SERIOUS SAM - Warlock, superboss killer (c+)(SR+)(g3)

GT link and in-game stats if you are lazy enough to read the whole text

Skills and devotions explanation
There is no trick in skill distribution:

  • 15 points in Vulnerability - you need as much RR as possible
  • Maxed Trozan’s Sky Shard is a main source of damage
  • Maxed Sigil of Consumption is an additional source of damage and a source of lifeleech.

Other things are pretty default like maxing Maiven’s Sphere or cap 10/10 Nullification.

It’s far more interesting to look at devotions:

  • The build utilizes both of cold and lightning RR in devotions
  • To support both types of damage I decided to take Amatok and Ulthos
  • No Giant/Bat. Instead this Warlock uses Ghoul that helps a lot thanks to weapon damage in component skill and Ulthos proc. Lifeleech from Sigil of Consumption replaces Giant very well.
    Note: for superboss fights it’s better to take Giant.

Why there are two RR and two types of damage? Does it make sense?
100% sure. Arcanist is a mastery without RR. It means that you’ll spend way more time to kill resistant enemies. (Kubacabra/ Fabius for cold build, Grava’Thul, the Voiddrinker for lightning)

  • By using both of cold and lightning your killtime of resistant enemies improves a lot.
  • Not to mention, your SoC deals mostly cold damage, so additional RR improves your lifeleech.

Gear explanation and alternatives
Note: craft at least two items for slow res.
Obviously the Trozan’s Skybreach and the Eastern Oath sets are the core of the build, and you can’t replace its items.

It’s quiet an easy to pilot this build in Crucible:

  • Lifeleech from SoC helps you vs. groups of enemies. Sometimes you need to use Mirror being surrounded. Spam your Nullification to clear debuffs from you and buffs from targets.
  • Be smart with SoC, it starts dealing damage and healing you only after one second.
  • Don’t panic in nemesis waves. Burst enemies with your skills. Don’t forget after using Mirror that you still have Ghoul and Prismatic Diamond.
  • Do not run like headless chicken, make a couple of steps, then attack
  • Using Mirror vs. Alex’s meteors and Grava’s manaburn.
  • Beware of Rashalga, the Mad Queen at 162. She screams twice. At the second time use MoE. Right at the last moment of Mirror use Nullification.
  • As usual be careful with wave 169.

Shattered Realm is surprisingly fine with this char. Kite, spam your skills, and you’ll be fine.
Pay additional attention to heavy melees ( Grava’Thul, the Voiddrinker, Reaper of the Lost, Father Kymon, Avatar of Korvaak and Gargabol, Heart of the Wild with his second phase).
Pay attention to Mad Queen, play vs. this bitch just like in Cruci
You may kite the whole boss team if there is no Valdaran.

Useful links
Trozan’s Skybreach, Lightning/Cold Caster Druid by thejabrixone
The Whole Trozan Warlock/Druid by Pareto





That Sigil FX looks Awesome! Definitely going to try this out, thanks DMT.

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Sigil was good and now even better! Really liking the changes there.

But I must ask, is that illusion you use a mod or what? I think I have never seen that hood, shoulder, and robe in the game…

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Great build, except I wouldn’t get that greedy with jewellery augments and put one for 70 DA to get that DA to a more comfortable level.

Very interesting devotion choices and ring choices! Kudos for creativity!

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Congrats on the build!

This was my expectation for first build posted. Nice to see Warlock removed from meme tier list.

I had planned to level 1-100 TSS lock and for my guide this will be the end game recommended version!


Bring forth the Warlocks! I’ll post mine when GrimTools is updated.

This devotion setup is charming. You don’t often see effective casters with a fully bi-elemental approach.

A small note on relic choice: even though I like Eternity myself, I think you might want to consider Iskandra’s Balance, if and where you can stomach the DA loss. It’s quite effective for Skybreach Warlock, moreso than Druid, and here it would also boost Cataclysm’s damage.

(Nice illusions, by the way; I didn’t know the Emissary getup was accessible. Is it a mod?)

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cold warlock is awsome , and my chaos warlock still on the meme tier:mask:

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Thank all of you for your words :upside_down_face:

In genereal - Leviathan doesn’t deal any good damage, so I changed the spec, I will update it later

@Pareto @thejabrixone
Illusion is available through GDstash “add all illusions” option

And I will gladly share a link to your beginner guide!

Should be awesome to follow :slight_smile:

Wow, good biuld, @Dmt

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Hey, sorry for the noobish question: is Sigil of Consumption still converts % Attack damage to Health with the Cold conversion? :thinking:

Yes of course

Any tips or a guide to leveling up a Warlock?

The best lvling way is through Arcanist with Olexra and component skill giving you some kind of fireball. I leveled up even with Panetti

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Amatok setup is way better then Leviathan

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That pierce resist was bugging me out so I went for a renegade’s stoneplate greaves of incantations. I’ll miss the +2 skills to IEE and vulnerability a lot, but I wonder if it’s better in SR. Hrrm.

If I were Z, I would add some defensive options to the set (more HP, increased healing effects ect). It won’t affect Cruci clear time, but make Warlock a lot more resilient and friendly to play in SR

I’m curious: what do you use the IEE bonus for?

I just meant the little dmg loss, vulnerability is the important one. As in, footpads of the grey magi “fits” better but I want my resists higher.

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you are lucky to not meet gravathul + another charger in boss room. That usually is a run forfeit now.