Need help with a spellbreaker farming build

This is a modified version of the following build sans the medal which I don’t have.

I don’t know about the original build but my modification can’t manage The Tomb of the Heretic due to invariably choking on Morgoneth. Any way to improve my version without the Alkamos’ or Magi rings? Thanks.

PS. Actually, just completed the Alkamos’ set.

I’m not seeing much sustain in that build. Which is probably fine for normal use since you’re just freezing everything anyway. But against bosses, which have high freeze resist, you’re going to need sustain, especially against Morgoneth who is notoriously nasty against kiting. Using Lifestealer Oil could be a good idea, as well as swapping out your hand component for Restless Remains. You could also get lots more lifesteal from devotions, but that would require basically an entirely different devotion setup and at that point it almost feels like ruining the build. But maybe that bit of lifesteal could make the difference.
You could also try to fit more Vitality resist in, since that’s one of his major damage types. Aim for 33% overcap against him. You could swap out Dreeg’s Omen for an augment with vitality resist, or you could use Deathwhisper Ointment.
I feel like that build is just going to struggle against Morgoneth, since the best way to beat him is to just facetank and that build definitely isn’t built to facetank much. Hopefully those suggestions help some.
Edit: I took a look at the original build, the OP got revenant in devotions which probably shores up a lot of those sustain issues. If you want to change devos, probably just run with what they use.

I’d also suggest taking two points out of Nightfall and putting them into Maiven’s Sphere of Protection. You could take two points out of anything really but that seems like the most obvious place.

Oh also, you don’t really need to overcap pierce resistance when compared to most other damage types, so it could be a good idea to swap out some augments that have pierce res for ones with different resistances.

Unfortunately even with overcapped vitality resist and additional 10% life steal, Morgoneth does too much damage to the melee spellbreaker.