[] Frozen Spaghetti - Cold PRM Mage Hunter - 5:30 Crucible [g3][c+][vid]


I’m back with yet another build based around cold converted Arcanist abilities. Cold PRM has typically been the weakest of the bunch by a large margin, but I’ve managed to pull it up to be a quite competitive option. The key once again was to use the new conversion options for lightning to cold like in my TSS Druid.

Credit to @Nery for the original cold PRM build.



Craft everything for physique to reach the gear requirements. If you can’t get enough, putting more points in physique is totally fine of course. The build may look fragile, but the only times I’ve died have been times where I haven’t even pressed mirror. Mage Hunters with maxed Seal are incredibly tanky naturally.

Once again, Chains of Anguish is incredibly powerful and isn’t as dangerous as it looks. It’ll be getting nerfed next patch, so if the nerf is too harsh to keep using it it’s an easy swap to arcanoweave cord with minimal sacrifices.

If you want more survivability it’s as simple as putting more points in physique to suit your needs. A full physique dump will net you 300 more DA, so just use as much as you need.

Stats with permanent buffs and Word of Renewal up.


My current best time with I think some more room for improvement. Average times are around 5:30.

@mad_lee’s 5:19 run.

Where’s the love for this build???

Making a top-tier cold PRM build, imo, is an incredible theorycrafting feat.

Plasmo, you did it yet again ya beautiful bastard

EDIT: Is ring of anubar really better than a second invoker ring?

^Did we also have this conversation before?


I think so. The last 2 points of distortion would be great, but that’s really all it offers. The OA, resists, proc, and %damage of anubar push it ahead I think. The cast speed is comfortably capped so that’s not an issue either.

Yes. That said, I wasn’t using any invoker rings then so you did convince me.

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Did you consider these shoulders? I haven’t done the math, but losing 30% lightning conversion might be worth hardcapping distortion

EDIT: It’s also not as though lightning damage is badly supported here too

I didn’t consider them, but maybe I should have. I imagine just using rift-torn greaves would lead to less of a damage loss if capping distortion is important. Points in supercharged aren’t that great so that’s not a big issue.

Might be worth a run or 2 with it, though i doubt you’d notice much of a clear speed difference with such a small sample, because it isn’t exactly HUGELY groundbreaking as far as DPS goes (if it even is a DPS increase that is).

Build looks min/maxed af. I doubt there’s much room for improvement.

Yeah, it’s definitely a worthy consideration, I valued the conversion pretty highly but as you said I do still have a lot of %lightning and lightning RR. I’ll try the shoulders or boots out next time I come back to the build.

Damn, that’s incredible time!

I didn’t even know cold version can be that good, congrats for the build. So what spaghetti are best served cold… :smile:

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I spy with my little eye CHAINS OF ANGUISH belt :)))

Solid build, skills, items (except belt :stuck_out_tongue:) and devotions are on point.

I don’t get however how you equipped those gloves? Like you have max 16% physique crafting bonus from items, or am I missing something?

There’s 5 crafts so it’s 20%, belt is crafted too remember? Yeah the belt is OP but i’m limiting it to builds that can easily swap it out without issues, and arcanoweave fits here just as well.

Should be Phantom-thread, imo. Also comes with physique requirment deduction so even more points into Spirit. Gonna start testing your build now!

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This is the fastest run I could manage - 5:19 - no Kubas, great mutators, decent-ish piloting by me. Very solid build, squishier than Lightning PRM, but unless you fuck up it’s hard to die (died once out of like 15 tries to a weird two-shot from solo Steward on 160), just don’t be greedy with mirror.

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