[] Trozan's Comet - Trozan's Skybreach, Lightning/Cold Caster Druid

19th Aug 2019 Update 1: Thanks to @Dmt and @mad_lee, Minor update by changing relic to Eternity and shifting points from Nullification to MoE. Cutting cruci clear time by 15 sec while being safer and consistent

The Build

With all permanent buff.
DPS shown is stormfire.

Build Feature


  • Insane cruci clear speed
  • Full spellcaster gameplay
  • Super massive AoE


  • You need to learn to kite
  • Using trozan and so many proc that are comet based, build cannot work effectively in arches
Build Overview

Shout-out to trozan enthusiast @Pareto and for one of the latest previous trozan druid/warlock poster @Dmt. This is my latest take on trozan set. Finally can make it work somewhat consistently and comfortably.

To be honest, I actually wanted to make a lightning AAR + wind devil build with trozan set and stormseer amulet, insane clear speed but hard to make it consistent. Then I respec to trozan instead and polish it to death. :stuck_out_tongue:

Trozan build has been around from a long time since vanilla but seems like no one has make the build with the speed on par with most of the craziest set. So here it is, crazy trozan build. One of the fastest I made. The build utilize the new iskandra offhand for strengthening TSS and elemental RR, some aether>lightning conversion, some fire>lightning conversion, some vitality>lightning conversion. The build hold a lot of procs, ranging from the set, rings, offhand, pants, and boots.

On a side note, the build got 250k electrocute /frostburn DoT in dummy testing. Duration is not spectacular though, just a nice bonus.

On defense, we have prismatic diamond proc, 4.25 sec Giant’s blood downtime, decent health regen, 13 sec Mirror of Ereoctes, ghoul procs, unlife procs, and nullification. Use nullification generously for both offense and defense.

Equipment Choices

Try to get maximum CDR, conversion, and Craft equipment at Kaylon for stun res.

Core Items:
Trozan’s Skybreach Set
Off-Hand: Mythical Iskandra’s Texts [strengthening trozan, good stats, give crucial RR.]
Gloves: Cindertouch. [Converting some fire to Lightning, giving massive OA, and proc]
Rings: 2x Mythical Glyph of the Storm Witch [Converting Aether > Lightning, high OA, nice res, nice proc, relevant bonus.]
Amulet: Mythical Stormseer Sapphire [Converting Fire > Lightning, nice stats, relevant skill bonus.]
Belt: Chain of Brandis. [Shaman’s new MI lightning belt that convert Vitality to lightning, get as max conversion as possible. Tempest prefix is BiS, Thunderstruck is also good. Use whatever you deem good.]
Relic: Eternity. [Quicken your defensive procs and ability, make the run much smoother, get +Star pact as completion bonus]

Supporting Items:
Pants: Mythical Leggings of Arcane Currents. [Relevant skill bonus, nice DA, nice stats]
Boots: Stormbearers. [Nice plus to maelstrom, nice DA, decent stats]
Medal: Mythical Mark of Unlife. [Giving massive DA, nice set of def stats, decent healing procs.]
Movement Rune: Use whatever you like. I use rune of Ultos’ Arrival at the moment.


*Lightning focus devo with Aetherfire *

Twin Fangs > to Storm Totem
Aetherfire > to Wind Devil
Arcane Bomb > to Trozan’s Sky Shard
Elemental Storm > to Stormfire
Hand of Ultos > to Grasping Vines
Giant’s Blood > to whatever permanent buff
Ghoulish Hunger > to whatever permanent buff
Spear of the Heavens > to whatever permanent buff


LMB: Stormfire
RMB: Point to move
Mouse Scroll Up/Down: Grasping Vines
Middle Mouse Button: Nullification
Keyboard 1: Movement Rune
Keyboard 2: Storm Totem
Keyboard 3: Trozan’s Sky Shard
Keyboard 4: Mirror of Ereoctes
Keyboard 5: Wind Devil

Standard procedure:
Summon wind devil, always have 4 active
Scroll Up to trigger continuous ultos’ thunder
Movement rune in/out.
Set Storm totem around you
Hold stormfire button while mashing TSS and totem button

Ensure enemies to always hit by grasping vines
Use Nullification generously for offense and defense, particulary for shielded enemy, clustered heroes, madqueen red aura, any hero mage, and nemesis.

Cast Mirror of Ereoctes when you are surrounded by multiple nemesis or when giant’s blood is in cooldown.

Kite if necessary.

Build Performance

Update 1. For 170 Crucible, video with 4 buff without banner:

5:50 clear time. Yes, this is a NO BANNER run. LoL

Old video with iskandra relic, still without banner (6:05 clear time):

Shattered Realm:
Will be check later, too lazy to climb higher shards

This is my current fastest build. Need to check if iskandra mage hunter can be faster :upside_down_face:


for some reason video link is not working. And how is a druid nowadays compared to a tss warlock?

Thanks, it’s been fixed now.
Druid is more offensive, warlock is more defensive.


Warlock has the big plus of the insane leech from sigil of consumption, which is invaluable imho.

Druid should be perfectly playable, btw. You have more noticeable damage sources (TSS + WD + ST) at the cost of some survivability.

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thanks for your quick responses. Glad to know i wont convert to a warlock. I hate defensive versions cause i normally fall asleep if builds are way to tanky
Cool build though still salty for changes in some skill animations related to this build :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought you only played Paladin

@thejabrixone Nice. Trozan’s really good now. I’m currently tooling conjurer now. Good thing all three classes is gonna be viable.

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TSS’ new animation is weird indeed. I also prefer the old animation.

Though it will be interesting to build fire sigil with warlock now. I don’t know how good warlock will be now. Don’t know if it’s worth to level one now.

Druid is much more interesting with all the super offensive spec it has

Paladins will always be in my heart. but recently Im starting other builds too since Zantai continues to blaspheme the holy class by not putting it in number one spot. Such a shame really.

and regarding TSS: this skill has gone a long way from being unplayable in crucible a year ago to a high tier gameplay nowadays.

I have a warlock but Id rather not taint it with tss. Druid seems to me the right class for it but kudos for Crate(except Zantai) for creating variety

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Thanks. Conjurer is really good now with all the best pet build and good caster.

Paladin is good. It’s just there’s not many build discovered yet. You can try my hellborne paladin if you want to feel the power.

On TSS, yeah it’s a good nuker. I prefer iskandra mage Hunter version though. Similar clear time but much more resilient. Playing trozan druid is like being a mad dog. Lol. Very strong, but you really need to know what you are doing.

Nice build! Trozan Druid is one of the evergreen builds in Grim Dawn.

“In order to play this build you need to learn how to kite” Yup that’s true. I have played Trozan Druid and my times were slightly under 7 minutes with banner, cause I panic and instead of doing small side steps I am running chaotically like a headless chicken :rofl:


I’m dumb. Why not use seal of skies?

Edit: nevermind, I see the conversion now.

seal of skies is decent for AoE, stormfire is good for more sustain and additional single target damage.

As this build has already massive AoE, stormfire fit like a glove. Strengthen it with fire>lightning conversion and it become a really good additional source of damage while also being a very good proccer.

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Makes a lot of sense to have single target damage when you already have a lot of AOE.

I’ve been using an eternity/time dilation twin fangs/ghoulish hunger and haunted steel TSS build, but it is obviously relatively slow.

I think I will try your build out in the SR with featherstep greaves (which will also help with movement speed as your default is only 125 and I like at least 131) as I find crucible too boring now, as soon as I find a good belt.

I also like no aether corruption as I find it clumsy.

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Looks stronk!

Amulet just for converting Imp? Looks like a suboptimal choice, no? Have you tested it against Iskandra’s Focusing Prism?

If you look at all of my builds, I never ever use time dilation, I really bad at skill rotation. LoL.
Sure, try it please. Update your finding here if any… :slight_smile:

Well, it’s capable of 6 min without banner… :stuck_out_tongue:
Not only imp, but also stormfire and cinderwind.
Previosly I want to try this amulet for lightning AAR with trozan set, but hard to make it consistent. Try lightning callidor too, but TSS with its full skill mod is still better in dealing single target damage.
Respec to trozan and polish it until this build happen.

Stormseer have conversion, relevant plus skills, and freaking +1 arcanist. This build need a lot of plus skills.

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I strongly recommend trying out Iskandra’s Amulet with max cdr roll. I am almost certain it will be better.

Or not better. But it’s worth testing imo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hmmmm… 18 skill points + damaging conversion vs 120% elemental damage+100 OA + 6% CDR???
Highly doubt it, it will only speeding up my giant’s blood by 1.5 sec, and mirror here is only used for panic button. OA is nice, but it’s already pretty high now and my crit damage is not that hot.

Will check it some other time, need to think about build for under utilized item for now… LoL

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I like it.
Here some points from me:

  • Eternity is better for Druid. It’s too important to have as less CDR as possible for your defensive cooldawns. With this awesome belt it makes sense to try Wendigo Mark.
  • Why not Iscandra amulet? Extra 120% to elemental and damage modifier for Mirror
  • Such trap and stun res are deadly in SR

Badass illusion as always and a good choice on medal
Edit: see about amulet, prob its’ better. I used to epic belt with +1 to Arcanist and Shaman, so don’t know :roll_eyes:

P.S. thanks to remind me about my Druid. I definitely should take a look on him after all this buffs.

  • my long defensive cooldown is only MoE and I only one-pointer it. Giants blood is not affected by flat CD.
    Iskandra relic is super offensively. 3 sec is enough to kill most of nemesis here, even without banner, lol.
    EDIT: wait, Giant’s blood is indeed affected by eternity. Hmm, can be considered for SR then.
  • already explain to madlee about iskandra amulet
  • on trap n stun res, probably need to put more point to conversion for SR, but I don’t optimize my build for SR.
  • hmm, I thought you use cataclysm set? Lol
  • already thought about wendigo Mark, but that constellation is too pricy and can’t get a good route on it.

Trozan didnt get any changes in the latest patch. Only relevant buff is overload’s OA and no damage penalty maiven in

Nice to see another fashion Dawn enthusiast here… :wink:

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