Advice on Lightning caster shaman

Gday Guys, I got a quick question. I really wanna play a lightning caster type shaman, i have zero end game gear. Ive got 2 guides in mind, [] Trozan's Comet - Trozan's Skybreach, Lightning/Cold Caster Druid or [] Wind Izel - 6:00 Cruc. 150-170, Shard 75 in SR, no greens caster Vindicator [vid][c+][g3]
Im leaning towards the inquis cause it seems easier to survive without great gear. Pro tips please? thx

vindicator all the way.

Since one of the builds is mine I can tell that it’s still going strong and it’s still pretty tough. Funny thing is that @thejabrixone 's Druid might have a bit more damage after all the Cyclone nerfs, but Vindicator would still be a more resilient class.

This however is a problem. Those builds work with that gear only. You want to start with a faction gear/beginner’s build and grind your way towards them. You can search for them on this forum, there are plenty of good ones.

druids are definitely better in the damage department. but it also seems that OP has little to no experience with the end game.

I’ve played both builds (or at least builds which are similar enough) to say confidently that the vindicator is easier to pilot.

hence my suggestion

how the turn tables! Used to be the other way around when it came to Cyclone Vindicators versus Trozan Druids. Vindicators definitely are out of fashion last few patches. Mage Hunters, Shieldbreakers and Purifiers and Sorcs are trending now.

vindicators are still pretty great imo :confused:

allagast vindicator with cyclone helm was something jabby and i both experimented with

Yeah, still great, no doubt about. Light Defender Stormreaver has been a god-tier build for god knows how long now. Cyclone Vindicator is still capable of going below 6 minute mark, although not as often as before. Allagast/Cyclone mixed also perform great. It’s just Mage Hunters/Purifiers/Shieldbreakers/Sorcs have much more options and stronger builds overall.

i actually think vindicators are on par with shieldbreakers. sure they might be a tad slower, but they are tankier.

Im speaking generally of course as there are exceptions, e.g. your burnward

Druid is powerful, but I think it’s not for 1st timer as it’s item dependent, not that resilient, and require skillful kiting.

Vindicator is easier to play and has so many build variation. Go for it if you want to do lightning caster.

Archon is tricky to make good. Save for cyclone set.

If you are adventurous, go with elementalist :smiling_imp:

Thanks for everyone for the great advice. Gonna go vindicator and see what gear falls into my lap as i grind. cheers again :smiley:

think it could use some tweaking, but check out nery’s beginner vindicator caster [] Beginners/Budget Vindicator,lightning Caster/2h Ranged versions

Don’t even need drops for lightning caster btw! Nice faction items and a few MIs (affixes don’t matter at all) alone make the build very good and a monster in the campaign

May the Green Sage bless you on your journeys.

Yeah seriously vindicator is so good that as long as you take box+devil+totem and decent stats you’re set for farming campaign.