental Balance rings are better, but ice and fire are still good. Epic Alkamos rings are also competitive but take forever to farm legitimately.

How does it perform in SR?

I switch my build around a lot and not as optimized as this. On a personal level I haven’t found a more enjoyable campaign/nemesis farmer than Mageslayer Spellbreaker. Hoping I’ll get a couple drops to try Mad lee’s PB version. Definitely has my vote for a satisfying build to play!