[] Nex & Ortus Mageslayer Spellbreaker - 5:45 Crucible [g3][c+][vid]

Quick question, why Revenant? Doesn’t the resist reduction from Sacred Balance make the resist reduction from Raise the Dead irrelevant?

The nodes are all really useful here, adcth and and attack speed are needed. You can use Solael’s Witchblade instead, but I’m not sure if it will be better.

Got it, thanks for the fast response. I re-purposed my old Spellbreaker into this since I had most of the gear and it’s been really fun so far.

Wow, this build has such an amazing concept. Didnt even know mageslayer set existed, which makes OFF endgame viable… And on top of that i guess it’s one of the few, if not the only one (from the ones i’m aware of) which focuses on 2 dmg types. It also follow the original concept i wanted to follow when GD first released: a glass cannony melee dual wielder with OFF as mass CC.

I just rolled a new char just to give this a shot, it looks just amazing.

Thanks for sharing!

So uhm btw. Are the boss resistances, divided by tiers, showed on the wiki still relevant ? Tier 6 bosses should still be immune to freeze with mageslayer, but from the video you posted i see there are no bosses immune to it. Also from grimtools looks like max freeze resist on bosses is 120% and not 500%?

I have no idea, I just know that it works. I’d trust grimtools over the wiki though.

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Alright so there are basically no bosses completely immune to it with mageslayer amirite?

There are a couple. I’m pretty sure moosilauke is immune, maybe a few others.

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If any armor pieces could be replaced with greens, which ones and what prefixes/suffixes would work best? I am thinking belt and boots.

sorry for another noob question but…I’ve noticed that you skip (and other top build makers do this aswell) skip amarasta quick cut…Since your WPS pool is not full is there any particular reason not to put 1 point in that, just to have more chance to use a WPS instead of a simple autoattack? :S

Apparently it’s a dps loss. I haven’t done the math on it myself so I’m just trusting everyone else :man_shrugging:

Ah…I see thanks, that seems…odd? guess it has to do with the animation?
EDIT: btw another noob question… if ring of frost works like OFF (i.e. doesn’t do damage and doesn’t apply debuff to enemies immune to freeze) don’t you lose the fumble granted by circle of slaughter on bosses?

Afaik, the only time AQC is good is when:

  • you got lots of ranks for free
  • AND you’re pierce and not using Markovian Advantage or cold with 100% conversion from pierce
  • OR you’re acid with many ranks in NHH

Reason is animation speed.

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I absolutely love this build, thank you so much for making it. It has officially become my main character, and dedicated clearer/farmer.

A question though…

I have been unable to come up with Arcane Harmony (Leg’s), and Mythical Mark of Dark Dreams (medal).
Currently I am utilizing Mark of Calamitous Desires, and Legwraps of Tranquil Mind.

Is there any other BiS items that I should be utilizing in place of these two?

Right now I am having so much trouble clearing final boss in Forgotten Oasis. And I am feeling its because my OA is at 3224, but my DA is only 2441.

Thanks for any advice.

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Glad you’re enjoying the build!

I’m not sure of your current stats, but if your DA is that low you should probably be going for a full physique dump to remedy it. Calamitous Desires is probably the second best medal, so that’s the best you can do there. If you need more DA, legplates of valor are an option to replace the pants.

Is Cord of violent decay viable with this if Phantom-Thread Girdle is unavailable? Or are there other alternatives?

Negatory. It converts fire to aether.

And star pact converts aether to cold, or would this be a false economy?
Guess it will have to be Arcanoweave cord till I can find phantom-thread.

Damage can’t be converted twice, so aether gets converted to cold and fire gets converted to aether. You’ll be losing a lot of fire damage.

Arcanoweave is fine. A cold nightblade belt is also fine.


Thank you both. I’ve crafted and farmed everything bar phantom, looking forward to trying this one. :+1:

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